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3rd June 2019, 19:50
Here's a very interesting lecture from Kaypacha (Tom Lescher). He seems like a guy who's a bit cuckoo, but I've noticed that he actually knows what he is talking about when it comes to spiritual matters. He has a lot of wisdom. His website is: https://newparadigmastrology.com/ and he also has his weekly Youtube reports (https://youtu.be/nBIGEpMlmH4
). As he likes to say, injoy!

"What the #$%& Is Goin' On 2019!"
Here is a recording thanks to Bob Kukler of my talk in Amsterdam. In it I discuss many aspects of life during 2019-20 and beyond. I hope you enjoy it and we co-create a New Paradigm together, heaven knows we need it, LOL!


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4th July 2019, 14:29
Is that a pronghorn? I saw them in Wyoming. :cool:

12th July 2019, 08:01
I'm going to take care and honor myself,
My needs and fears and desires,
While also patiently listening to,
And working together with others.

Well, we're heading into the eye of the eclipse season with the lunar eclipse coming next Tuesday. However, as I've mentioned before, this is no ordinary eclipse season when you've got Saturn, Pluto, Venus and Mercury involved (not to mention Mars square Uranus!). Saturn is the gatekeeper, and in this case he is checking to see that you have a ticket and that you have paid your dues to get into the cozy comfort of the Sun/Venus in Cancer north node.

It's a time to clean up unfinished business, come to clarity through perseverance and persistently "walking our talk." This may be no small task as it involves owning that we are all wounded and going forth as a healer more than judge, of both ourselves and others. There may be a tendency to harden, build "impenetrable" walls (the quotes are to remind us that there is no such thing), cast out the scapegoat(s). So really the test is to stand firm with an open heart and bless the situation. Good luck!

21:03 mins


12th July 2019, 14:01
Thanks for posting that, sister.

19th July 2019, 16:46
Everybody is human,
A perfect imperfect mess,
And the more I move from my head to my heart,
The more I relieve the stress.

Whew, sorry about the lighting on this one! Hope it didn't impact the message too much. One thing I meant to go into more was the fact that Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Chiron, Neptune and Pluto are ALL RETROGRADE right now. This is a chunk of energy that we can say is yin, turned inward for reflection, reevaluation, and reconstruction. So don't be too down if you feel like things aren't really going anywhere.... they're not supposed to. You're supposed to be looking DEEPLY into the why's and wherefore's of just what you're doing and what outcomes you are seeking to achieve....introspection is the name of the game for a bit.

Things will start turning around and moving forward beginning in mid August and increasing through mid September until.....wow..... the big bang(s) coming January 2020 and through the rest of that year. Take the lull in the storm these days like a pit stop in the race of life and get yourself together! LOL! You may need to change some tires, oil, relationships, drivers, jobs, whatever to get back on the track of your true life purpose. The countdown's beginning!

Video length about 30 mins.


25th July 2019, 16:04
When focused on creating,
I am my ultimate best,
Giving birth to the future here and now,
I am me more fully expressed.

Not much more to say than what has been said in the report. I can elaborate on the timing a bit. As you know we have been in more of an retool, remember, reflect, refigure period that is nearing it's end. As August rolls around the wheels will start rolling forward again so now is the time to put the icing on your cake, the finishing touches on your works of art, and prepare for the premiere!

This all goes hand in hand with the 3/4 square Moon as she wanes over the next week. So if things or people feel like they are fall away, they are! We're getting stripped of the excess (especially fears) in preparation for Leo new Moon coming soon. Trust yourself and shine on!


25th July 2019, 20:28
He said the tiger is the only predator in the zodiac. I'm not so sure about that...

26th July 2019, 05:09
He said the tiger is the only predator in the zodiac. I'm not so sure about that...

I think he meant Lions, i.e. Leo. Tiger is a complete different animal. ;) Well there's the Chinese Chants which is the Chinese Zodiac and there's Tigers there.

Anyway...I hope all is well with you Dreamtimer...:)

26th July 2019, 23:43
He wasn't referring to 'Eastern' Astrology by any chance?

You wanna know what 'crocs' me up...When people confuse crocodiles and alligators...some 'immigrants' actually do, and I find it hilarious but not in a deprecating way...just pure funny.

27th July 2019, 13:45
Crocs will shred you without a second thought. An alligator might think about it first.

I watched a video of a leopard attacking and killing a croc. Amazing.

27th July 2019, 13:47

1st August 2019, 06:40
There's weird energy in the air,
I can't afford to be naive,
But I'm not going to let it change my plans,
To live in peace and harmony.

Well, I think I really got going there at the end of this when I got into the fact that we have to CREATE peace and harmony going forward. It is not a given. In fact, with unconsciousness, apathy, laziness or self indulgence, it's almost sure NOT to happen. It's time to come together (Aquarius) and create ways and means where ALL are included, accounted for, and respected. These CONSCIOUS plans will create the future we want, not AI but HI (get it?)

As for timing..... Jupiter is putting his brakes on and coming to a complete halt. Time to be pulling out those plans and refining, and redrawing them in preparation for distribution and manifestation! We've had our noses rubbed in the pile for a little bit so we know what needs to be cleaned up. By late August and into September the carts going to be rolling forward again and it would be best to have all your goodies on board! Get ready to ROLL OUT!

34:27 mins


8th August 2019, 13:38
Life is a constant reminder,
That I must go in to go out,
As the more I discover, accept and embrace,
The less crippled I am with doubt.

Enter the Lion! Yes! Like I mention in the report, we've got a virtual Sun/Venus/Mars conjunction for the rest of the month! Not only through Leo but then moving into and "coming of age" in Virgo. With Jupiter turning direct the wheels are gonna start churning again, ready or not. For Lions with no doubt about who they are and why they are her this is a powerful, creative time. For those who are still trying to "play other's games," doubt themselves, their power, and their purpose, this is gonna be one scary ride!!!

Easy to see the value of self inquiry here which enables us to identify our strengths and assets and to be clear about what we want in our life and what/who we don't. I don't think lions have regrets! Quite the example for these times. Lastly, let's not forget that we ALL have Leo in us, we ALL have a SUN in our charts and we ALL have a 5th house...... this Lion stuff is for all of us and not reserved for some special group. We're ALL special!


17th August 2019, 12:01
Sorry, forgot to post this. Been kinda occupied lately. Video length ~ 30 mins.

Creation is a violent act,
Destroying what was before,
It's up to us to imbue it with love,
So the result is something more.

We've got a powerful feminine Venus that just consulted with the "Source of Light" (Sun), now on her way to consult with a "descending" Mars...... look out! The opportunity afforded can be the creation of sacred union or the reverse, admonishment, karmic backlash, and power struggles. It's really up to each of us personally and society at large to see how each will use their power - constructively or destructively.

The masculine may go into defense mode and attempt to further suppress the voice of the feminine, the dark, the public etc. The feminine may shutdown, harden, and revolt against the advances of the masculine. Hopefully, a common respect, mutual admiration (and LOVE) can unite them together for the creation of a new paradigm based in acceptance, devotion, and co-creation. Let's see!


24th August 2019, 13:04
Video length 31:31.

Love is healing, supporting and giving,
Perfecting and sharing myself,
A psychic cleansing, emotional clearing,
That restores me to optimum health.

Well that was a long Pele! What remains in my mind is this whole relationship of Venus being the lower octave of Neptune. So beautiful! Like octaves on a piano, they are the same note at different frequencies! In astrology, Neptune symbolizes the collective unconscious and Venus is our conscious experience of the feminine. It is the feminine that is, in a way, Nirvana. And it is the masculine in us that wants to penetrate ultimately into that infinite ocean of oneness, another metaphor for facing or conquering it's own death = the longing for immortality!

This can be played out at a number of different frequencies or levels, from the gross to the sublime. But as I may have mentioned in the video, they complement and fulfill each other. The masculine without the feminine can grow fierce and violent in its isolation, the feminine without the masculine can become sentimental (mentioned in the Youtube link of the Tristan/Isolde story below). May you heal and unite your own divine masculine and feminine and live in eternal bliss on earth!


29th August 2019, 13:40
I can get worried with all that is wrong,
So I need to remember that it all belongs,
And spend more time,
With the sea, the stars, and the Sun.

The astrology for this coming month, seeded with the Virgo New Moon Thursday, points to a period of cleansing brought on through revelation(s), hidden truths, and perhaps traumatically. Virgo is about healing and healing, whether spiritual, psychological, emotional or physical, requires getting to the root cause(s) of the problem. While this can be uncomfortable, it is necessary.

As the mantra states and I discuss in the report, it can be difficult to face ourselves, our lives, or what's going on in our relationships or the world at large. The beautiful grand trine with Saturn and Uranus promise that if we do stick with it, great learning, advances, and awareness will result. So hang in there and look at your "stuff!"


6th September 2019, 16:01
I now know that this will take,
More time than I had thought,
For as I prepare to share my truth,
There's more I need to leave out.

Neptune/Jupiter wants it all and Virgo says "Wait a minute! We gotta whittle this down and polish it up before it's ready to go." These days can be like the final few days before the opening of a Broadway production. Check the lights, props, lines, sales, bla bla bla..... and the countdown is on so hurry! It can be exciting or excruciating depending on whether everyone did their part - correctly!

Yup! harvest time is when farmers get to see just how well they tended those crops (as well as how much mother nature cooperated!). If we've done our work, good work, paid attention, been present, stood in integrity, etc. these next couple of months are going to pay us off big time. Likewise, if we've been sloppy, lazy, spaced, or numb we might have some catching up, making up, and fixing up to do just to break even. Hope you are in the former group! Polish it up and let 'er shine!


12th September 2019, 14:30
Video length about ~ 30 mins as usual.

I really need to take care of myself,
As my heart is opening wide,
To the bliss and the pain, both within and without,
As it seems like there's no place to hide.

What can I say? It is such a mixed bag these days depending on your karma (past thoughts and actions)! It's a reality. We reap what we sow whether we consciously remember sowing it or not. That's what reincarnation is all about. We may all give great thanks most probably that we are shielded from remembering all that went down in the past until we are able to handle. Let's face it, the childhood recapitulation of it for this life is often challenging enough!

So, that being said, I want to stress that this Full Moon can truly be ILLUMINATING! The Moon/Neptune experience can totally range from disillusionment to nirvana! The Sun/Mars/Jupiter/Moon/Neptune/Lilith T-Square provides us with a great "open door" into the collective unconscious where we are all connected. I think it all depends on the particular frequency you personally are vibrating to what comes up during this time. I'm going to come on Youtube and do a live meditation like I mentioned in the report at 5pm EDT = 2pm PDT = 11pm CEST = 7am Down under! Nothing fancy, we'll just breathe, relax, and do a chant together or something, eh? Whatever you're up to..... wishing you the best!


19th September 2019, 14:26
When I'm feeling overwhelmed,
A victim with no control,
I need to get up, get out and shout,
If only to hear myself roar.

We are experiencing, along with stern Father Time standing still, a preponderance of 3/4 squares. The 270 degree square is considered a "crisis in consciousness." Sun/Moon, Mercury/Saturn, Venus/Saturn, Jupiter/Neptune are all conspiring to make us all more conscious. At some point the question may arise, "Just how conscious do I wanna be?" It's all about "growing up," says Saturn. Part of that is the loss of innocence, which can include spontaneity, fun, play, joy, and fantasy/dreams. The "it's all gonna be OK" can get drown out by "You are responsible for correcting the situation or it won't be OK!"

While this is part of the evolutionary process, the truth is, it may not be fun changing our ways, letting go of unconscious behavior patterns, and accepting the responsibility. At times like this it is also healthy to have patience with ourselves, accept that we are striving human beings and feel the loss of innocence and the grief, anger, and pain that may be involved. The north node in Cancer says it's OK to cry, scream and shout when our toys get taken away. Bottling up our feelings in order to grin and bear it can also have negative impact in the present or down the road. So let out a big roar!


25th September 2019, 13:50
Everything has a beginning, but,
The end is determined by,
How much love I give and take,
With who, for what, and why.

With Pluto slowly stationing and Saturn slowly making his final pass over the south node of the Moon, it's clean up karma time. It's the end of past ways, the completion phase, the phase of realization "Was this worth it, did it work, did I succeed or fail." Time to tally up and more than "manage" our "wins" and "losses," learn from them. Did we spread our time, energy, love and attention in the best way, for the best reasons, and in the right directions? From a clear, clean analysis of the results we're experiencing, both obvious and not, we can gain tremendous self knowledge and grow.

This is certainly a time calling for mature, patient, compassion for ourselves and others who may be experiencing great losses accompanied with grief. Saturn can be a cruel taskmaster as he calls each of us to stand tall, in integrity, and become more self secure through each experience. Wishing you the best!


6th October 2019, 06:45

There really is no hurry,
As the mysteries of life and death,
Reveal themselves subtly,
in each and every breath.

Just what is life all about? Is it about schedules and business, and deadlines, and news or is it about self understanding, inner peace, and love? Jupiter finishing off his square to Neptune is still seeking the answers! In the meantime, life may throw up a bunch of paraphernalia/confetti in our faces to help us see if we're sure. Don't get pulled into the BS these days. The deeper mysteries of life are not changing as fast as we might think and the fundamental reasons for existence have remained the same. Go deep.

This is a great time to dig deep down into our woundedness to find the remedy and our special medicine for the people! Come together with like minded souls, put our heads and hearts together and re-member our humaness. Let's all slow down, take charge of our lives, and be the true "authors of our own lives" (authority), that we were born to be! Blessings


10th October 2019, 12:00
Video length 22:22 :)

The true measure of power,
Is not money, fame, or sex,
But the capacity to see and know,
And do exactly what is best.

Could be getting pretty knarly here for the rest of the month the way these transits are playing out folks. Like I say in the report..... after these Sun squares we've got Mars squares. And it's coming on now, especially as the Moon enters Aries (the warrior) and comes full on! Yikes! Not for the faint of heart! Probably hardest on the watery/air signs as the earth signs will ground in and the fire signs will charge back.

Any which way, as the mantra says, there is no predicting what will come up for you so it is a time where great discernment is needed and you will need to trust yourself and do exactly what is right for you (and everyone) at any given time. That may be charging and/or retreating, sometimes within moments of each other or from one phone call/chat to the next. Time to MASTER THE SITUATION.


17th October 2019, 08:30
The path to inner serenity,
Requires that I be,
Resolving karmic relationships,
Into peaceful harmony.

Transiting mars square the Moon's nodes (all week). In Libra. Yup, it's all about working it out, pleasant or unpleasant, easy or hard, it's time to sit down at the negotiation table and iron out a deal. This is with love, business, or associations. Squaring the nodes puts a stronger emphasis on it as a necessity more than an option. It has a bit of the "or else" that we could put on the end of it.

Preferring not to go into the "or else," we can focus more on the positive outcome of truly coming home to ourselves, getting to that north node in Cancer, feeling connected, nourished, fed, and whole. Out of the storm and into the safe harbor of belonging. It's worth the effort to get out of the competition, battle, power games, and take of the masks to make authentic connection. Go for it!



Just helping out Brother.

25th October 2019, 12:10
Hold onto your hats...this is bumpy...so be warned!

When I shine my light into the dark,
I don't know what to expect.
But only by sharing my deepest self,
Can I truly be fully met.

There is so much to say about what is going on not only for this week but for this month! I can only suggest that you sign up for my weekly newsletter where I go into further detail (and get the Pele Report sent to you Inbox)! The aspects this week point basically to the proverbial "Jack" popping out of the box! What has been simmering for quite some time has to come out, we can therefore either prepare ourselves to receive it or try to deliver it in the most clear and calm way. Otherwise, the result is traumatic for ourselves and others as Uranus rules sudden, extreme actions which cause trauma.

That coupled with Mars squaring Saturn brings up all our authority (and patriarchy) issues. I don't wish to get too political in the Pele Report itself as it's focus is upon inner spiritual soul growth. However, there are millions of people demonstrating around the world resulting in upsets, fear, and insecurity for millions more. We are now setting the stage for the 2020 Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto conjunctions and the end of long era of patriarchal, hierarchical institutions that are not going away easily or peacefully. Anyone on a spiritual path toward awakening will be sensitive to the collective consciousness and therefore also feeling the pain and anguish of our brothers and sisters. In addition to us restructuring our own lives to allow for greater self expression, let's also keep gratitude, peace, and hope in our hearts for the challenging times ahead.

19:54 mins


3rd November 2019, 15:55
As the seasons change,
All nature knows,
There's a time for self-expression,
And a time to let it go.

Yup! 'Tis the season for letting go our own little plans and ideas and opening them up for input and modification/expansion by "others." Those others may be people, governments, banks, bosses, corporations, churches, or mother nature herself! Scorpio includes all forces beyond our control that force us to adapt, grow, and change, or face the consequences of our stubbornness (including death). Time to come out of our own little worlds and ideas and join forces in order to grow, evolve, and manifest greater change (including revolution)!

Mercury turning retrograde here and remaining in Scorpio almost twice as long as normal is the universe basically telling us we all need more therapy LOL! We need to talk/listen/share with other "mirrors" in order to see our shadow and make the necessary changes we can't see ourselves. This may be a counselor or a courtroom and can go one way or the other. You may find out just how great you are or you may find out how bad you are (or should we say have been). One way or another it is good to listen and reflect on the feedback we get these next 3 weeks while Mercury is retrograde as there is vital information for us contained therein. Take it in and check it out, if the shoe fits, wear it, and if not, let it go!


16th November 2019, 14:50
As I review my life,
Where I'm going and where I've been,
Some things are beginning,
And others need to end.

"Things" can have many meanings! We tend to think of things as external objects, however, I'm also referring to inner attitudes, beliefs, emotional patterns and more. How much we trust, surrender to relationship, control, and expect are also "things" that can hold us back from evolving. This week can be a time to use all our communications with others to examine just how we feel, where we are (or have been) and if we want to keep approaching life and others in the same way.

With the Venus square to Neptune there may be some disappointment or sorrow associated with a particular situation or relationship that has not been going deeper or more toward joy and fulfillment. This doesn't necessarily mean that we need to let it go, it may mean that we need to change our expectations, approach, or go deeper into the dynamics, needs, fears, beliefs etc. and see how we might change ourselves to more fully engage in it. There may be some powerful creative realizations that lead to an even more fulfilling experience down the road with some work. Blessings on your journey!


12th December 2019, 23:15
I feel like a nut in a cracker,
Really getting squeezed,
Knowing it's a test I'll just do my best,
And not forget to breathe.

Gotta say all this Capricorn/Saturn is pretty heavy/serious. It can be a little challenging to hold your head up and give a good belly laugh! Whew! Throw in some Mars and Pluto and we could feel like we got thrown under the bus. This is what they call "character building" by goddess! Listen up, straighten up, grow up, and get your goat up there to the top of the mountain.

As the mantra mentions, it is a test. Saturn, the great taskmaster symbolizes graduation and there are always a few tests prior to that. He teaches us patience, perseverance, objectivity (don't take it personally), determination, commitment, and self-discipline/control to name a few traits. Obviously, the upside is, yeah! It would be great to have all these traits and be a mega-superstar! Well, now's your chance. Buck up and join the ranks! More to come for sure.....


25th December 2019, 21:45
Like the plants and animals,
I'm growing all the time,
And need to restructure, change and expand,
If I am to truly shine.

Out with old and in with the new! We're growing and expanding (in some ways/places like it or not!) and we need to change it up to accommodate it all, eh? Today's Solar Eclipse and the lunar eclipse coming up with the full Moon are major indicators of the "changing of the guard." Personally, it's time for us to stand as our own guards and let in what we want and keep out what we don't. That mountain goat didn't get to the top sitting around!

So yup, like I mention at the end of the report, this is a great time to reflect on where we wanna be 15 or 30 years from and just who and what we want with us and who/what are going to help us get there. That may necessitate trimming back on those relationships, activities, pursuits, even incomes, that are not in "gonna get me there" column! Best to do it now as Saturn is still closing the cycle until the conjunction on January 12, after which will be the start of the next! Transition Time!


25th December 2019, 22:18
I swear my daughter bought me that book for Christmas a couple of years ago...I went looking for it but couldn't find it...which bugs me for a number of reasons.

29th December 2019, 15:37
That image of a nova with a butterfly shape is just beautiful.

29th December 2019, 15:47
Speaking of the cosmos, Swedes are weird :) The last scene of the transport ship is 6,000,000 years after its departure...in a Lyran solar system.


For those who don't know, Aniara is a Swedish poem written in 1956. It is the only work of science fiction to win a Nobel Prize for literature.

8th January 2020, 21:23

When the claws of negativity,
Are pulling me way down deep,
I wrap myself in the arms of Great Spirit,
And trust her my soul to keep.

We've made it to the big Saturn/Pluto conjunction! It is the only exact conjunction that will be happening tho Saturn will retrograde back close enough to have us "feeling it" all year long. It will actually be blown even bigger as Jupiter comes along soon! Altogether, this makes for the big "changing of the guard" that we have been talking about for a long time. Birthing a New Paradigm. Let's just remember that this birth process is a 100 years, not 100 hours!

We have plenty of time understand, heal, educate, envision, and manifest these dreams and goals that we may now be coming aware of. I believe it starts with loving friendship leading to community leading to self-sufficient, living in harmony with nature. Let's help balance all the yang energy trying to conquer, control and dominate with some connection, love, and music......oh yeah!

15th January 2020, 20:33

I am forever getting reminded,
About the limits of time and space,
Rather than let it get me down,
I need to pick up my pace.

The fact of the matter is (Saturn in Capricorn LOVES facts) that Life can be cruel. Our little egos cannot grasp or comprehend the infinite intelligence of Life/Source/Creator and is often thrown around like a bobber on the ocean waves. We (our ego/bodies) are not immortal, we are not omnipotent, invincible, all knowing, or all powerful by any means. We are actually quite fragile, dainty, and easily hurt (whether we admit it or not). However, tho the flesh is weak, the Spirit is strong! We imbue these bodies and these lives with our indomitable, multidimensional, infinite soul-nature and that's where the fun begins!

As co-creators with Source, we incarnate to knead, push, mold, carve, shape, and play with this material world in our own unique way using our own unique gifts. And that inventive spirit is what Aquarius is all about. We've been bumped around lately over the rocky road of Saturn/Pluto, but now the time is to regain our footing, take the materials (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) at hand, and get on with re-inventing reality! Best done with a little help from our friends (says Aquarius)!!!

5th February 2020, 18:12
Regardless of my surroundings,
What people say, do, or feel,
I have a core, essential truth,
It's my destiny to reveal.

Haha! That is so Leo, isn't it? But it can also be Aquarius! So it is just perfect for that full Moon in Leo opposite the Sun in Aquarius, especially following the new Moon in Aquarius on the 24th. I think we should also strike while the iron is hot as they say, before Mercury goes retrograde. While he's still direct (externalization of the internal impulse) is a wonderful time to share your dreams, fantasies, and who you'd like to be or see yourself as becoming. He'll soon be going retrograde which is a better time for inner reflection and can even signal miscommunication and misunderstandings.

While we have Chiron in Aries for the next 7 years or so, Venus coming upon him this week may highlight some sensitive feelings that we would be wise to integrate into that "core essential truth," of ourselves. The more we incorporate our heart/feelings into our identity the more "true" and "core" it is, eh? Wishing you the best in all your endeavors!


13th February 2020, 07:38

It will take a lot of discipline,
To do what I came in to do,
But coupled with love and commitment,
I know I can see it through.

Well, I feel like we should brace ourselves for the next 6 weeks of Mars in Capricorn with all the aspects the warrior will be making. The question is how best to do that? Contract, numb out, withdraw, stay home, be silent? No! We just need to do our kundalini yoga, get centered, build our magnetic field nice and strong, and stay in the neutral mind! Yes!

Otherwise, you may feel pulled between that Mars in Capricorn wanting to buckle down and push through vs. the retrograde Mercury feeling rather confused and wanting to blow it off. As we develop more and more discipline to stay with our spiritual practice, tune in, align, and center, we tap into the greater flow and know when to act and when not too. This doesn't need to be confirmed by the facts, others, or conventional timing, we just KNOW. May you stay "in the know!"

19th February 2020, 19:00

There is a time of reckoning,
When I need to clean up my act,
Own what I've done and carry on,
Because there's no going back.

Yup, time to 'fess up, let it go, and move on. Reminds me of the "scapegoat" which originated in the old testament as a goat that would walk through the city streets and everyone would cast their "sins" (errors) upon it and it would then be cast out into the wilderness. This is a time when we may be confronted with our shortcomings which can lead to us ridding ourselves of bad habits and more.

Rather than remain in the fantasy that we are innocent regarding anything hurtful, we can instead own that we are "imperfectly perfect." Imperfect in the sense that we are human, and perfect in knowing that all pain ("imperfection") and suffering is the result of a lack of consciousness and can be used as a vehicle to expand our consciousness (evolve). As long as we use every experience to awaken our hearts and liberate our consciousness, then it has fulfilled its highest purpose. We can both admit that we made a mistake (or maybe two for some of us LOL!) and rejoice at the opportunity of becoming a better person because of it. Let's all turn the "you're bad," into "I'm good!"

26th February 2020, 20:00

Now is the time to sit very still,
And open my heart to the Spirit's will,
Then follow the guidance received from high,
To serve and bring all into the light.

Wow, so much to say with so little time! I didn't even mention the increase of financial instability in this video (I have previously) with Uranus in Taurus. Part of the whole scene of Piscean/Neptunian chaos unfolding (which will continue and increase through this year), is the sudden, unpredictable, extreme ups and downs of everything Taurus (money, goods, services, food, resources, and everything environmental) indicated by Uranus transiting the sign of Taurus from last year through 2026. I have no intention of stirring fear and paranoia by any means, however, forewarned is forearmed. Astrology is the best tool available for the study and use of the natural cycles through which all life on this planet grows and evolves. I would be remiss not to inform my friends when a low in the cycle is approaching.

So while this mantra may seem a passive acceptance (or denial) of what is, it is actually quite the opposite. It is futile to plant seeds in the snow expecting they will grow. There is a time and season to act, and a time and season to listen inwardly, prepare inwardly, build up inner strength and breath IN. This is such a time. What I didn't mention either is that come the equinox, when the Sun traverses Aries, it WILL be the time to breath out and act, and we will be glad that we have built up our reserves in order to do so. So we don't need to go into fear, rather use the tools we have been given to wisely plan our lives and maximize the use of our resources. Blessings on your journey!

5th March 2020, 19:15

I love to shower and wash away,
All that has come but cannot stay,
If I am to maintain my optimum health,
And shine my radiant, beautiful self.

"The times they are a crumblin'" could be a new rendition of Bob Dylan's classic. Not mentioned in the report is another manifestation of the Pisces/Neptune archetype and that is paranoia. We can see the fear latent within the collective unconscious and what happens to the whole economy (a mirror reflection of that collective consciousness) when people are afraid and stay home and don't spend their money. We experienced the biggest economic downturn in a long time when Pluto entered Capricorn in 2008 and it doesn't leave until 2024. This is not a good time for speculation as this year and the next few coming are going to be a major roller coaster ride.

Another thing I didn't get to in this report is the beauty and power of the true experience of cosmic consciousness that is opening up with this Sun/Neptune conjunction! Not thrill-seeking hallucinations and flashes of enlightenment from substances or experiences stimulating serotonin and dopamine rushes, but still, empty, void and peaceful bliss. I was going to describe it in the report as going out into the desert (or sailing near the poles) where there is "nothing." At first, it feels/appears/looks like there's nothing happening but as you slow, listen, stay, heighten and expand your awareness, more subtle activity, life, and energy becomes noticeable. The same is true with our consciousness..... it behooves those on a spiritual path to not chase "adventure, new experiences, and trips," as much as desiring pure consciousness, where the ultimate truths reside. Injoy!

6th March 2020, 12:42
2025 seemed so far away. It doesn't now. I'll be glad to be out of this cycle. Of course there will always be trials and tribulations...

11th March 2020, 13:20

I will forever be vulnerable,
To forces beyond my control,
They remind me to live my purpose,
Before it's time to go.

I gotta say, all this fear going around is totally representative of a population out of touch with their own power, the power of Spirit, and the power of the unconscious (that weaves webs of paranoid deception). Astrology reminds us that there are no accidents, just life (unconscious spiritual forces) teaching us new lessons about the nature of reality and the nature of ourSelf. During times like these we need to buck up, toughen up, and project ourselves more truthfully into our environment than ever before, not recoil, shrink, and "hope" to evade pain and suffering. Love, love and more love to those who are suffering, losing, and grieving, as we heal the wounded warrior within.

This is such a time to remain strong while soft and loving, to speak out, assert, and not back down in the face of oppression while gently sharing our most vulnerable truths, wounds and pain with those we love. We can do this, and we will do it..... together, not alone. Reaching out, embracing our truth and the truth that love is the most powerful force in the universe is what is going to cure this virus and any other ill that befalls humanity. Let's get real, work together, love together, and heal together.

12th March 2020, 02:18
Those crazy goats!

19th March 2020, 17:30

When I live today like there is no tomorrow,
I give thanks for the love I have shared with the other.

Whew! Well, I went off on so much other stuff that I didn't even talk about the Equinox! Yup! Sun goes into Aries on Thursday and we have a new Moon conjunct Chiron, Black Moon Lilith, and square the nodes! As I did mention.... this is the week from way down under, intense, scary, and a time to be extremely mindful. We may see fights about more than toilet paper friends! This new Moon sets the tone for the coming which may well be one of panic, fear, and helplessness/hopelessness. The healing of the wounded warrior begins with recognizing our vulnerability and listening into it. Give it a shot.

26th March 2020, 02:30

I can be afraid,
Of my feelings deep inside,
But the more of myself I own and embrace,
The easier it is to decide.

Very often birth is painful, messy, and a long process (getting easier when repeated). The birth of a new socio-political-economic-paradigm here on earth is proving to be just that. One thing that is for certain, we are in the beginning stages of this multi-year challenge and it is far too soon to see or predict the outcome. Mars is leading the way having just begun a new cycle with Jupiter and Pluto and next with Saturn this weekend. While we will see some new discoveries, approaches (dictates), and "solutions" to the current crisis, these will be short lived and function more as bandaids on a large, open wound. So I suggest getting mentally and emotionally prepared for this roller coaster ride as we will be on it for awhile.

Which brings me to the mantra! Our world in general has been "yang" oriented, seeking external stimulation, excitement, and distraction that has gone unchecked (like the US economy) far beyond the natural cycles of "new, waxing, full, waning, rebirth." When natural cycles are tampered with, not allowed to "breathe," more sudden, traumatic, and extreme conditions result. Having gone "far far far out there," it is now time to "deep, deep, deep in there!" Let's embrace rather than fear that perhaps unknown territory of "Self," and venture into our own unconscious fears, needs, desires, and dreams to make the most out of these "end times," and birth a future state of bhakti as referenced into this new Moon's Sabian symbol!

4th April 2020, 07:18
Astrology for the Soul April 1, 2020 (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=My7PhAsj58g)

During these uncertain times,
It's important for me to control my mind,
As together with my body and feelings,
It creates a temple for the Divine.

Well, if there is something I wanted to include in this report that I didn't, it would be the importance of treating each other kindly during this Mars/Saturn time. We are all dealing with our wounded warrior (Chiron in Aries square the nodes) and one sign of that wound is lashing out with the old "displaced anger." We've got some bad public role models out there now that are really lowering the bar of civility!

Let's just remember that there is a lot treasure deep down in there. Pluto, the god of the underworld was called the richest god. His domain included all the gold, diamonds, oil, etc. It's not easy digging or drilling for it but when we go down into our shadow (what triggers you in others is your shadow material), process our deep feelings of abandonment, fear of isolation, aloneness, and death, we re-emerge with huge nuggets of wisdom. May you dig deep into your feelings and resurrect renewed, replenished, and vibrant!

9th April 2020, 17:00
Astrology for the Soul April 8, 2020 (https://youtu.be/9rQ3xzA8qlo)

There is no better teacher,
Than Mother Nature herself,
Who's telling us it's time to learn,
That health is our greatest wealth.

There's no doubt we're on a steep learning curve here! And the bigger/deeper the lessons the longer they may take to learn. With Mars moving through the discovery/inventive sign of Aquarius right now I'm sure we will be coming up with some solutions and cooperating more fully (with the nice trine to Venus for the rest of the month). However, the recent square to Uranus has manifested in some impatience to get the economy rolling again by lifting social isolation - not a good idea, premature. We do need to "stew in our juices" a bit longer I believe, to really "get" the full picture of what this is all about.

That Mars/Venus trine reflects some great opportunities in the midst of this crisis, to find new ways to work together, heal together, and change social structures to better meet the needs of the future. Really shows us coming together globally using technology, but let's hope that's not the only way!

16th April 2020, 05:10

When surrounded with news some false some true,
Where the total truth is yet to be known,
I stay in my center and calmly connect,
With my friends in the eye of the storm.

Well, this is a weekend to connect with friends, get creative, and have some fun no matter how that is accomplished! Venus in Gemini loves to socialize, Mercury in Aries is all fired up, and Mars in Aquarius has some brilliant new ideas to share. Much of the socializing might be about the future (Saturn in Aquarius etc.) and finances as the Sun moves into Taurus. Let's all brainstorm about a new paradigm so we can co-create it after this reset!

While all that is going on the surface, inwardly we may well be feeling the loss of those dear to us or the pain and suffering of so many of our brothers and sisters. The Moon is waning from her last quarter square and making her way through sensitive, empathic Pisces (conjunct Neptune). We're all letting go of a lot these days and it is important to grieve those losses. Hopefully some isolation will be lifted so we don't have to grieve alone and our human nature which is fundamentally social can return for some nourishing, loving, connection.

22nd April 2020, 19:40

My feelings are a pathway,
Leading to my Soul,
Exploring them in silent stillness,
My true Self I come to know.

Happy Earth Day! Let's celebrate our Great Mother! Our great mother and all mother's and all women, and all feminine, yin, receptive, still, dark, introverted, feeling energy everywhere in men, women, plants, animals, stars and galaxies! Let's balance the DOING with BEING as the the new Moon in Taurus shows us the way (ruling the north node at 0 degrees Cancer). There is so much music in the silence and soul in the space if we can quiet ourselves enough to hear/feel it.

I didn't even get to Ceres entering Pisces! She's closing her almost 5 year cycle from now until next February. While Ceres is associated with everything earthy, nutritious, nurturing, and prolific, she also has to do with grief. Grief at the loss of her daughter to the underworld. We may all be feeling/dealing with loss over these coming months as she transits Pisces, the final, closing sign of the zodiac. Truly an old way of being is passing to give way to a new birth. Fully feeling into our feelings at this time will best prepare us for birthing a sensitive, caring, love-based future paradigm. No need to rush, fix, fight, or yell, rather, trust, sense, forgive, pray, and give thanks for all that supports us through this transition. Blessings Be!

30th April 2020, 01:44
Astrology for the Soul April 29, 2020 (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O5eM5Iut2og)

I sit alone in silence,
To contemplate the plan,
And ask Great Spirit to explain,
So I can understand.

Well, at least one aspect that I didn't specifically mention in the report (though it was woven in throughout) is the Venus square Neptune. Venus is love, and Neptune, when in hard aspect, denotes illusions and delusions. So the square between the two with Venus in Gemini (all forms of media", can be "naively falling for fantasy, phantoms, mystery plots, and intrigue." Personally, knowing doctors and nurses working in hospitals where real people are really dying, I'm finding it harder and harder to listen to people call COVID-19 a hoax. Simply because you are lucky enough to not have a loved one of yours die (yet), is not a justifiable reason for putting yourself, your loved ones or complete strangers at risk of dying because a number of mostly anonymous people, who are offering little to none of their sources, are blowing smoke about a false reality, creating paranoia (Neptune in Pisces), and encouraging people to defy the 1000's of health officials from around the world who are working together to understand this virus and inform the public.

Perhaps you are not obese, diabetic, old, or infirm. Perhaps one day you will be. I encourage us all to care for one another, have patience, and use our time brainstorming about how we can change and improve the world. This can be an opportunity to come together to create new systems (healthcare), ideas, inventions, and clean science that will serve to heal our ailing planet (and society) rather than throwing stones at people and institutions that we want to blame for our problems.

7th May 2020, 01:44

I want to take my power back,
As I fear I'm losing control,
But my head and heart getting overwhelmed,
Drives me deep down into my soul.

Boy, it takes forever to get to the bottom of things these days! And it's even worse knowing that perhaps we never will. The truth is still not known regarding 9/11 (if you ask me), and there are so many special interests with so much camouflage/money/power regarding this pandemic it can be quite unsettling to know resolution/clarity may be far off or simply nonexistent. So what to do?

Astrology, the full Moon in Scorpio, and Her nodes moving into Gemini/Sagittarius all tell us there is a greater purpose behind all earthly events and that is to dive down into ourselves, find our own truth, our own purpose, our own will, our own path, and re-emerge to unite with other like-minded souls. The nodes moving into the mutable signs of Sag/Gemini indicate a time period (the next year and a half) of adapting/mutating/accommodating/adjusting to new realities. They call upon us to be flexible as the entire planet is being "remodeled." Let's try and chill a bit, not judge ourselves or others too harshly, not go too far out into the extremes (the merry-go-round), and weather this storm together. There's a silver lining to this cloud and it is learning co-operation.......... whew!

14th May 2020, 10:33

Placing my life in the hands of Spirit,
Is the only way I can relax,
Trusting that the truth will be shown,
For all to see at last.

Retool, reset, retreat, reorder, restructure, rethink, reconsider, repair, the retrograde list goes on and on. You can add a few of your own, but I think you get the picture. It's time to re-trace some of our steps to see what beliefs (Jupiter) and what values/priorities (Venus) got us to where we are today. This is both personally and collectively, eh? Nice to have the Sun in trine with Jupiter and Pluto as we re-assess our relationships, activities, goals and more.

Things are heating up and the temperature will continue to rise on the "communication front." The Moon's north node will be transiting the "critical degree" (29) of Gemini from May 5 to July 9th. This is but a slight foreshadowing of the intense, confusing, and conflicting information we will be hearing for the remainder of the year as Neptune comes into square the nodes. Hence, the astrological advice to go within, strengthen your intuition, trust it, and "feel" the truth of what you are hearing/reading and what you are inwardly "getting," about the source of the info. Does it resonate with your truth or do you pickup/sense "something fishy." Practicing this helps strengthen your inner foundation so as not to get pulled off center by erroneous "truths." Blessings on your journey!

20th May 2020, 23:30

Learning to discriminate ever more and more,
Seeing who it really is before opening the door,
Checking the sources and looking up the facts,
Helps me to determine who’s really got my back.

Probably the most important thing I wanted to say in this video (and forgot!) is life is about evolving and evolving is about becoming more conscious of who we are and what drives us. To this end, “negative emotions,” are just useful or “good” if not more so sometimes, than the “positive” ones! You may discover that deep down you really have been lonely and unsatisfied through the “negative emotion” of depression, anger, or emptiness. By feeling these feelings you may then go deeper and realize that you are unsatisfied because you never felt worthy enough to deserve getting what you want. This realization could trigger additional “negative feelings.”

However, the point is that once you become conscious or these characteristics, habit patterns, or conditioning YOU CAN DO SOMETHING ABOUT THEM! When the light goes off you end up seeing that you’ve just got to change some beliefs about yourself and by doing so, your life will change. Then you can look back and be glad you felt those feelings instead of numbing them out or ignoring them or suppressing the or hiding them to look “positive.” You see that they led you to profound realizations, self-empowerment, and you never suppress a negative feeling again and live happily ever after (Ha ha!). Not only that but bear with and maybe even encourage others to feel their feelings as a means of growth and evolution. Blessings on your journey!

3rd June 2020, 19:33

Instead of death and destruction,
Creating further division,
It can ignite compassion,
Forgiveness and resurrection.

It is so hard to feel the feelings coming up personally and through exposure to all we are experiencing collectively now! While the tendency or desire may be to run, hide, or numb out, these are the times (Sun square Mars) to take our spiritual talk and put it into action. These eclipses in Sag and Gemini (more on them to come!) call for us bring our south node beliefs and ideals, down into practical, communicable forms.

It's a good time to sort through our deepest values to arrive at our core truth. Let's recall that Eris, the goddess of Discord is challenging the Capricorn stellium from 2019-2022. Her apple "To the Fairest," was thrown between three goddesses representing Wisdom, Power, and Beauty. There are more than these three values to choose from, but they offer us a start at looking at just where our priorities lie, what we stand for, and what we want to work toward in the world (of course all three are nice!).

Once clear on our motives and "work," the next trick is to hold others with different priorities, lessons, or wounds in our hearts and minds as well so as not to create or further separation! If it's not one evolutionary task it's another! Best of all on your journey and may the stars be your guide!

11th June 2020, 00:33

Life is a musical concert,
I’m the DJ in charge of the sound,
Any track from love to hate,
Becomes real when I lay it down.

I was going to use the metaphor of a jukebox where we get to pick from an infinite number of singles what song we want to play/hear, but I realized some may not know what a jukebox is LOL! Yikes! The times they are a changin’. Anyway, Pisces is about dreaming the dream and it won’t be long before Mars marches into Aries and wants to DO IT!

That makes this an important time to tune in to the most beautiful, loving, harmonies of the universe so that we are a walking symphony of love by next month and we’re bringing in the good stuff! I’ll be talking more about this total solar eclipse coming up next week but for now we are closing the lunar cycle that began 3 weeks ago (I bet you remember what happened then!). May you have beautiful dreams full of beautiful tunes until then!

17th June 2020, 20:50

As we close a long sad his-story,
Of life on planet earth,
I vow to bring my open heart,
To the future now being birthed.

Let's all remember that we've had mucho live on earth in both male and female bodies and not get hung up on the mantra. As I mention in the report, the socio-cultural-religious conditioning that we've all been subject to has been biased, unbalanced, and therefore distorted and unhealthy. But let's put that behind us by Jove! This is the time to be breaking free of the past and not only envisioning a new future but BIRTHING it.

So, let's all get cozy and comfy for the next month as the Sun and Mercury spend some time together in the sign of "home, roots, and family." It is also the sign of nurturing, which can include nursing and caring for those less fortunate. We may face some challenges as social/political forces upset us and "our happy home," hence the mantra to keep the heart open. All in all, while this is period of time fraught with uncertainty creating insecurity, together we rise to the occasion. Maybe light some candles and incense and do a little ceremony/ritual for the eclipse and call in those postive forces of change! It occurs at 11:41pm PDT Saturday = 2:41am EDT Sunday = 7:41am GMT.

17th June 2020, 22:51
As we sidle along...not directly confronting it but moving steadily while standing adjacent and in support...yeah, I like it...

18th June 2020, 16:09
NAP, Elen, are you aware of the significance of the coming solar eclipse on June 21st?

Damn, nothing will ever be the same again after this year. The age of Pisces is ending.

18th June 2020, 16:16
NAP, Elen, are you aware of the significance of the coming solar eclipse on June 21st?

Damn, nothing will ever be the same again after this year. The age of Pisces is ending.

LIFE WILL NEVER...NEVER BE THE SAME AGAIN. I can see it Wind! :amen:

18th June 2020, 21:29
For Whatever It's Worth, Wind, once upon a time I read that the official end/start date was February 4 and 5, 1962...just another published astrologer's opinion really.

Now that I think about it though, The end of Pisces using astronomical measures would have to occur in February. The 21st would be about 120 degrees from that point but in good aspect to Aquarian things which in Ages begins when Pisces ends. But it is a process, celestial things don't just happen over night... NYUK! NYUK! NYUK!

But the eclipse is occurring in the solar 12th house of the U.S. I used solar cause I can't remember the time of the official signing of the Declaration of Independence. And there are those that would argue that the constitution was the beginning point or those that would argue that...you get the idea...

But, maybe I should ask where that information came from, it might be enlightening?

18th June 2020, 22:00
There are many opinions and theories when the Age of Aquarius might begin, it's a gradual shift of course.

I read this article about the solstice:

There is no coincidence that this powerful Solstice Solar Eclipse comes right in the middle of two challenging Lunar Eclipses- the June 5th Sagittarius Eclipse and the July 4th Capricorn Eclipse.

I feel that the solar eclipse will be concerning especially USA. Karma is like a boomerang, what goes around comes around.

What is unresolved will manifest in some way and often what is repressed tends to "explode" in the open like a sore wound.

19th June 2020, 00:05
There are many opinions and theories when the Age of Aquarius might begin, it's a gradual shift of course.

I read this article about the solstice:

I feel that the solar eclipse will be concerning especially USA. Karma is like a boomerang, what goes around comes around.

What is unresolved will manifest in some way and often what is repressed tends to "explode" in the open like a sore wound.

The energy for the new AGE began at the end of the 2nd World War, when virtually the majority of our population asked for the end of wars to come, and the overwhelming need for peace. Thus the decision was Gods, not Astrology. Each age is an energy which pervades all we do.

The energy for the Age of Aquarius, began to change over precisely on the 14th December, 2016 and took two years to completely change, so we are now fully into the Aquarian Age, however, it is a highly specific energy which is quite different than before.

We are no longer in a linear time, but in a circular spoken of in Star Trek - or the Space Time Continuum. This is a faster time than before, but also a more developmental time than we have ever experienced. If we cannot connect to the new time within our own energy, we will wear ourselves out in about half our allotted time span, and will have difficulty gaining a continual rebirth, because we must connect more to our own place above from which we came, or we cannot connect to the growing evolution of the planet and our particular Universe. Spiritual Astrolgy helps us to connect to our own individual pathway, in this life. Our soul tells us what pathway we should take and once we connect with our Soul, it tells our Spirit what we are to do, but we must continually work within the needs of our particular Soul Group, all of whom began at the same time originally. Must recharge my tablet battery now. My channelling gave me all this information.

19th June 2020, 00:38
Thank you for your take, Cearna. You made me think about time and timelines. I don't want to drag politics into this conversation too much, but I feel like certain times of chaos begun in the beginning of 2017 after November 2016 and it feels like we would have descended into some terrible timeline. There's a certain astrologer who says that we are going towards a war. He accurately predicted this year's pandemic too. It seems like everything is going to get shaken, there's just no way around it. I'm not expecting for ex machina although there is the Grace of God, but it is earned only in special circumstances. I don't think the whole of mankind would have earned it.

If we don't blow ourselves up then in the Age of Aquarius technology will improve massively and very fast too, I wonder what will really happen with that, especially when it comes to AI and singularity and organic human evolution. Will spirit thrive with technology or is there a danger that we get enslaved by technology and it will be used as weaponry? Humans always have the tendency to turn something beneficial and useful to weapons. Mankind has the intelligence to create tools, but lacks the maturity and wisdom to handle them properly.

19th June 2020, 02:16
The 21st is the Solstice, and eclipse, and my husband's birthday. :unsure::flame::cake:

19th June 2020, 05:21
The 21st is the Solstice, and eclipse, and my husband's birthday. :unsure::flame::cake:

Happy Birthday to Him! :)

Octopus Garden
19th June 2020, 07:21
The 21st is the Solstice, and eclipse, and my husband's birthday. :unsure::flame::cake:

It was my husband's death day six years ago.

19th June 2020, 07:35
It was my husband's death day six years ago.

Sorry to hear that! :smile2:

19th June 2020, 11:15
The 21st is the Solstice, and eclipse, and my husband's birthday. :unsure::flame::cake:

My niece was born tomorrow seven years ago. Happy birthday to your hubby!

It was my husband's death day six years ago.

My condolences.

This time of the year always feels special time to me, but soon after that melancholy starts to set in again as we head towards winter...

19th June 2020, 11:24
Lot of Gemini influence on a 'communication' board...not surprising.

Gemini is poorly aspected but one of the lesser influences in my chart, though I have had several good friends under the sign, not to mention my cat. He is annoyingly vocal. His insistent 'meows' at 5:00 o'clock in the morning has never been one of my favorite things about him... :)

19th June 2020, 11:42
My husband's Gemini characteristics can at times drive me batty. But he's generally trying to be the better of the two faces.

Sorry about the loss of your husband, Octopus Garden. I hope that the six years have brought you healing and happy memories.

My family losses have been my parents.

I feel a bit ignorant not knowing much about astrology. But I don't discount it. I've known too many folks who are just like their signs.

19th June 2020, 12:18
My husband's Gemini characteristics can at times drive me batty. But he's generally trying to be the better of the two faces.

Sorry about the loss of your husband, Octopus Garden. I hope that the six years have brought you healing and happy memories.

My family losses have been my parents.

I feel a bit ignorant not knowing much about astrology. But I don't discount it. I've known too many folks who are just like their signs.

I have absolutely nothing in Gemini, nor in air for that matter. At one stage of course my Progessed Chart moved into Gemini for thirty years and it nearly drove me crazy.

For your dreamtimer, we begin with our own astrological chart, and that stays with you your entire life. But at they same time, just as they planets move around and alter our lives, so do we have a progressed chart which at specific times in our lives can be extremely influential in our lives.
In my chart, they run, moon, ascendant and Saturn are all very close to one another. EVERY year we move one degree, anticlockwise. Where my sun was situated meant that in three years, my progressed chat moved my sun into Taurus. In 33 years my progressed sun moved into Gemini and for thirty years I was fighting against myself - thus one me wanted to say one thing and they other me was saying no, on them other hand you should do this. Gemini at work often got me and others upset because we seemed to have to push them into everything. At aged 43, I moved into Cancer, Oh bliss, home and hearth but moving sideways a lot. I don't remember Leo too much, in my fifties, because I had only just come out of Pluto and Saturn in opposite to all that Aries, and truly I felt I could never climb my way out of them black hole I was in, and they Chiron hit me with coming to terms with my Soul needs, then a Saturn return. I now only have a couple of years and I think I reach Scorpio, my mum and her twin & 3 others sister's, and my niece were all Scorpios and they dread of my life. What on earth will I turn into then, they mindbogles!!!


19th June 2020, 12:23
It will be smooth sailing, Cearna and you will feel stronger. And you will 'see' things that are very important to you...

classic Astrology ... as a Capricorn, what else ... :)

19th June 2020, 12:32
As long as I don't become like all those negative examples, and am more like they ones I met in seminaries trying to sort themselves out - then not so bad. You know rebirthing, bioenegetics, Reiki seminaries,, you could bet about half or more were Scorpios.

I will at last know what my moon's node was to be about, but I don't want to be here to try it out for 30 years, this body grizzled, & moans and groans too much now.


19th June 2020, 13:15
I have Mars in Gemini...

I always need to be stimulated by "something" or I get bored and then I get existentially fed up with life too, actually I feel it as physical tiredness. Also that aspect is probably responsible for my nervousness and anxiety which used to be way worse before.

19th June 2020, 13:27
Nothing in gemini over here, but my chiron is in aries as is my mars, so fun times ahead...
Saturn technically isn't in gemini but at 29.36 degrees Taurus It might as well be.

19th June 2020, 14:53
One of the 'astrology' things I reflected on early in my experience was that commonalities among family charts is 'normal' ... be they biological or otherwise...Some of those biological links speak for themselves, though. I often wondered if that wasn't the heavens talking...

19th June 2020, 15:25
Hey guys...a lot of talk about Gemini here...hey :p I seem to be the only Gemini here...and I ONLY have the Sun in Gemini. But I kid you not...I feel the energy of the North Node...it's like a responsibility. I must do the right thing. I have my Mars in Virgo (Wind) but very late 29++, and my Jupiter in Pisces sextile my Venus in Taurus...+ Mercury in Taurus...which all slows me down a lot. I am overall a very peaceful Gemini. Promise! :h5:

19th June 2020, 17:47
My husband has a bit of a Jeckyl and Hyde thing going on.

24th June 2020, 22:38

Like a farmer sowing seeds,
I expect that they will grow,
If they don't my need to know why,
Is the key that will open the door.

We may all be asking the big questions these days. Jupiter is "big" and Pluto is "why?" So "why me, why now, why this, and really, why?" might be some words floating around in your vocabulary these days with a Jupiter/Pluto conjunction happening! Also, as I mention in the report, Mars at the critical 29 degrees of Pisces squaring the Moon's nodes brings in the notion that what we visualize and idealize, we become. So let's be careful what we wish for!

We're just setting out with a crescent Moon these days waxing to first quarter by next week. This lunar cycle is about getting in touch with and talking about our (Cancer) feelings, past, and emotional connections (or disconnections). This is where the healing can help as the Sun/Mercury conjunction early next week is square Chiron, the wounded healer. It's a good time to stay home with family members, nurture ourselves, and use lots of water in whatever ways we can! This will help cool and calm us down as otherwise we may steam and stamp as Mars gets going in Aries...... Try to sooth the aching beast and have some yummy goodies to boot.

25th June 2020, 18:55
I dreamt about a round astrology chart many years ago. The lines inside formed a nice star. That doesn't seem to actually be the norm.

What kind of chart would form a star?

25th June 2020, 19:27
I was curious about Kaypacha so I went to his site and found this video. It's short and sweet and a good intro to who he is and why he does what he does.


25th June 2020, 19:46
A public entertainer of course as a Leo. There's another younger astrologer called The Leo King, btw. Do Leos often like to be astrologers?

26th June 2020, 05:13
A public entertainer of course as a Leo. There's another younger astrologer called The Leo King, btw. Do Leos often like to be astrologers?

Leos are naturally born teachers and are good at self expression. Tom Lescher has Uranus conjunct the Sun in his chart, that explains a lot toward being an Astrologer.

28th June 2020, 02:25
This is shortened version of a talk I gave on the Solstice Eclipse for the Earthbeat Festival (that was supposed to be held in New Zealand darn). In it I explain the evolutionary stages of the human experience as we will each act from different centers (chakras) with differing degrees of uncertainty depending on the stage of our evolutionary growth.


Octopus Garden
29th June 2020, 22:04
Love this guy.


29th June 2020, 23:27
I had to look up Rakshasa and a couple other terms. Interesting. Thanks.

1st July 2020, 20:06

Financial instability,
And emotional insecurity,
Develop my capacity,
Strength, will, and maturity.

Let's close this eclipse season and move on! Whew! Can it get more intense? The answer is yes, so let's brace ourselves, develop more strength, will, and maturity which includes perseverance, tolerance, patience, forgiveness and on and on and on. The exact eclipse is 9:44pm Saturday PDT = 12:44am Sunday EDT. Ready for a late night ritual?

As I mention in the report, this Full Moon/eclipse falls within the Capricorn/Cancer axis and I describe them both. Here is the thing: all these polarities need each other, compliment each other and indeed fulfill each other. It is about balancing them it is not about one being better or worse than the other. They are two sides of the same coin! You can't have youth with old age to compare it to, even though youth is glorified in some modern cultures (even to the point of some folks not worrying about the virus because it kills more old people).

It is when we move out from the center toward the extremes that we lose balance. I mentioned the extreme of Cancer having tantrums but the extreme of Capricorn is arthritis, rigidity, control, and suppression. This axis is balanced through not becoming to hard or too soft, too emotional or too emotionally suppressed, too subjective or too objective (cold), the list goes on and on. May this eclipse illuminate where you are within the spectrum of possibilities and help you toward the center!

2nd July 2020, 07:00
Words of wisdom here...:love:

9th July 2020, 00:55

Some say we must stand up and fight,
Rid the world of evil to live in the light,
However life is not black and white,
As the stars tell me over and again each night.

Below is a little quote from Rudolf Steiner with regard to lunar eclipses. It's a dark time so I wanted to inject some loving light into it with my video this week. I look forward to connecting again later..... Farewell with these crazy energies!

“When there is an eclipse of the moon, the man of today merely says: ‘Now the earth comes between the sun and the moon; hence we see the shadow cast upon the moon by the earth.’ That is the physical explanation. But in this case also the old initiate knew that a spiritual reality was behind the physical fact. He knew that when there is an eclipse of the moon, thoughts stream through darkness down upon the earth; and that such thoughts have a closer relationship with the subconscious life than with the conscious life of the human being. The old initiates often made use of a certain simile when speaking to their pupils. It is; of course, necessary to translate their words into modern language, but this is the gist of what they said: ‘Visionaries and dreamers love to go for rambles by moonlight, when the moon is full.

There are, however, certain people who have no wish to receive the good thoughts coming to them from the cosmos, but who, on the contrary, are desirous of getting hold of evil, diabolical thoughts. Such people will choose the moment of a lunar eclipse for their nocturnal wanderings… Eclipses of the sun and the moon, recurring as they do in the course of every year, may really be looked upon as “safety-valves.”… The lunar eclipse exists for the purpose of allowing the evil thoughts, which are present in the cosmos, to approach those human beings who are desirous of being possessed by them. People do not, as a rule, act in full consciousness.’”

11th July 2020, 08:16

Oh yes, a beautiful poem clearly describing the different stages of the zodiac of what love is. :love:

11th July 2020, 14:18
Why Me, Why Now, and What's Next? The Astrology of 2020 and Beyond


12th July 2020, 14:54
I had a weird kind of revelation yesterday while watching Planet Earth. It was an episode focused on the oceans. It covered phytoplankton and the food chain. I realized that the most important forms of life on earth are the ones we barely think about.

We're at the top of the food chain. And we actively endanger it while being blissfully ignorant. We are the least rather than the most important.

15th July 2020, 22:56

It is extremely important,
That I not become rigidly fixed,
As a broader truth may reveal itself,
That my hard heart and closed mind may miss.

"I'm gonna harden my heart, I'm gonna swallow my tears, I'm gonna turn and leave you here!" No, don't! That's the New Moon Muse weighing the golden scales coming up. The new Moon in Cancer is opposing the Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn..... The Saturn/Pluto in Cap can harden our hearts, blame, point fingers, want to destroy, the New Moon in Cancer wants connection, safety, and warmth. Let's all choose the latter!

It's looking like a busy week of socializing either at home (Cancer), with neighbors or on social media (Gemini) as the Moon moves through both. An excellent time to cuddle up with a new book, course, or practice/learn some new songs/music/instrument. I encourage you to hole healthy boundaries regarding the "outside world" placing demands on your time and energy, best to follow your heart, chill out and cook up a nice meal for the fam (better yet some baking)! Just like when a tornado, storm or hurricane is outside it's best to hunker down a bit and cuddle up. Blessings!

Octopus Garden
16th July 2020, 00:41
I had a weird kind of revelation yesterday while watching Planet Earth. It was an episode focused on the oceans. It covered phytoplankton and the food chain. I realized that the most important forms of life on earth are the ones we barely think about.

We're at the top of the food chain. And we actively endanger it while being blissfully ignorant. We are the least rather than the most important.

Had exactly the same thought. It was, I think the day before yesterday. Something I have thought before but it felt compelling and profound like never before this time. :o

16th July 2020, 18:14
Oh man, the more I hear about the upcoming transits the more excited I get or not sure if I should feel worried instead.

Only one thing is for sure, we're in for a hell of a ride during the next few years. I'd say that this year will be remembered...

16th July 2020, 18:37
Oh man, the more I hear about the upcoming transits the more excited I get or not sure if I should feel worried instead.

Only one thing is for sure, we're in for a hell of a ride during the next few years. I'd say that this year will be remembered...


17th July 2020, 00:05
Lol. I wonder if my mom can make good on her promise to slap me into next year...

23rd July 2020, 14:30

There is inevitable loss following gain,
As the waxing full Moon will certainly wane,
One part of learning is producing the show,
The other is listening in order to grow.

Round and round and round in the circle game! What goes up must come down, spinnin' wheels gotta go round. So what's on the rise is the new impulse for a new paradigm being forcefully, sometimes radically, sometimes violently, expressing with this Mercury 90 degree square to Mars in Aries (the sign of new beginnings). This will continue to escalate right up to the opposition September 24th (near the time that Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto start to go forward again!).

While it's a good time to "imagineer," there is also a strong impulse to rebel, tear down, destroy the old, and just be mean. Not to lay blame, but in many cases the old not giving way to, or supporting the growth of the new, in some ways is asking for it. A simple analogy is that of the parent child relationship. Some of us have/had parents that supported our individual self expression thereby requiring little arguing/distancing/rebelling in order for that expression to manifest. Others of us have/had parents that did not support, but try/tried to control our expression. In this case we either succumb/ed to their domination or rebelled/distanced ourselves from them in order to individuate. In some cases it could/would build up to violent confrontation.

The way I see the world unfolding at this time indicates that we are in a situation where the "powers that be," are not supporting the unfolding of the new, individuated, diverse forms of expression. The ensuing "peaceful protests" turning violent is the result of this "not listening." On the other hand, the "parents," or existing authorities can also serve the emerging new impulses by offering wisdom and guidance rather than letting impulsive acts of expression bring harm. Hence the new Moon of this month having the Sabian symbol of the muse balancing the scales.

29th July 2020, 19:44

When I am confronted with what I consider wrong,
My instinct is to counterattack standing firm and strong,
But if I step outside the fray to observe what's going on,
I can see the reason why and sing a whole new song.

This looks like a week of confrontation and revolution for sure. The question is with regard to what and "how?" It can be against another person, group of people, institution(s), the past, ourselves, or all of "Life!" When we confront and rebel we are often coming from an ego place of polarized, dualistic consciousness. Either/or, good/evil, me/you etc. where there is always a winner/loser, victim/perpetrator, right/wrong to the argument.

What I am suggesting with this mantra and Pele report is that we go beyond, or outside of the 3D polarized reality into the realm of soul evolution. In this realm it is all about expansion of consciousness in, with, and through, any and all human experiences. This is the paradox we need to deal with in the new paradigm. That there is both a right/wrong AND everything simply IS. It is a scary notion that can be unsettling and challenge our need to evaluate, judge, and claim moral victory. However, regarding soul growth, the loser may evolve through the experience far more than victor so who is the victor then? I'll leave that to you to decide LOL!

7th August 2020, 04:07

An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth,
Can end up with everyone blind,
But if I listen as well as assert,
There's a chance that we can all realign.

I wanna go to Alaska and visit Cory! His info is down at the bottom. For now, enjoy this Moon in Pisces with Neptune and Venus conjunct the North Node for a couple days. You may use it as a time to rejuvenate and prepare for a wild weekend as the Moon goes into Aries and joins Chiron, Black Moon Lilith, Mars, and Eris. Looks like another weekend of protests about something (anything for some people). I like the old adage about changing the things we can, leaving the rest alone, and having the brains to tell the difference. We've got a lot of fire going on, so try not to get burned!

On another note, I don't want to sound like we should go and hide either. It most definitely is a time to "face the piper," so to speak. If you've made mistakes and need to atone, by jove, be kingly or queenly enough to do it with elegance. And if you can help someone see their shadow (note the word "help" not "get back at"), by all means, use all this fire to perhaps overcome your fear and assert yourself. Again, "everything in moderation" can also be applied to communications this week. Speaking and listening to truth sets us all free, so let's fly like eagles!

12th August 2020, 20:55

Some things are moving forward,
some things are going back,
I choose to focus on the blessings of life,
instead of upon the lack.

Cautious optimism! Those are the words I was looking for in the report! This is a good time for cautious optimism, that just about sums it up. We may be tempted to lash out or break out with the mars/lilith/eris in aries the warrior breaking away from the "authorities," jupiter (big), pluto (powerful), saturn (established) in capricorn. Hence the caution.

We may also get some bad news, become disillusioned, or just want to escape the current, bleak reality with the sun/mercury quincunx neptune and pluto (didn't mention that in the report). Hence the need to maintain a bit of optimism to keep our creative juices flowing. Now caution and optimism are somewhat strange bedfellows but, together, they can help us stay on track building enterprises and initiating the reforms that future generations will thank us for. Slow and steady wins the race..... Injoy!

20th August 2020, 15:38

I stand in the middle between left and right,
Each pulling me toward the extremes,
My job is to extend my roots down deep,
And make nests in my branches for dreams.

Link to the pope's 3-minute talk on the media: https://youtu.be/zcqkpcQSivA

As we move into Virgo this weekend, let us all eat right, exercise, and clean our hearts, minds, and bodies. May we stand firmly centered, holding at bay the Ahrimanic forces (Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter in Capricorn) that may seek to limit, squeeze, press, control, and dominate us. At the same time, may we hold the Luciferic forces (Black Moon Lilith, Eris, Mars in Aries) from welling up from deep down within seeking revenge, retaliation, destruction, pain, and suffering to those who have hurt us.

This square between these two cardinal signs, as mentioned in the report, will be ongoing for 6 more weeks or so, and it is the energy that can turn a peaceful demonstration into a riot or a conversation into an argument or a question into an accusation. It's big shadow time, time to see what's going on way down deep in there. It's time to purge ourselves and step into the "right use of power." As with everything else around here, it takes practice, practice, practice, and will take time and effort to contain, maintain, and mature.

One of the things my mother said (six kids) when we would tattle tail on each other was MYOB. Anyone remember that? Mind Your Own Business, LOL! Venus moving through Cancer and Virgo reminds us repeatedly to sweep in front of our own door.

May you withdraw your projections one by one that you and the world may live in peace for all eternity! Blessings!

21st August 2020, 06:32
It couldn't be clearer said:
May you withdraw your projections one by one that you and the world may live in peace for all eternity! Blessings! Now THAT is a big pill to swallow. Thanks for sharing!

9th September 2020, 20:33

Sometimes it's good to cry out loud,
And acknowledge all the pain,
Feel my feelings and honor myself,
For trying as hard as I can.

Too funny, I didn't know it was Children's Day! In Costa Rica they have a special day honoring kids and I just find out now while uploading this that it's today. Yup, well, with the north node in Gemini (for more than another year), the sign of the puer/puella eaternis, it is helpful to honor our inner child, play, stay curious, and look around.

In the report I asked the question: What do you do when you try as hard as you can and it doesn't work? Isn't that the story of life? The answer is you DEVELOP. You grow, evolve, and develop new skills, talents, perspectives, beliefs, and invent new ways to accomplish your goals. You get out of the limited conditioning, maybe rebel or revolt, experiment, go alternative, PROGRESS. Let's face it, if we didn't fail we might not evolve!

The same is true of social/political/religious/educational/law enforcement/health care institutions. Let's face it, the road to enlightenment is filled with potholes, breakdowns, overheating, and flat tires. The sides of it are littered with old, rusty, wrecks that couldn't or wouldn't get repaired, renewed, attention, and care . Which is where we come in.... for each other. Maybe you can be a tow truck? Mechanic? Bring extra parts or fuel and pass 'em around? I hope so, 'cuz on the road ahead I see a tunnel coming with no shoulders or light. Let's hook up and make a caravan hitched together so tight that no one gets left behind. Blessings

16th September 2020, 21:16

I am constantly meeting myself,
And my changing needs as I grow.
If I'm not honest and willing to admit,
My truth I will never know.


We are constantly meeting ourselves,
And our changing needs as we grow.
If we're not honest and willing to admit,
The truth we will never know.

As I produce the Pele Report primarily for personal soul growth, I suggest using/repeating the first mantra to yourself through the week to help stay centered in, and express your truth in any given situation. "The Truth Shall Set You Free," is what I'm repeating to myself over and over, and what comes up sometimes is that it's hard for me to always know what's true these days! Hence, the video at the beginning and end of the report which I took while taking a boat through "The Gate to Hades" in Greece. These days are much like we are digging/mining for the "gold" way down deep and we have to keep digging and digging layer after layer after layer to get to the bottom of things/Self, eh?!

Retrograde Mars is symbolic of this turning the sword inward and slicing through all our own personal illusions/delusions and past actions that brought us to this point. So interesting how the outside world mirrors our inner process (at least for me). We'll all be re-hashing and hearing more about the same issues as more and more "truths" are revealed over the next couple months, and hopefully, each of us can come to some new revelations about who we are, what we're made of, capable of, ready for, and what we're not. This is hard work but the payoff of knowledge resulting from this process will be super helpful when making the decisions and new commitments with the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction in December. So dig in!

24th September 2020, 05:18

Some say don't go in or out,
That this is all there is,
But beyond the curtain of everyday life,
Lies a world of infinite bliss.

The play of light and dark has eternally created a rainbow of color and experience. The seed/egg germinates or is fertilized in darkness where it first breaks open. The light, power, and spirit energy needs to build up within to expand the organism. It grows and pushes and makes it way toward the light. As I mention in the report, we will be surrounded with more and more darkness where our inner light and strength will be needed as Jupiter closes in on Pluto and finally Saturn by December 21.

So where do we find this strength, light, and power? Not so much outside ourselves in worldly things, people, events, or success. We take the journey inward, we grow inwardly, sensing ourselves and the subtle worlds of spirit. We draw on the invisible, intangible, mystical realms that weave the fabric of our physical reality. As we open our hearts, minds, and senses to the spirit realms, we are nourished, comforted, and strengthened. With greater awareness and ease we will then re-enter this everyday world ready to manifest the dreams we've been given.

24th September 2020, 05:52
Good advise...:love:

2nd October 2020, 12:55

I'm in the process of stripping away,
What once worked but now has to go,
I need to be patient and carefully examine,
My foundation before I build more.

I've got a new website (TODAY!)! Check it out! WOOHOO! https://newparadigmastrology.com/

Let's talk about that Full Moon conjunct our wounded healer Chiron! We may all be feeling somewhat powerless or impotent these days, which can drain our energy and bring us down. But like I spoke of in the report, Chiron/Moon wants us to FEEL DEEP DOWN who we are so that we create lives that genuinely nurture our soul nature.

There is nothing surface or superficial about Chiron. He calls us into our wound/pain, and while uncomfortable, we learn through imperience just who we are and what love truly is. Chiron teaches us that life without love is not worth living and that our true happiness lies in opening our hearts.

When rebuilding our lives, let's use love as the cornerstone. The Full to 3/4 Moon is the disseminating phase wherein we get the feedback from others on how on or off track we are. In keeping with the overtone of this year (my mantra going in was "2020 The Year of Transformation from Death to Resurrection"), it is a time of reaping what we have sown for better or for worse. Whether you call it karma or consequences, we've set a lot in motion both personally and collectively, and the reaper (sometimes grim) is coming around.

Let's just live and learn and let it go at that... don't take it too personally! Enjoy!

7th October 2020, 21:00

There is no doubt that I want to break out,
And be totally free once again.
But the Spirit of Love want me to include,
Other's hearts and lives in my plan.

Check out my new website and join up! https://newparadigmastrology.com/

The "Covid fatigue" is definitely written in the stars. Covid or not, they say this is a "big karma" time to look at our stuff hard and long, and straighten it out before we get to go out and play. Now karma has some bad connotations so let's not forget that you COULD have some GOOD karma too! We all probably have some good and some bad, it's super rare to have all one or the other. My definition of it is "What goes around comes around," and we've all either consciously or unconsciously sent around some less than perfect energy.

Anyway, in the vid I also discuss the balancing out of the masculine/feminine, light/dark, yang/ying energy and mention that we've gone about as far as necessary out to the end of the masculine pole. It occurred to me after the camera went off that this can also be mirrored in the concept of "ownership." I remember being amazed that the indigenous peoples of North America never thought of cutting up the land into pieces and having different individuals "own" it. This "ownership" has now extended into so many arenas of human activity that some people are "owned," and it has given certain individuals "more value" due to "owning" more things/money. Materialism, which I see as one of the core roots of today's problems, is a yang/masculine/separation phenomena that needs to be addressed but seldom is, eh?

14th October 2020, 19:30
Interestingly I got the Tower card for this friday as I made a weekly reading earlier.


I have seen and heard enough,
To call a spade a spade,
I need to own and speak my truth,
Before it is too late.

That's right! We don't have forever! We're not getting any younger (except for a few Gemini/Cancers). Actually, the first mantra that came to me this morning was something more along the lines of "If I don't know myself by now it may just be too late." LOL However, that's probably not so nice and not so fair especially for the younger ones among us (including myself as I change faster than I can keep up with).

But to stay on point with today's report, I want to emphasize that I'm really referring mostly to our intimate partnerships more than political views, beliefs, or jobs. This month and next can be devoted to sorting out what you want and don't want, what you can give and what you can't give, what you can surrender to and what you simply cannot give up. These are the types of "decisions" I'm talking about, internal, personal decisions that are just fine to make/clarify with Mercury and Mars both retrograde. Don't worry, they'll be coming out by the end of the year with either breakups or deeper commitments/contracts (spoken and unspoken), but this is a good time to be having those heart to heart talks and laying it all out on the table with each other. Ultimately, the truth shall set you free (the Sun going into Sag perhaps/hopefully?) so let it do it's work! Blessings!

15th October 2020, 06:37
This music came to my mind; Beethoven hearing "Fate" knocking on the door.


21st October 2020, 23:00

Like in an interrogation,
My resistance is being broken,
Helping the investigation,
Expose the root of the problem.

Yup, that’s Scorpio! I was thinking that I could just as easily make a playlist per week instead of just a song. I’m thinking “Take Another Little Piece of My Heart,” by Joplin, or how about “When I Break Down” by Alan Parsons Project? For sure “The Boxer” by Simon and Garfunkel. I’ll see if I can find them and put links below. Feel free to add yours in the comments!

What else can I say that hasn’t been said. Don’t feel alone. With Mars and Mercury both retrograde nobody’s goin’ anywhere LOL! Another saying that comes to mind is, “You can run but you can never hide,” some western movie I think, but it feels like we’re treading water (or getting water boarded) until we drop our defenses, excuses, denials, lies, coverups, masks, pretensions, fabrications, misrepresentations, and all other forms of BS and come to the table (of Life). It may just not be that bad, maybe hurt for a little bit, but when we lay it all down we will also lighten our load and fly higher! Go for it!

22nd October 2020, 13:59
How 'bout The Boxer (https://jandeane81.com/showthread.php/7418-The-One-Truth-s-Lounge-Thread?p=842030120&viewfull=1#post842030120) by Carbon Leaf?

29th October 2020, 13:56
I copied the whole newsletter here as I felt that the message is particularly important this week.

Astrology for the Soul October 28, 2020 (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SIq622M7XK0)

Hola Ghosts and Goblins!

Say hello to the Full Moon occurring Saturday, October 31, at 8° Taurus 38,” a minuscule 3” away from Uranus!

This full Moon heralds intense, sudden, unexpected surprises that will be upsetting and unsettling as she continues on her way through Taurus into Gemini and Cancer. The Moon rules the subconscious, women, the public, and our innermost feelings that reach back, and often reflect, our childhood conditioning, habits, and patterns. She rules the tides and all liquids. It’s advised not to have surgery under the full Moon as blood loss is common. Studies have shown an increase in criminal acts and mental/emotional instability with the full Moon. This occurring on the Scorpio/Taurus axis with Uranus’s addition indicates a period of intense, profound, and dramatic upheaval. Fear, insecurity, and paranoia can lead to actions and reactions that are impulsive, extreme, and dangerous.

Uranus is the planet symbolizing lightning change from a soul-spiritual perspective that brings forth the naked truth from our individual, unconscious depths to the surface. It is our need to break free, revolt, and individuate. Moving through Taurus for 7 years, it reflects a period where each of us breaks from the norm to discover our OWN truth, our OWN values, our OWN self-worth, and our OWN unique way of surviving, generating income and living a fulfilling, contented, life. As such, and especially conjunct the Moon and opposite the Sun, it portends the need to break from external control/manipulation and exploitation by others, often through rebellion and revolution. These are revolutionary times when we may all be feeling the urge to break free, liberate, and rebel against external individuals, family members, jobs, and institutions that limit, confine, or control our self-expression.

The retrograde motion of Mars and Mercury is also associated with breaking away from the norm and both acting (Mars) and thinking (Mercury) for ourselves.

Mercury stations to go direct in Libra on November 3, Election Day in the USA. We may all be feeling quite on the edge of our seats, emotionally irritated and impatient, finding it hard to relax, breathe, slow down, and center. Our hearts, minds, and bodies are all stimulated with hormones and chemicals being rapidly fired from our brain and nervous system throughout our bodies. This is a week for chamomile tea!

It reminds me of the movie I saw as a kid, “The Day the Earth Stood Still.” Ironic that that movie was about aliens landing and making first contact with humanity. Uranus rules the unknown/alien. We may all be feeling “alienated” by what may appear as (and actually be) crazy or insane behavior we never saw before or thought possible. This is a rapid opening/expanding of our consciousness into the unknown, so it is best to be emotionally prepared to not go into shock (Uranus). Fortunately for us, astrology helps us see these waves coming on the future horizon, as I’ve been predicting this for over a year, so we will not be as jolted as many others. Hopefully, you can act as a grounding rod for loved ones who may be less stable.

Collectively, we will see mass confusion leading to hysteria in some cases as Mercury stationing indicates poor communication, electronic, messaging, voting, tallying, and sorting delays, leading to mistakes, misunderstandings, and errors.

We can be assured that the election results will be delayed and contested, keeping the United States in particular, but also the global economy (Taurus), nervous as so much will be “on hold.”

With Mercury ruling the North Node, we can thank the stars that he’s stationing in Libra, the sign of mediation, law, balance, peace, and justice. Unfortunately, he is square Saturn (blocked by external authorities and institutions) this whole week! It will be best to brace ourselves for some tough, drawn-out, legal battles, court orders, and uniformed forces blocking, controlling, and in other ways suppressing (Saturn), communication, transportation, and commerce (Mercury).

As I mentioned in last week’s Pele Report and will most probably discuss further this week, the good news is that all this tension and adversity help expose the roots of our problems, both individually, in our relationships, and collectively. It’s time to have those hard conversations. However, these are precisely the valuable and necessary conversations that need to be had to co-create solutions and move forward (2021). They are so hard and we are in the mess we are in because these conversations have NOT been had when they should have.

The dentist drills out the cavity, the doctor digs out the cancer, the cleaner removes the dirt, dust, and mold. The more they procrastinate, the more painful the process. We’re getting scrubbed, and it’s not comfortable, yet we’ll be squeaky clean by the time we get out of this shower!

It's time for my secret weapon,
Knowing the Law of One,
That though we appear so different,
We're the same when it's all said and done.

I forgot to mention this week’s song! How about “A Hard Rain’s a-Gonna Fall”? The aspects are foretelling a rather arduous, if not audacious, weekend where things could get pretty crazy. As I mentioned in the report, it’s excellent to liberate and break free as long as we don’t get too far out there in the extremes (Uranus). The right path to liberation lies in the center between the polarized extremes, but this full Moon will be stirring up sub-conscious emotions that could pull us off our center.

If you find, hear, or experience others “losing it” in those extremes, the Taurus Moon may help you be the “grounding rod” that takes the shocking, disturbing, and traumatizing energy in, down, and through you to Gaia, who can take it, hold it, and settle it all down.

Good weekend to be out in nature, playing with rocks and mud. Enjoy yourself!

5th November 2020, 19:33

There are not many who will understand,
What I know but find hard to explain.
There is so much more than what meets the eye,
I am humbled by the scope of the plan.

As I mention lightly in this report, there is a challenge in the spiritual world as some forces seek to drive the human race deeper into materialism where they (we) may lose awareness of our spiritual soul nature/origin. These forces are incredibly strong with the Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto stellium occurring in the earth sign of Capricorn, hence the need for us all to be even more aware and attentive to spirit worlds.

Here is the full text of the Sabian symbol for the 16th degree of Aries and its interpretation, according to Dane Rudhyar in his book "An Astrological Mandala" Vintage Books, NY, NY 1973.

Nature spirits are seen at work in the light of sunset.

Keynote: Attunement to the potency of invisible forces of nature. In the light of personal fulfillment (symbol of sunset and wisdom), man may be able to establish a life-giving contact with natural forces. These are active any time growth processes take place, but man's individualized mind is usually too focused on working for consciously set goals to be able to realize concretely the presence of invisible (or "occult") forces in operation. These forces constitute a specific realm of any planetary life. They are inherent in all "biospheres," on whatever planet. They are non-individualized and unfree energies forming in the substratum of all life processes - thus of the process of integration at the level of the planet-as-a-whole, i.e., the planet as an organism with its automatic systems of growth, maintenance, and organic multiplication. In this planetary organism, those nature forces act as guiding and balancing-harmonizing factors - somewhat as the endocrine system does in a human body, and behind this system, the more occult web of chakra energies related to prana - the solar energy. It is when this energy becomes less dominant - thus symbolically at sunset - or when the body energy is weakened by illness, fasting or sensory deprivation, that it becomes easier to perceive these "nature spirits" and to give them forms that symbolize the character of their activities. These forms differ with the cultural imagery of each human collectivity, retaining nevertheless some basically similar characteristics.

When this Sabian symbol reaches into the consciousness of anyone seeking meaning, it should be seen as an invitation to open their mind to the possibility of approaching life in a holistic and non-rational, intuitive manner.

This is the degree that Mars, symbolizing the leading edge of soul manifestation, came back retrograde to dwell on for three weeks from November 3-24 before going forward.

May we all take heed and re-member nature's spirit(s)!

26th November 2020, 16:18

The present and future grow out of the past,
And all I have said and done.
Owning and feeling, laughing and crying,
Bring us together as one.

Whoa, that was a long one! This Pele Report looks more at the long term relationships between the eclipses and the Capricorn stellium. In the short term, like this weekend, the message would be to let those feelings, whatever they are, come up and out. The eclipse can be like Source opening the valve of the lower chakras to let off some pressure.

The good news is that while there may be some "Freudian slips," or vulnerable feelings, beliefs, or needs exposed, knowing the astrology puts you ahead of the game. These are coming up right on target, just at the right time, TO BE SEEN, FELT, AND LET GO! This is GOOD, let's not forget that. The truth shall set you free, and it may not feel like that when you're in it, but it will in the long run. Liberating yourself from your own past will free you more than getting any laws changed, believe me (not that there aren't some laws that need changing!).

Mercury in Scorpio (with Venus) being the "overlord" of this lunar eclipse, says, "dive deep baby, you can do this!"
Just listen to Dave Mason, "We Just Disagree" https://youtu.be/b2ff8qXa248
And then how about Jackson Browne "Doctor My Eyes" https://youtu.be/9wF7zc_YK6A

3rd December 2020, 00:00

When in a big transition,
It's okay to be afraid,
But I let go knowing that,
After the night comes another day.

This week's lunar eclipse will continue bringing up powerful feelings right on through the upcoming solar eclipse on the 14th. These feelings will include fears, needs, grief, sadness, and number of other "negative emotions," that most of us have been taught to hide, avoid, or deny. At the least we've gotten some messages that others don't want to hear or deal with them and we should maybe go off to our room, process them alone, and come back when we're better?

And yet it is these very feelings that connect us emotionally, give us a sense of belonging, and sooth the inner child inside each of us. Venus in Scorpio wants to dive down into the depths of these feelings, feel the mystery, and experience the power and passion that is released with them. This is great time to learn how to hold ourselves and hold each other as we say goodbye to the past and let go what can't come along into our future.

23rd December 2020, 05:40

2020 = The Year of Transformation from Death to Resurrection
2021 = The Year of Initiation, Gestation in Preparation for Creative Manifestation

This astrological perspective on the portal to a New Paradigm now being entered by humanity demonstrates the initiatory nature of 2020-2021. Looking at the astrology of the 2020s (yes, we are only just beginning) from a historical point of view, we see the convergence of a great many timelines happening now. Using the tools of New Paradigm Astrology, Kaypacha unravels the different threads weaving this tapestry of change.

1st January 2021, 08:00
He climbed up the mountain to see it clearer...and I cannot wait for Wind to post it. This is very good imo.

It's time to get real and make a plan,
To go forward from here and now.
I will stay grounded, present and clear,
Not get lost with my head in the clouds.

Haha! Went on another rave! But I perhaps didn't conclude it as well as I would like. In general, I believe that there really aren't total angels or demons in the flesh, very few ALL bad guys and ALL good guys. I think we're all a mix, or we wouldn't be here. I further believe that the Age of Aquarius (and Jupiter and Saturn now in Aquarius) is about hammering out negotiations with all parties concerned to come up with creative solutions to our shared problems.

This isn't gonna happen when people take extreme polarized positions and want to destroy rather than cooperate with those on "the other side of the aisle." I think the way I did finish it was to bring it back home to take personal responsibility for our happiness or depression. The Mirror of Intimacy quote I was thinking of is: "Perhaps the greatest achievement and reward in life is being able to maintain an inner state of peace and acceptance in the face of change, to grow our hearts big enough to handle loss, to love and let go, to feel gratitude for what we have now. The law of impermanence might signify that even our knowledge, beliefs, and inner states must also change, and perhaps this is how to discover who we really are."
Love it!


1st January 2021, 12:18
Thanks sister, I don't post the weekly updates always anymore so you can do it if you wish to. :)

7th January 2021, 14:36
With so much of life out of control,
I need to go beyond.
Pierce the veil between the worlds,
And reconcile with the Divine.

As mentioned previously, despite 2020 ending, the astrology of our times shows us that we are in a long term initiation process that is far from over. The beginning of any initiation involves removing what has been previously relied upon for sustenance, which induces the need and longing for something new/more. I would say that we are still in a state of "reduction," or loss. It will take us time to collectively move through the stages of grief, which are natural to a human being when they experience loss: Denial, Anger, Bargaining, and Depression finally leading to Acceptance (Elizabeth Kubler-Ross). The challenge now is to continue moving through these stages without getting stuck in any of them too long. Depending on the loss, it can take six to eighteen months (or more) to finally come into acceptance so let's have patience with ourselves and each other.

Secondly, not mentioned in the report is that after Uranus goes direct next week, we have all the planets in direct motion (except a short 3-week Mercury Retro coming early February) until the END OF APRIL! Hold onto your hats! The pace of change, innovation, and overwhelm for some is going to pick up fast.

These months will be useful for envisioning, planning, and beginning new projects based on a "new normal" that will have better chances of succeeding due to their grounded, lowered expectations.
Jupiter/Saturn contacts have always been associated with limited (Saturn) expansion (Jupiter). Still, it is better to be pleasantly surprised by surpassing your expectations than being let down due to unrealistic expectations.


24th March 2021, 19:28

In times of uncertain chaos,
When the future remains unclear,
I center myself in the core of the earth,
As Gaia knows no fear.

Here we go again! The energy will be building through this weekend just like the Moon will be growing fuller and fuller until full! The emotions will be growing stronger as long repressed feelings rise up like the lava in the Iceland volcano. The energy of rising up to rebel against imposed limitations (whether real or imagined) is strong and needs to be dealt with. It's up to each of us to determine just how we manage these emotions, project them, be driven wild by them, or delve down to the roots and liberate/heal/embrace them. One way leads to blame, resentment, and acts of revenge while the other leads to peaceful evolution. The choice is ours.

Whichever way we go, this new 584 day Venus cycle, beginning as it is on the full Moon with the Sun/Venus conjunct Chiron, starts with chaos as the old structures that are no longer able to contain the new energy, fail, breakup and breakdown with last ditch efforts to remain relevant. There may be some sad sites seen and felt as the disorientated wander, strike out, and cry for help when confronting aspects of themselves and life they don't have the means, teachings, or loving guidance to comprehend. The more we are able to now stand as pillars of hope and strength for those scared, angry, depressed, or seeking escape, the sooner we will together build new structures, new institutions, and find new ways to live together in a more enlightened, free, and loving world. Let's do it!

25th March 2021, 07:23
Namaste! :amen: Shadow work is on its way. I may be off-line every now and again...:)

1st April 2021, 09:22

There's a lot of noise in the atmosphere,
That I don't need to hear,
As I'm busy creating a life I love,
I focus on what I hold dear.

Once again, I forgot to mention this week's song! See if you can guess it from the chorus: "You've got to know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em, know when to walk away, know when to run." If you guessed Kenny Roger's "The Gambler," you guessed right! Of course, we've been riding through the old "wild west" and listening to some good 'ol country tunes, but I still feel like it fits the energetics of this week. While gambling "falls" under Leo and the 5th house in astrology, we all need to gamble with life whenever we start something new. Having the Sun, Venus, Chiron, Lilith, Eris, and soon Mercury in Aries, the sign of new beginnings and spontaneous new desires emerging, it's time to take the gamble!

And that leads me to the second song for this week's (month's) energy: "Burning Down the House." It's time to trust that we are strong enough, smart enough, and powerful enough to build a better house out of the ashes of the old. That sometimes, fire needs to torch the existing structures to clean the slate and start over from scratch. If any sign is gonna do it, it's Aries, so let the timid beware, the full Moon in Libra (peace and harmony) has given way to Scorpio (death and release of the past). Both Aries and Scorpio are ruled by Mars, the warrior, symbolizing the bravery and courage we need to summon up to pull this off.

Of course, there will always be reasons and people, fears, and doubts that need to be overcome. These are part and parcel of any new beginning (or initiation, for that matter). Will we (you) be stopped? Will you trust your gut and follow your heart or be smothered, bound, and chained? "Nothing ventured, nothing gained" is an old saying that Aries (as well as Leo, Sag, and a couple of other signs) will totally relate to. And yes, you can bet some fireworks are gonna fly as Lilith and Eris join forces to combat (square) the old power brokers (Pluto in Capricorn). Let's remember that what falls apart comes together again, but in a new, hopefully, more enlightened, way. Bring it on!

Finally, I'll mention that we may not be hearing of all the protests, changes, challenges, and hero/heroines out there due to all the censoring that is going on. One question worth pondering is what paradigm social media and MSM are perpetrating.

1st April 2021, 12:17
I was literally just looking up snake gods and this thumbnail is showing.

And then I read the words 'burning down the house'. An ad just came on where a guy almost lights his bathroom on fire to get rid of pests.

(many of the people here in the US who are complaining of being censored are doing so on TV with free coverage. There's a great deal of BS going on when it comes to claims of censorship. A fact which makes it harder to stop the actual censorship)

20th May 2021, 09:22

My reality is a living experience,
Of what I think and believe.
I must reject all that's not true,
If I'm ever to really be free.

Indeed, we are all trying to live our dreams, but sometimes they turn into nightmares. That's when we know there is more to our reality than our conscious intentions. The south node in Sag (Ketu in Vedic astrology, which has a negative/evil interpretation) brings up from the past all the collective beliefs for us to review, own, or reject as who we are. We are bombarded daily with different views, many with emotional energy tied to them (MOON'S node!). Careful not to succumb!

In these times of important choices, we may find that our beliefs are very different from even our loved ones. Thoughts and beliefs combine with soul impulses and desires, resulting in plans and decisions. When these are in conflict, chaos results, and our external reality reflects that chaos. If you are not experiencing your dream anywhere in your life, look within to see if there are subconscious, leftover beliefs undermining your conscious intentions. Once identified, they lose their grip, and your reality improves.

Here is the link of all links! Gregg starts at 20 minutes and shares for 20 minutes.
Prepare to have your mind blown! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z92sE...
And here Ian Anderson, truly a Uranian! https://youtu.be/hAt1b21S97k

27th May 2021, 23:22

The importance of a spiritual life,
Cannot be stressed enough,
If I want to live and die in peace,
It will come by sharing my love.

Happy Lunar Eclipse! I hope you navigate the powerful emotional waves brought on with the Moon conjunct her own south node. First, I would like to say that it's OK to be afraid! This is a highly emotional time where memories, dreams, and reflections will bring up past (possibly traumas) for conscious review. Let them rise and let them go. If you are not afraid, you may want to look at what you might be repressing, avoiding, denying, or simply out of touch with within your own inner child.

Secondly, when I speak of love in this report, I want to be clear that there are different kinds of love, and I am speaking primarily of "noble love." There is even materialistic love that can bind/attach us to things of this world and cause us problems when crossing the threshold. Here is a quote from Rudolf Steiner's book (link at the bottom):

"Love becomes something noble, on the other hand, if human beings can rise up into the higher worlds and love what they have mastered through spiritual concepts. Let us not forget, love is something that is base if it acts within a lower sphere and something noble, lofty and spiritual if it acts within a higher or spiritual sphere. That is the essence of what matters. If we do not become conscious of this, then we will not understand things in the right way." (1)

First song pick of the day: https://youtu.be/oi8NXuMW_RA
Second song pick of the day is: https://youtu.be/vDXSs4xQLu8

3rd June 2021, 10:33

I am sick and tired,
Of doing what I'm told to do.
I've got to be free if I'm to be me,
And get into something new.

OK! I won't say get ready for some fireworks even though that's possible this Saturday with la Luna transiting through fiery Aries. It will be more a time of covert, difficult to express/speak emotional intensity going on this weekend. What we can do is focus on the positive results that can emerge out of the morass of conflicting feelings. So many of us have been taught that irrational feelings don't make sense and we should not honor/respect/follow them that some of us may write them off to our own peril. We ARE our feelings in contrast to HAVING our thoughts.... let's put first things first!

Second point to stress here is what I got to at the end of the report, that with Mercury retrograde now is a better time to discuss, contemplate, and clarify these emotional needs more than impulsively or explosively ACTING on them. There may be a tendency to overreact or have to deal with someone else who is overly defensive, in fear, not wanting change, clinging to the past, etc. etc. etc. Good opportunity to put into practice all that spiritual loving and patient caring/listening skills we've been working on! Blessings!

This week's song One! https://youtu.be/P6zaCV4niKk
And song Two! https://youtu.be/6GxWmSVv-cY

9th June 2021, 21:50

My shadow is like a cave full of bats,
Silently waiting in the dark.
A part of me that will break free,
And shock me awake with a start.

Can we welcome the solar eclipse when the Moon breaks the auric field of protection around the earth enabling souls and spirit beings from distant space into our space/time continuum? It’s like a Uranus transit (which is exactly square Saturn too) or Halloween! The ghosts and goblins come out, the skeletons in the closet of our subconscious rattle their bones. We see some shadows that maybe we don’t want to see and they scare us.

This eclipse happening in Gemini makes me want to rewrite the description of that archetype for the new paradigm. Just as Virgo has undergone an “update,” from prudish librarian to empowered woman, so too Gemini needs an upgrade from the puer/puella eternus (eternal youth), that is “just” Mercurial and a jovial trickster, to a key player(s) on the path of soul evolution.

Besides looking back to 2002 when the same eclipse pattern occurred last, we can also look back just three months ago when the Sun joined Neptune in Pisces, the spiritual dream. Now, 3 months later, it’s time to break out (or get broken out of) the dream and thrust into this earthly realm to manifest it. We may want out but not until we come all the in! Blessings on your journey...

This week’s song is, of course, Eclipse: https://youtu.be/EKkyWD1oGbI

17th June 2021, 18:11

Sometimes Life requires that I,
Let go of something dear.
I can cry, cling, and resist,
Or have faith take the place of my fear.

I remember a few different comedy acts where the clown or comedian frantically tries to keep together something (or someone) that is falling apart. They slap a piece back in place as more fall off the other side, and they run around to the other side, and as they're putting that side back together, the other side falls apart. You get the idea that it could go on endlessly, but that no matter how hard they tried, they couldn't keep it together. That's what we may be feeling like after that eclipse in Gemini!

Our ego-mind wants to "keep it together," maintain, remain, make strong. However, just like a sandcastle built on the beach, it only takes one wave to wash it away when the tide comes in. One of the kundalini mantras is "All things come from God, and all things go to God." Repeating that one over and over and allowing it to sink in can help us center ourselves in the ocean on oneness instead of being castles in the sand. Try it out!

Take A Pebble by ELP - short version: https://youtu.be/IaYsgjn82GA
Long version: https://youtu.be/ux9B-rDQ6yQ

24th June 2021, 08:11

My unconscious is the potter,
Shaping and molding me,
Adding to and taking away,
Until I'm all I can be.

Pluto (the unconscious Soul), Neptune the collective unconscious, and Uranus the personal unconscious constitute a major reason why I am a tropical astrologer versus vedic. These three factors in the horoscope take the fate versus freewill conversation to a whole new level! Then, once we add that Spirit, our personal Spirit and Great Spirit exist within the personal and collective unconscious, we begin to see the power of astrology and all forms of connecting the ego to the unconscious (yoga, meditation, plane medicine, etc.).

This expansion of the conscious ego into the unconscious realms will affect every aspect of our lives. We will see the synchronicity, the projections, the intentions, and the evolutionary impulses more clearly and be able to choose and act more in alignment. Our relationships will lighten up as they no longer need to "carry" our projections as each partner owns their "stuff." Pain and suffering will lessen as it will take fewer "reminders" that we are off track with our unconscious soul intentions and the world will be a better place as we open our hearts with love and compassion. Yes!

19th August 2021, 16:50

Life is breathing in and out,
Sitting in silence then giving a shout.
If I only do one and neglect the other,
I lose my balance and am torn asunder.

After hitting the stop button and walking back to my micro-hut, I had more thoughts concerning the healing of the masculine. What I can say is that just about all of us have a wounded masculine after experiencing many lifetimes with wounded leaders, parents, and siblings. However, each has been wounded in unique ways with individual responses to those wounds.

In the video, it may have sounded like we should all chill out, stop taking, desiring, and wanting so much. But this is only one wound and one response. There's also the wound of "I don't deserve to get what I want, so why bother asking?" Or the wound of "I don't even know what I want because I always been told and never asked." The list can go on and on when it comes to desires, which ones, and our individual soul history. You always have to look at the whole chart for the soul's evolutionary journey and Chiron's house, sign, and aspects. You can learn all about astrology, your Chiron, chart, and more in the new New Paradigm School of Astrology! Check it out! https://bit.ly/3fUewqV

This week's songs have to include "Let It Be!"
Whether it is mother Mary or the Brotherhood of Light, let's wake up to the help of Spirit Beings! https://youtu.be/u6T5C-jzSH0
And... Shining Star by Earth Wind and Fire! https://youtu.be/rl-WSmryfSY
Thumbnail artwork by Fulton Hobbs: instagram.com/fultonhobbs

6th October 2021, 15:12

To love and to be loved,
Is the profoundest gift of all.
When I open and give my heart to another,
I am blessed as well.

Indeed, the fruit tree grows and ripens its fruit and then gives it all away. We can be likened to a fruit tree as our lives are all about building ourselves and hopefully giving our gifts away! We’ve been building for awhile now this year and after the harvest of Virgo comes the sharing of Libra. This can be exciting if we are confident within and value our gifts, or a bit scary if we are living in poverty consciousness and fear running low or out.

One way or the other, the sense of belonging, of loving and being loved is the “stuff” life is made of, what movies, music, poems and books are written about. “Love makes the world go around.” Truly, love is the experience of being united/one with "All That Is," Source, Creator, or God/dess. As such, it is the power of life, of healing, of birthing, and of being all that we can possibly be. We could make a stretch and call it the meaning, purpose, beginning, and ultimate ending of life itself. Let's do it!

Red Hot Chili Peppers! https://youtu.be/t1Ys6-C08C8
Somebody to Love! https://youtu.be/5QAF2qF4wHU