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4th August 2018, 00:09
Having read through a variety of threads here on The One Truth - I purchased some books and would love to chat about them, with other like minded People.

Have completed reading:

1. The Coming Race by Edward Bulwar-Lytton.

This one was advertised as Fiction but I am aware that there is a school of thought, that upholds the theory/fact, that Bulwar-Lytton wrote from first hand experience. He apparently disguised the opening chapters, where the location of his entrance into the 'paradigm beneath the crust of the Earth' is not revealed. Easy to read and definitely pushed me into Critical Thinking mode.

2. The Sacred Network by Chris H. Hardy

Still reading this, along with other books on Ley Lines and Megaliths. Am definitely convinced that there is a direct connectivity to Ley Lines and Megaliths. Still absorbing all I can read on this subject.

3. Musical Truth by Mark Devlin.

Started reading and I could not put it down. Very well written and as such very easy to read. I found loads of answers to a myriad of questions that I have been pondering. It is always very uplifting to read a book written by a like minded person - who can provide a first hand account of what is happening in this paradigm.

4. Clock Shavings by Tracy R. Twyman.

The removable cover was disturbing to me so I removed it and destroyed it. The book is a hard bound version. Another well written book and found it difficult to put down. I lost interest in the final, very lengthy chapter but the book is an excellent resource. I want to be very clear here - I do not engage in practices of dark or light arts (magic/magick/whatever) but I do not believe in ignorance. I now feel far more educated and knowledgeable on a very difficult to read subject therefore; I now feel more enabled to protect myself emotionally and spiritually.

5. Body Of Secrets by James Bamford

Still reading this one but am always intrigued by how former employees of Alphabet Agencies can write a book and not disappear or be found dead in suspicious circumstances - so I read with an open but discerning mind. The book features code breaking and how it impacted/impacts on how intelligence is gathered. Certainly a great read but I am still asking questions about how and why books such as this one managed to be published.

The above books are just a small selection of literature that came to my attention, as a direct result of reading through many thought provoking threads on theonetruth. Huge: Thank You to Malcolm - Administrators and Members who have steered me in the right direction. Looking forward to any discussions about the above mentioned books and others.

Much Respect & Much Peace - Amanda

Dumpster Diver
4th August 2018, 14:03
Of this set, I’ve read two: Clock Shavings and Musical Truth. If you liked Musical Truth, you really need to read:


As it answers a lot of strange happenings even I noticed during the Vietnam War (which I was a part of).

As for Clock Shavings, I do agree with you. I used it to fortify myself as well. I do think Twyman’s “religious” view colors her experiences and I tend to disagree with them. Also, I view this book as being dangerous for the average, unaware person.

5th August 2018, 02:20
If you like fantasy the Chronicles of Thomas Covenant by Stephen R. Donaldson were very good books. But I had to keep a dictionary nearby because the vocabulary was really rich and there were many words I didn't know or couldn't decipher in context. Wikipedia describes it as arcane.

I do not recommend the hard sci fi books he wrote. (the Gap series) I read them and they were very dark and depressing and I actually had to really work to get them out of my head.

12th August 2018, 23:02
Dumpster Diver et al - Am acquainted with Laurel Canyon. Stumbled on the website quite a few years ago now and it was a case of starting at the beginning and working my way through all the posts. It was akin to picking up a book and not wanting to put it down.

Absolutely agree with you regarding Clock Shavings, in the hands of a person who is naive and unknowing it could pull them into the darkness. I imagine that is why I read with caution and put the book down without reading the last chapter properly. It is however a great book for those who want to learn about a dark subject without becoming drawn into the actual practices. Evil is very deceptive and my understanding, from an intellectual level and not a physically engaged level - is that it draws people in via misinformation and trickery. Still a great book for those who are awake and aware but definitely not for the deep sleepers.

Dreamtimer et al - Perhaps the reason you could not get the hard core sci-fi out of your head, is due to the books being written via a specific method. Just as tele - vision and music have been 'infected' and 'distorted' with inappropriate science applications, perhaps the written word has been corrupted as well. Knowing even a little about cymatics and harmonics, with regard to music, can widen the human perspective about the music we listen to for, what we perceive as pleasure.

Still reading and still absorbing information and turning it into knowledge. Thanks for the interest in this thread. I will take all recommendations seriously and will repeat - I found the books mentioned in the opening post due to the shared information via theonetruth. Keep teaching me All. Thanks again.

Much Respect & Much Peace - Amanda