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Dumpster Diver
5th April 2018, 02:32
Lately I’ve been turning off everything that emits WiFi, Bluetooth, etc every night at 10pm and turn on the minimum for my needs at 7 am. I was surprised I have 6 WiFi emitters (3 are radio TV signals).

I’m still getting weak signals from the neighbors. Tin foil on the walls to attenuate?

enjoy being
5th April 2018, 03:25

Dumpster Diver
5th April 2018, 03:34
Nothing to say? :hilarious:

enjoy being
5th April 2018, 04:07

This guy seems to get ridiculed a bit? Well the claim I heard is to do with his credentials from memory.

It's funny there was that period where phones had aerials, and there wasn't many cell towers, and folk were getting cancers of the ear and things from them. Then they changed to phones with no aerials, and I presume the plan was to reduce signal of phone and increase blanket signal in environment. Lower power but higher saturation?

That's my mean as layman's view there.

Amongst it all (in the link) some points would be.
Children affected more.
Women affected in the added implications of their carrying eggs, and eggs being easily harmed.
Affects REM sleep so keeping devices away from bedrooms, and/or off over night is a good idea.