View Full Version : Interview of "Cosmic Ray" on The Goldfish Report

29th March 2018, 12:21
This interview of Dr. Raymond Keller, PhD, a contactee who is referred to as "Cosmic Ray," was published on BitChute March 28th, 2018. This is a screenshot of him:


On The GoldFIsh Report No. 210, Louisa welcomes Rob Potter from Prepare for Change and Victory of the Light Radio Show to introduce Dr. Raymond Keller, PhD, also known as "Cosmic Ray", Author, Historian, Researcher and ET contactee for an incredible story about the planet Venus told to us by this humble Ambassador. This most amazing story of a journey through Cosmic Ray's life and into the stars to our closest sister planet includes the life on Venus, Venusians who have been known to come to earth such as Valiant Thor, Omnec Onec, and others. Cosmic Ray shares with us what the people are like there, what their political system is and how they all once fought the cabal and kicked them off of Venus. He also shares their culture and societal structure, their diet and their interest in earth as a vacation spot in the solar system. According to Ray, the Venusians also have their own language although most women are telepathic. He and Rob also share some other interesting historical facts about Venus and their other colonies and associations outside of Venus. Ray also shares the Venusians opinion about religion, how they reproduce, and what their atmosphere and biodiversity is like. Ray also discusses the over 42 probes that NASA has sent there and the conspiracy to hide the truth from humanity and so much more. . .