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The One
28th October 2013, 20:01
Check this out below. Apparently this was done over a year a go

hi all,

before i explain my experiment i would like to introduce myself.
i'm a 35yr old belgian who likes all things science and sci-fi.
stumbled upon zpe, ag and other fields a few years ago and got hooked.
not having any scientific background (i mount and repair tires for a living) i hereby would like to apologise in advance for all the stupid questions to follow and my poor use of the english language.
this lack of knowledge also results in very crude setups witch u will notice in the pictures.

on to the experiment.

after reading this patent here http://www.rexresearch.com/gravitor/gravitor.htm i started building a gravitor
with materials found around the house.
for dielectric i used thin pe-sheets from document holders and tinfoil for plates.
psu was an old tv's hv circuit.
the stack was placed between two wooden plates and mounted on a balance-type setup to test for motion.

the result was a small motion that could be explained by the jurking of the wires....

after reading that many inventors changed the patent so it would still work as described but crippled to protect their
work i changed the stack so not just the endplates but all plates are charged.
the tv died in previous tests so i got my hands on an old monitor with an error in the image.

and there starts the mystery...

after setting up the balance and connecting the wires i pushed the button on the monitor and got an immidiate movement of a few cm in about 1 sec.
then the movement stopped acompanied by a change in the sound of the monitor and sparking of a lot of components.
this was not a single event, the effect repeated 5 times, each time at the powering up of the monitor.
the fift test was the last one because of the monitor's smoky death.
today i got my hands on a monitor that was stil operating perfect but was replaced by a tft.
having no errors i expected it would simply do the same as the previous without the internal losses and it did.
the result however was some cool lighteffects and a "gravitor" with some dark spots acompanied with no movement at all.