View Full Version : British contactee talks about MKUltra, Nordics, Tall White Blonds, Vril & Thule Societies, Admiral Byrd, Antarctica, et al

6th February 2018, 08:24
I don't know to what extent this guy's information would be legitimate. He speaks with a passion, so I don't think that he would be merely an attention seeker. However, he has obviously done his own research, and in his presentation, he drops the names of Andrew Basiago, Corey Goode and Kerry Cassidy. That makes the whole thing somewhat suspect, in my humble opinion.

It is also not clear what part of the information he presents comes from the aliens with whom he claims to have been in contact, nor how much of this information comes from his own research. Again in my personal opinion, I would say that most of it comes from his own searches. Furthermore, he also touches upon MKUltra, and therefore it is possible — or should we say, "highly likely"? — that his contact experiences are merely the result of mind control and programming.

Nevertheless, it's an interesting watch, albeit a long one — 1 hour and 44 minutes. ;)

P.S.: The thumbnail — i.e. the preview image of the video — is merely a "click bait" overlay by the uploader of the video, who also regularly flashes his own logo across the screen. Nothing resembling this preview image is ever shown or mentioned during the presentation itself.


Dumpster Diver
6th February 2018, 20:06
listening to this I noticed that he had several things wrong about Andy Basiago, aside from mispronouncing his name. I went in depth on Andy a few years ago and I find this disconcerting.

1. the "big shoes" photo of Andy was, according to Andy, taken at the Gettysberg address (1863 not 1800). It is a very famous photo in its own right.

2. seveal of the mentions of the Mars jumproom was wrong.

3. Barack Obama (Barry Sotoro) was bungled and not clear.

stuff like this puts me off sometimes, but perhaps he is a person who tries to be "in the ball park" rather than near home plate.

8th February 2018, 17:07
Tony Topping is well known on the UFO circuit. A lot more has happened since I last viewed him. He has researched more deeply and is much more coherent than he used to be.