View Full Version : Unwelcome truth from Erin Pizzey, near the root of most folk's hurt

27th November 2017, 19:54

Archive before it disappears...?

She was there, she's telling the truth, or as much as she can without getting killed...

I've admired this woman for 40+ years.

28th November 2017, 05:50
Here's the video of the interview...


28th November 2017, 06:48
Being in the helping industry I made myself unpopular at times because I agree with the idea that women play a part in a violent relationship. Many are appalled and refuse to hear that women can be violent and do play a part in the choices they make. This wonderful lady says it all when watching the video, as she covers the areas that women do need to take responsibilty.

Coming from abusive parenting and upbringing myself, a child sees way more than they can comprehend thus repeat it as it is the only way they have been shown to solve problems..............sad and repetitive in nature and change won't be effected until women get on with their responsibilty in such a relationship.

28th November 2017, 12:17
Interesting, Sandy. I have a friend who would let people walk all over her. (not sexual abuse, but a similar principle) I told her she has to stop them. Every time she lets someone abuse her, she's giving them the green light to do it to someone else. She would always say, "My dad told me to be nice."

I told her, "I don't think your dad wanted you to be a doormat that people wipe their shitty boots on. I don't think he'd be proud."

We have to stand up for ourselves. We also have to be sensitive to men, their egos and their needs. I don't coddle men's egos for one moment, but it's very important not to shame and embarrass and tease them. This is a bad idea. Treating men with respect coupled with demanding it for yourself is key. Men don't respect women who have no self-respect.

Fred Steeves
28th November 2017, 12:40
I wonder how she feels about this current movement, do women abuse positions of power as well? :hiding:

28th November 2017, 14:00
I wonder how she feels about this current movement, do women abuse positions of power as well? :hiding:

All power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.
I believe this to be true for both genders.
I also happen to believe that personal responsibility is key.

28th November 2017, 19:36
I had no idea the sound was so atrocious...almost unlistenable! I bet it wasn't published like that...

There's a transcript at the sott.net link; I'd avoid the video, I think.

But thanks, Aragorn, anyway.

28th November 2017, 22:55
I wonder how she feels about this current movement, do women abuse positions of power as well? :hiding:

Two words, Fred...: Hillary Clinton. :eyebrows: