View Full Version : BlockChain Bot Boogie Bit with Dani McKenney, Jeff Gates, Emily Moyer, Randy Maugans

25th November 2017, 23:52

"Published on 25 Nov 2017 by OffPlanet Media

Transpicuous Views Nov 19: BlockChain Bot Boogie BitWebsite: http://www.rts.earth/2Last night on Transpicuous Views, I was joined by Randy Maugans, Emily Moyer, and Jeff Gates, for an epic discussion on BitCoin and BlockChain. 2 hours flew by so fast it was a shock to see the clock turn to midnight (my time).

Randy, Emily, Jeff and I dug deep into the concept of BlockChain technology and Crypto Currencies, looking at it not just head on, but from several different angles and perspectives. We are on the verge of seeing this technology sweep across this reality like a tidal wave, which makes these discussion all the more important. While we comprehend this current “economic” and “financial” charade that has been pushed onto the public for almost 100 years, most of our comprehension has come “after the fact” and has been an epic journey of digging the truth and facts out of generations of bullshit. Right now we have an opportunity to figure out, discuss and make transparent this new perceived system of “money” AS it is Rolling Out, while the tidal wave is still swelling to its full immensity and perhaps we will be able to comprehend it all before it crashes down."

Gale Frierson
26th November 2017, 13:20
The Dani McKenney mentioned herein is the one associated with the OPPT and Heather Ann Tucci-Jarafe. Just thought you might like to know.