View Full Version : Who killed the electric car? & Revenge of the Electric Car

enjoy being
31st October 2017, 21:51
I had to replace this video with a previous choice as it was fake. Seems hard to find a proper copy of this doco. This one has spanish subtitle over it sorry.


Revenge of the Electric Car


Megafactories Tesla motors


enjoy being
31st October 2017, 21:57
Search for the Super Battery - NOVA

Okay, this one I had just spied while searching for the others. Thinking, oh a recent NOVA documentary on batteries. But as per the youtube comments, it was pretty hard to listen to so I gave up really quick.
So a little disclaimer on this one.

Dumpster Diver
31st October 2017, 22:03
It's not about electric cars, it's about zero point energy devices (and cars)

enjoy being
31st October 2017, 22:18
These are old documentaries. Archives really.

Of most interest to me is the between the lines, about faces, and 'changes' that the car manufacturers display between the first two documentaries.

They display the nature of thinking quite well, the technology portrayed is secondary in interest really.