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28th October 2017, 11:19
DITRH stands for Deep Inside the Rabbit Hole.

This is from the "About" page of the YouTuber, Sage of Quay Radio Hour:

Mike Williams is a critical thinker and founder of the alternative news blog Sage of Quay Radio. He is also the host of the popular internet radio show The Sage of Quay Radio Hour. Mike’s blog and radio show is dedicated to awakening the masses and bringing humanity back into our natural alignment of living in truth and serving Creation.

Mike brings his audience information on alternative news, alternative research, conspiracy, holistic healing, the esoteric, spirituality and much more. Mike's guests are real people with real knowledge on topics and issues you need to know about.

The Sage of Quay Radio Hour (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3Jy60dUkUn_pDAwABfGScQ/about?disable_polymer=1)

Published on Oct 22, 2017

Tonight’s show is a roundtable with alternative researchers Sofia Smallstorm, Dave from Deep Inside the Rabbit Hole (DITRH) and police officer Alex Scott.

In this conversation we will discuss how the recent Las Vegas concert appears to be a production known as an Integrated Capstone Event (ICE) where cities and towns are funded by the federal government to stage dramatizations and play them out as real by utilizing the broad resources available within the matrix – with the largest of those resources being the complicit main stream media.

* Sofia: http://www.aboutthesky.com/
* Dave: https://tinyurl.com/y985rmx8
* Alex: http://fakestoryoftheday.com/


28th October 2017, 12:52
This is from Sofia Smallstorm's blog, Smallstorm Blog 2015:

Large-scale FEMA drills are called Capstone Events, and very large exercises involving multiple teams (agencies, departments) are called Integrated Capstone Events. These involve "real-time documentation" which means that they are carried out and recorded as though they are real. Participants are expected to act on and by their professional training. Teams include the media and hospitals. The term "capstone" suggests that many participants may not know if the event is staged or actual. Only those at the top of the pyramid (in the capstone) know what's going on. The capstone is where the "all-seeing eye" is (check an ordinary dollar bill). News teams receiving information report it as real; drill "victims" are brought to local hospitals as part of the exercise.





Smallstorm Blog 2015 (http://www.aboutthesky.com/smallstorm-blog/2015?start=35)

Dumpster Diver
28th October 2017, 14:42
Wasn’t Smallstorm one of the big flat earth folks a while back? I don’t see much on her site anymore but she does have at least one interview with Tellinger on her blog. Perhaps she is downplaying this now.

Interesting perspective in Vegas being an “Integrated Capstone Event.” Capstone was a term used in not a few Joint military events.

28th October 2017, 15:13
Wasn’t Smallstorm one of the big flat earth folks a while back?


Published on Aug 1, 2016



Published on Apr 11, 2017

Sofia Smallstorm and David Weiss from YouTube DITRH discuss how civilizations may have migrated due to changing weather patterns caused by the sun.


28th October 2017, 19:19
This is from the "About" page of police officer Alex Scott's website:

The Smith Mundt Act of 1948

In 1948 the United States Congress passed the U.S Information and Educational Exchange Act, more commonly referred to as the Smith-Mundt Act. This legislation was enacted as a means to counter communist propaganda, which many legislators believed was corrupting the hearts and minds of American citizens. In essence, the Smith-Mundt Act made it illegal to knowingly broadcast information otherwise considered to be propaganda and/or disingenuous. Thinking in today’s vernacular, the Smith-Mundt Act made it illegal to report “fake news”.

Enter the The Smith Mundt Modernization Act of 2012

However, five years ago, Congress passed the Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2012. As part of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) it is now perfectly legal for our government to lie to the American people. Is it any coincidence that once this bill was enacted we began seeing events such as the Sandy Hook School Shooting, The Boston Marathon Bombing, the Aurora Colorado Theatre Shooting, the Tuscon, Arizona Shooting, Pulse Nightclub Shooting, San Bernardino, etc. It seems as though we cannot go more than a couple of weeks, sometimes less, without seeing an event similar to the aforementioned.

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