View Full Version : Something Huge Just Happend and the Mainstream Media is Ignoring It

11th October 2017, 21:03

"Published on 9 Apr 2014 by YellowRoseforTexas
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This really is a major developement.

Although not a complete response to the assault against Freedom, it is a positive sign that more people are waking up, and are taking some sort of stand against the tyranny of the Vatican driven "NWO"."

11th October 2017, 21:56
Did I hear him say Michigan was the 23rd state to agree. It ain't gonna happen... <sigh> The reactionaries just arent that strong. Even with Texas which has got to have the stupidest state government in the world. Or Kansas with the Kochs or Florida with their idiot governor, the great exploiter! or anybody else.