View Full Version : Common Unity Sept 13 2017: Creating the NEW

15th September 2017, 11:15
"Published on 14 Sep 2017 by RemovingtheShackles
Welcome to our very first episode of Common Unity. This is a new project that I will be hosting, with Ben Grose from Levity Collective, to open the discussion and to share information and ideas about Building Community, and how we move forward towards CREATING something brand new.

In this episode of Common Unity we discuss the basic building blocks of Community- namely us, the people, and how we must work towards a Common Unity of Everyone, to be able to actually BUILD a NEW Community from the ground up. ..."

Gale Frierson
15th September 2017, 14:36
Not to be critical, but these folks are connected with the OPPT group and Heather Ann Tucci-Jarafe. They're trying to do good, but have been roundly and soundly criticized by at least one other forum of which I know, and its members. As usual, you must decide for yourself, as you'll probably be asked to contribute financially.