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15th September 2017, 07:20
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15th September 2017, 08:23
I don't think it is mind boggling at all.....free energy been in the ether forever and every once and a while someone comes along who inately taps the info and can transpose it into human understanding. Tesla was one for sure along with others but it will not get off the ground until humanity believes we can handle the ultimate responsibility of such freedom.

Seems the reality of free energy is hampered by: the wars, evil events and ugly behaviour that keep getting supported, promoted, activated and highlighted around the world; versus all the good that more do daily than anyone can even begin to image.

When we put as much focus into also recognizing the richness of Spirit and enacting that within ourselves daily...we may see the likes of such a brilliant young man come to fruition rather than ridicule.

There you go Vern...............my thoughts :yawn:

How the heck are you doing ??:smiley hug:

15th September 2017, 18:29
Trundling along Sandy, spring here, sorta juggling the differing beauty with healing and balancing.

Your chirpy and correct lol, tesla reincarnated ya reckon Sandy

16th September 2017, 07:51
Happy it is spring there as the renewal is sometimes just what is needed to be reminded of , all that is...... always. Things look like they go away but really they never do...just transformation. :magic:,

Very well could be Tesla; Vern ..:-) Sure seems to come naturally for him. :smile2:

16th September 2017, 08:06
I was impressed with the eloquence of speech that young boy had and how he rattled off the most complex issues as if it was a routine. :cool: