View Full Version : Full Moon in Pisces, Sept. 2017 -- Pure Compassion

6th September 2017, 08:27
Today, Sept. 6th you are given an opportunity to merge the mind and heart for the next couple of weeks. The higher side of Pisces is truly awesome when you tune into it, and it's the most pure kind of love and compassion, when you're in it. Here's a great opportunity for us all!


6th September 2017, 09:08
This is much shorter and also very good. She goes into the effect of the eclipse we had in August and how it will show itself for the US. Mercury will change from Retrograde and there will be less confusion mentally from the 5th.


6th September 2017, 11:30
My post got lost....

That's my moon, along with Mars and Venus. I've lived all sides of that... :)

6th September 2017, 11:35
If you click on 'remember me' then you won't be logged out while you're composing. (If that's what happened).