View Full Version : An Aqua-Terra Planetary Transportation System

8th August 2017, 14:55
Lately I have been studying the work of Andrew D. Basiago, former chrononaut at Project Pegasus and the Mars Jump Room Program.

On his Facebook page, there is someone by the name of Yon Friedman who posts often.

Apparently, he is from Prague, Czech Republic, and is proposing a twelve station global transportation system to be built in the oceans. These stations would be essentially floating mini-cities that would go down approximately 800 feet—picture a network of cones.

There is a 20 minute video of Yon Friedman talking about this proposal on the website Daily Motion:


I hear him saying that he is looking for a solution to the global financial melt-down that we have been facing and continue to face, and he sees this project as an approximately 1.2 trillion dollar global solution that would also help with environmental issues we face as a planet.

Here is a link to the video "Aqua-Terra: A Planetary Transportation System & International Prosperity Project" on the Daily Motion website: Travel from Newyork to Delhi in an hour (http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xcvgnn)