View Full Version : Was this abductee told about Comet Ison Impact & Fukushima Disaster in 1988?

22nd October 2013, 11:18

"Published on Aug 29, 2013 This abduction occurred in `1988 and the man taken aboard the craft even captured photos of the craft, us military jets chasing it, and the small entities described as some kind of biological robot. He was told of a meteor impact and an eventual one world government that floated on a dirty ocean. Is it possible that the meteor impact could have something to do with Comet Ison or Nibiru theories? Is the water dirty from the Fukushima nuclear disasterl currently poisoning our waters? Or a combination of the two? I know its far fetched but if this guy has photos that can still be analyzed and corroborating witnesses still around, who's to say this truly didnt happen? I hope its not true, but its worth having a conversation about."

22nd October 2013, 12:12
If you are abducted, taken against your will do you honestly believe that any information you recieve will be true?

It will only be fabricated to serve the same agenda as the abduction, which is in part to diseminate disinformation to incite fear.

This isnt even about intuition, this is simple evaluation.

22nd October 2013, 13:06
Unless there is some *serious* manipulation of ISON's course it won't come that close to Gaia ... closer if it survives the Sun and heads back this way ... but still.

That said (regarding "impact") in this the "electric universe" there can still be effects without hitting.