View Full Version : Empire Files: How Empires Gutted the Philippines: A Brief History

19th July 2017, 15:32

In this sequel to The Empire Files’ report on trafficked Filipina domestic workers, Damayan’s Linda Oalican provides a deeper context to the epidemic of human trafficking by guiding us through the history of colonialism, resistance and US domination of the islands.

From the centuries of Spanish rule and decades of US brutality, through the evisceration of the Philippine economy, this episode is a must-watch primer on why human beings are now the nation’s top export.


23 minutes


20th July 2017, 07:43
A friend of mine in Australia came from the Philippines and I saw how she tirelessly worked and helped her family out of poverty. She was one of the fortunate ones that met the right people, got herself an education and thereby able to support her parents, brothers and sisters. She told me graphic details about how people survived in Manila, looking for food by scavenging through the garbage dumps. It really is heartbreaking, it's a good thing that this is exposed.

22nd July 2017, 19:05
Great interview, nice history lesson also.

25th July 2017, 17:56
Just about a brief history of most if not all countries that were colonised lol.