View Full Version : Cosmic Emporium: TOTCAST XV - With Modwiz, TargeT and Hector Melo

12th June 2017, 18:26

For me it was a great honor and pleasure to participate in this very interesting interview, I thank Modwiz and TargeT for having invited me to the show. I am very passionate about talking about these topics and sharing our knowledge and ideas with our dear friends. I hope it will be a great pleasure for all of you here in the TOT forum. In the same way to show once again my availability and to offer mi participation in any other discussion about these interesting topics, the truth must be spread on our planet and we have that great responsibility as cosmic beings who have experienced the awakening of our consciences, Likewise make a friendly invitation to the other TOT members to be motivated and also participate in this type of discussions.

Gale Frierson
15th June 2017, 15:51
I'm sure this is a great vid, but I tried to listen to it yesterday and the volume level is too low for my computer. My settings for sound all seem to be correct, so I left in frustration, disappointed I couldn't make head nor tail of most of it. Take note, modwiz, please. Thank you.