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27th April 2017, 14:09
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The Fruits of Endless War — How Insurance Fraud Funds “Your” Government(s)

By Anna Von Reitz

Let me say it again for the benefit of all those still asleep: there is (1) the actual United States composed of fifty (50) independent sovereign nation-states which are geographically defined, (2) the Territorial United States which only exists on paper composed of (57) fifty-seven incorporated “States of States” such as the State of Washington, and (3) the Municipal United States which also exists only on paper composed of (57) fifty-seven incorporated “STATES OF STATES” such as the “STATE OF OHIO”.

Unfortunately, the perpetrators of this grand fraud were allowed to create these shadow “states” via the loophole provided by Article 1, Section 8, Clause 17 giving the Congress the plenary right to govern the District of Columbia. So they have. They set up shop for themselves in 1864 and have been operating as a crime syndicate ever since. They have played no end of semantic deceits and made false claims against you and your assets (a process called “hypothecating debt”) and have indulged in constructive fraud and kidnapping and racketeering and inland piracy at your expense.

As if paying for three levels of government was not enough, the vermin are presently trying to saddle you with a fourth tier of useless eaters—”Regional Government” under “UN” auspices. I say that because government produces nothing but more government, therefore, if anyone is to be discarded as “useless eaters”, I suggest that it be the bankers and politicians and government workers first in line for permanent lay-offs.

Soon, if this cancerous and fraudulent process of endlessly proliferating government is not stopped, a very tiny segment of the productive population will be laboring day and night to support unproductive government workers and government dependents and all sanity will be turned upside down and on its head. You will literally be the slaves of your “public servants”.

This is the backdrop for today’s subject matter — the vast insurance fraud that has been used since 1702 as the means to fund government and also the reason why we have endless war in our midst.

The first scam is to seize upon you and your estate while you are still a helpless baby in your cradle. The liars pretend that you have been “abandoned” at the hospital and that your Mother is a mere “informant”— turning you over as a ward of their “State of State” organization.

Now that they have a false claim to work from, they take out a life insurance policy on their “ward” to profit themselves in the event of your death. This guarantees that whatever they may have to spend on you— which is usually nothing thanks to your gullible parents— will be returned with profit upon your demise.

Your entire estate— your name, your body, your assets and even your rights— are all rolled over into an ESTATE trust benefiting yet another level of government. This trust is set up as a generation skipping trust and your “State of State” Guardians obligingly agree (on your behalf and for your own good, of course) that you “agree”—- without ever actually agreeing or even knowing about all this crap going on in the background— to “donate” all your worldly goods and assets to this generation skipping trust and to forego all benefit yourself.

That’s how all YOUR contributions to the IRS become characterized as “gift and estate taxes”.

Now obviously, when you die it is pay off time for the government criminals responsible for this “System”. Thirty days after YOUR Death Certificate is issued they make a Claim on Abandonment against your ESTATE and they seize it for their own benefit. They also collect on YOUR life insurance policy.

So now you know why war is so profitable and why it has been constantly perpetuated by the fiends occupying Rome, the City of London, District of Columbia, and the United Nations City State, all of which are owned and operated by three groups of Satanists, most of whom pretend to be Jews “but are not Jews, but a Synagogue of Satan” to quote Jesus.

How to end it? Well, there are relatively few of them and a great many of us. If we wise up and refuse to play their ugly games they are shit out of luck. If we grab the politicians by both ears and bang our dishes on the floor like angry dogs the fear of the electorate will eventually win out over their other base instincts.

Reform of the entire insurance industry so as to put an end to profiting from death is a start. Refusing to sign any paperwork for any hospital ever again is another. (Did you know that your dead cadaver is worth $11.4 million USD???) Suing the rats in international court venues and operating our own Federal Postal District Courts to do it, without employing any Bar Association Members, is another.

Educating your friends, family, and neighbors is of paramount importance, as well as getting your own political status firmly declared in public record. Organizing your county and state jural assemblies comes next. Signing up and serving your state militias (as opposed, of course, to any “state of state militias” which are illegal commercial mercenary forces) is another big step in the right direction.

Any decent man or woman who holds a Bar Card should tear it up in little pieces, throw it down the toilet, and come join our “Living Law Firm”. I say that not as a merely moral judgment, but as a practical prescription. If the Bar Members themselves don’t see why this hideous crap has to stop—and take immediate steps to end it —- they will be the first ones to go.

Talk to your insurance companies and cancel your policies. Chances are you are just paying to protect property that a foreign government is pretending to own after lying and saying that you (or your false Guardians at the State of State office) donated your ESTATE to them.

Outright slaughter of those responsible has been suggested, but that just plays into the hands of the vermin in back of it all. Remember— those people, the ones actually and factually behind all this, don’t care if it is a hospital administrator who dies for condoning and participating in this crime against humanity, or a Congressmen who is strung up in his hometown as an accomplice to it, or an innocent baby who is murdered as a consequence of it. All they care about is the fact that somebody dies, and they get a big pay off as a result.

So, my dears, in approaching this scenario, it is very important to keep your tempers and to be cold as ice and to be determined as steel that this entire “System” is going to be identified and destroyed— root, stem, and leaf.

Keep calm and get even. And get going. Now. Today.

28th April 2017, 05:11
good find
your current name actually resides in the DTC in New York where they process all these slavery/piracy transactions

28th April 2017, 13:10
Cheers and indeed, known that aspect for some time but nice to know now a wee bit more of that puzzle piece.

Gale Frierson
28th April 2017, 18:40
Insurance is based on FEAR. One would not NEED it (insurance) if he/she/it weren't AFRAID of damage TO it, or LOSS OF it. It's all very simple. Insurance is as much of a myth as Authority. (Video: The Myth of Authority, by Larken Rose.) Von Reitz has nailed it very well.
We've been bamboozled, flim-flammed, and lied to for centuries. Did you know that since 1700, the US has been involved in 79 wars and has NEVER existed out of a state of war during that entire time.

28th April 2017, 23:14
Some see nature as needing to be insured against, farmer sows, nurtures and reaps then sends excess off to a close foreighn shore, be pirates, whales and storms to worry upon.