View Full Version : St Microelectronics Joins LENR Revolution

The One
17th October 2013, 19:35
I stumbled on this today and thought everyone would appreciate a look at this. ST Micro is a really big well known IC manufacturer. Strap your boots on. This is real and it is only a matter of time before one of these megacorps/institutions gobbles up the tech. We are in a truly amazing time similar to when maxwells equations were being written up. Get in your garage and experiment The details have not emerged and some random experiment by someone in their garage could be the insight we need to understand what is going on.


Warning: Conspiracy Ahead

A clear public understanding of this technology will end capitalism/tyranny as we know it. If you can strap a solar cell up to a device that can produce any type of element or ridiculous amounts of energy, then all bets are off for these clowns. They know this, that is why they have scammed the housing market and land will be the most valuable thing to own. This is why they are trying to implode society before we can release this tech to the masses. This is why cryptocurrencies are being developed. These clowns are in desperation, shaking in the corner praying to whatever that some Tesla like figure doesn't come along and make them have to think The only way for them to control us is to control the flow of information.

17th October 2013, 20:02
Its a while since I read up on it, but isn't this very similar to Rossi's E-cat ? http://ecat.com/

Wolf Khan
18th October 2013, 00:25
Yep as soon as we can live independently with our own source of energy on an individual basis we are free of their control.