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10th April 2017, 09:58
Researching this atm and the connection with India > https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sigiriya < The lions gate gives it that world wide signpost.
Tis intriguing for me >


Ps on close inspection, surely they are not lions paws.

10th April 2017, 10:42
Sigiriya (Lion Rock) "is famous for its palace ruins on top of a massive 200 meter high rock surrounded by the remains of an extensive network of gardens, reservoirs and other structures. The rock itself is a lava plug left over from an ancient long extinct volcano." (quote from Wikitravel.com). The complex around the rock and on the summit was built in the 5th century, to serve as a capital, but soon after that Anuradhapura was restored as Sri Lanka's capital and Sigiriya was used as Buddhist monastery until the 14th century. Sigiriya is inscribed as UNESCO World Heritage site, it is the most visited place in Sri Lanka.

In the second part of the video you will see another impressive rock in the vicinity - Pidurangala - and views from its top to Sigirija.


10th April 2017, 11:07
Your take on the paws Elen ?.

10th April 2017, 11:13
Not quite sure about it, I was sure this was like a Russian video I saw about a Buddhist place, but that one was a Dragon. Looked very much the same though. No I have no idea at this stage.

10th April 2017, 11:17
Imo dragon matches well and/or also very likely birdyish.
I did not say blue lol

10th April 2017, 14:41
Found the Russian video on YouTube...it's all in Russian, so nothing to be understood when they speak, but I was fascinated by what I saw in it...:p


11th April 2017, 08:16
Imo the cement as such and the brick work is very new but that lol lions paw, it be ancient I feel.

11th April 2017, 08:25
What the heck is that at 6 mins 30 secs ?.

11th April 2017, 08:42
What the heck is that at 6 mins 30 secs ?.

This is so weird, I dare not say anything at all....lol :p

11th April 2017, 08:45
Imo we have four hugely differing timelines intersecting, so obviousely.