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21st February 2017, 20:09
Interesting talk with some on site video for your inspection ...
And please note i am impartial to this presented material ...
Though it all is very compelling to view and take in.


Searching for the Crucifixion Site of Jesus - By Bob Cornuke

This video will challenge your understanding as to where Jesus Christ was crucified. Known for his detective approach to Bible archaeology, Bob Cornuke sets aside the emotionally held traditions of the past that may have obscured the pathway to truth and opens the door to a whole new way of finding the Biblical site of the crucifixion. By using the compass of solid evidence, Bob Cornuke charts a course for discovery that will thrill the willing Bible explorer who is on a quest for truth. Don’t let tradition get in the way of truth. A must-read for the serious Bible student.

Where was the world’s most infamous murder committed? Using eyewitness testimony of the gospels and the discovery of some ancient tombs just east of Jerusalem, Bob Cornuke’s Golgotha makes a captivating case that Jesus didn’t die where tradition tells us he did ... More information/pics here (https://forthtell.wordpress.com/2015/10/30/breaking-has-bob-cornuke-discovered-the-site-of-the-crucifixion/)

Recorded August, 2015/ Pikes Peak Prophecy Summit Colorado Springs, Colorado

Published on Feb 21, 2017

108:56 minutes


22nd February 2017, 17:40
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