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10th November 2016, 11:49
On many an occasion, information which is not easily classified into an existing thread whizzes unexpectedly across the computer screen. I've sometimes posted these delights into existing threads that are loosely associated without too much regard. On several occasions I've deemed the subject-matter, while fascinating to me, to be a novelty of sorts that are better left uncommented.

But since I don't do facebook or twitter, sometimes these gems should be published. And furthermore the sweeping brush by which I judge what may or may not be interesting has its invariable fade; I cannot know how someone may react to the specific flavor of geekish interest I seem to fixate on.

So then, while I'm creating this thread with no expectation of participation by anyone lest they feel the need to share in the occasional unexpected that may compel them to share here as well. I certainly encourage participation from even the most meek; rest assured you need have no fear of ridicule as by posting here we all have agreed to leave authority over any issue at the door. The purpose of doing so is to permit the most interesting errors to have a place where they may live a moment of glory.

Without further adue I share my first gem:


And my notes and points of interest as they are. I've underlines Dollard's recommended reading to gain an understanding of what specific men understood about electricity.



Animal legs jumping when electrically stimulated or during a T-Storm.

Galvani found an atmosphere around all metals.

Two shine sheets of metal together create an electrical condition between them.

Volta found electrolytes that extend these atmospheres. He compound sandwiched layer as cells. ->Electrical flame.

Components of electricity magnetic or electrostatic.

Faraday experimented with battery and sparks. he found magnetism appeared even without magnets present. He theorized that since the compass was on one end of the table and the electrical device is on the other effecting the compass, he concluded there was a fiberous structure responsible for the integration (iron filings create strings)

Is there an ether (Faraday idea) a spacial medium (an ultra rarified gas). Periodic table harmonics predicted pre-hydrogen elements.

Polarize the ether with a twisting vortex and lines of force would appear in the ether. An imbalance condition in a static ether. Found that windings multiply the current flow. => electric motor and telegraph relay.

Stienhill tried using the Earth as an electric pole. The circuit works with earth as part of an electric transmission structure.

Telegraph would clack because the earth was hit with solar flares.

Teleric currents grow when during solar events or earthly events.

Transatlantic cable opened new perspective. Maxwell made a discovery, using infintessimals: was that electricity and magnetism could effect mass and be measured by scales. He could quantify the amount of energy in electricity, if you multiply the factors it comes to be the same numbers: 1/c^2. He then theorized that the velocity of light (c) was related. He theorized two types of electric propagation, electro-magnetic and dielectric. This gave something the physicists could work with.

The undersea cable lost the original signal and produced only noise. => diffusion theory.

Heaviside took some of maxwells stuff, hated the calculus equations and tried to find algebraic expression. That the cable was propagating and electromagnetic form rather than an electric form. Telegraph equation.

(LC - RG) *(sqrt(1)) /t^2
(RC/t + lG)/t*(sqrt(-1))

Dissipation of magnetic component vs electric component. The cable had to permit equal dissipation to maintain a signal.

Maxwell gave engineers a way to quantify the condition of change (over time). JS bach composed music the englobed all mathematical explanations of electricity. Forkal got Bach’s work from the bin and classified it so it may be useful.

Faradays law is an examination of change over time instead of space.

Stienmetz the real electrical engineering view. His in-depth knowledge was accepted as it was hidden away in the algebra. He got away with it because of Tesla. Law of hysteresis.

Edison started as a telegraph operator. Edison was a folk-faraday in America.

Alexaderson radio. Alexanderson system is scalar, it isn’t effect by time.

Tesla motor uses 4 poles and not two (positive or negative polarities). This is easily confused with a bi-phase AC current where one phase is 90º (pi/2) out of phase. However it is notable that in this 90º configuration we can also express the polarity (poles) as 1, i, -1, and -i. This latter expression appears to more meaningfully touch on an aspect of electricity that goes beyond the understanding of phases... (Counter-space?)

Stienmetz 2nd book:
Impulses waves and discharges
The theory and Calculation of Transient electoral phenomena

Unipolar electricity => counter-space possibility?

=> Electricity always being a 4 pole situation, exists in never any less than 2 dimensions at one time. There is no electricity unless you have magnetism and you have dielectricity. Until the two are united in some type of geometric configuration you do not have electricity.

unipolar => 1^+1 and 1^-1 multiplication and division (compounded exponential forms) Root(1) of 1 (1 and -1) root(1) of -1 (i and -i)

JJ Thompson (book: “Electricity and matter”) revitalized the Faraday theory. Lines of force where real, they exist. Discovered the concept of the electron.

Mass is a function of the velocity of the dielectric force lines?

The video ends on unipolar electrical energy representation that Dollard describes as the unification of electrical onjucates (capacitance and inductance). Describable as observing a resonant circuit built into one device. <= this is represented as LC/t^2... one of Teslas genial "discoveries". (AKA longitudinal electricity)

10th November 2016, 12:27
I like Eric Dollard. I'm not a scientist or educated in electrics or electronics. But I still find this stuff fascinating.

And Jeffrey W's work as well.;)

10th November 2016, 12:39
I like Eric Dollard. I'm not a scientist or educated in electrics or electronics. But I still find this stuff fascinating.

And Jeffrey W's work as well.;)

Jeffery W? I don't think I'm familiar. Is he posting on this site? A theory of stellar metamorphosis?

Dollard claims that everyone stopped researching the physics behind electricity in the early 1900's, that we adopted theoretical physics (Einstein) to throw us off reality based learning.

This evidence of "counter-space" reminded me of star trek and "sub space". A space where the quad-polarity (quadrularity ?) nature of electricity also resides with similar "real" effects as we we in our reality (real-space). That is an aspect of electricity I would have never imagined.

LookBeyond shared a comment like phenomena in a time-accelerated video in a thread of hers. We both mentioned Electric Universe model there; their comet predictions based on their understanding of electrical phenomena says a lot about how an electric space propulsion system might work.

Baby steps, we can't yet harness energy from electrical phenomena in constructed apparatus, but I suspect a propulsion system based on the principles found in "free energy" research will become evident. Propulsion is describable as an dis-equilibrium from the natural balanced environment (just as an internal combustion engine works on the principles unbalanced internal forces).

More ramblings.

I'm currently watching this:


PS, I think philosophical or even artistic interpretations are most insightful. The scientific and academic viewpoints tend to rely on a way of thinking that has discouraged out-of-the-box thinking. My efforts sharing this concept of polarity with Aragorn a long time ago, for example, was met with frustration. He has a very tuned mind, no question, he is very intelligent but the effort spent with him was rather wanting IMO.

10th November 2016, 13:47
Yes, I was referring to Jeffrey W. who posts here.

I recall Eric talking about how you can't really take a spaceship through space because it's not a vacuum. It's not empty space. It's thick with energy and would be difficult to move through. But I suppose electric and magnetic forces could be used in some way. The solar system may be leaving a kind of wake as it moves through space. Perhaps we can 'ride' that.

10th November 2016, 15:37

I suspect space is full of the elements, in varying degrees of density, that are identified above as pre-hydrogen. Perhaps the things found in the 3rd octave (maybe even 2nd octave), hydron being the more dense "noble" down to gammanon (a gamma particle), the other more rarified "noble" energetic?

These elements might be appearing and disappearing "randomly" as well as vibrating in the way normally associate with the normal elements. This appearing and disappearing is to correlate the existence of this "counter-space" that electricity also interacts with.

It isn't possible to say whether they are waves or particles, perhaps their existence is much like light in that they have a nature of duality depending on how we interact. Certainly they are fast, but nowhere near light-speed. I don't think it unreasonable to imagine the lighter particles orbiting heavier ones.

Presuming the electric model that Dollard is describing above has validity, I imagine they follow the same principles as electricity; such principles should apply to those 3rd octave sub-elements albeit due to their freedom in space, they may form minute planetary systems. If not there certainly must be some order they interact by.

The wakes of the solar system... The Electric Universe people have the sun moving through a "birkeland current" with the planets circling around it. The direction of the solar system as it moves through the birkeland current might be towards Polaris, the North Star. You can see the 90º*thing happening again from the direction of motion of the sun in relation to the planetary ecliptic... The birkeland current in galactic space might have a diameter of 100 to 1000 times the diameter of the pluto orbit, but as the sun moves through, it get's pinched due to the suns strong electric charge. That would drawing the pre-hydrogen particles/systems inwards until a magnetic equilibrium is found.

As it's most pinched diameter, the current may only be 2 - 50 times the diameter of pluto's orbit. Modern astronomers also define a boundary between the solar magnetic field and "interstellar space"; I think their concept of this "heliosphere" is incomplete as they don't recognize the birkeland current as part of the "system". This helosphere would be contained by the birkeland current so it should be smaller than the 2 - 50 pluto orbits.

Anyway, after the sun passes, there is likely a tail type structure, much like a comet tail we see, where the birkeland current expands back to it's "normal" size and the wakes left from the systems passing normalizes.

I suppose the way a spaceship would interact with the medium of a birkeland current depends on how it is charged in relationship to the environment. There would be a wake in any case where we had instruments that could detect minute electrical disturbances in space...

The wake is likely to be more electrical rather than material in nature. The electrical and material aspects should be present in some ratio perhaps dependent on the level of electrical tension in the space environment. Our planet defining a moment of high electric tension where the material aspects are prevalent... Think of a solar flare, perhaps a rarified version of those solar ions, perhaps going pre-hydrogen being the main constituents of the wake.

These are speculations I happen to have about this issue at the moment. Anyway, I suspect these higher octave elements might also be present on earth, they may be the subject of research in particle accelerators...

Jeffery has an interesting and unique view of stellar metamorphosis that arises from his views of how physics fits together. I've expressed my views to him but I think my interruption are mostly a disturbance to his orderly rational, obviously the subjectivity I contributed don't fit that well.

10th November 2016, 20:45
Thank you for such an informative and thought provoking thread. Came to science late in life and love it - learning all over again. High school science was a little on the boring side and I never really enjoyed it. Cutting up a mouse seemed futile as well. I shall be returning to this thread to learn more and more and more... :scp:: Sherlock::wiz::Bump::belief::chrs::hugs:

Much Respect - Amanda

11th November 2016, 00:12
Thank you for such an informative and thought provoking thread. Came to science late in life and love it - learning all over again. High school science was a little on the boring side and I never really enjoyed it. Cutting up a mouse seemed futile as well. I shall be returning to this thread to learn more and more and more... :scp:: Sherlock::wiz::Bump::belief::chrs::hugs:

Much Respect - Amanda

Thanks for the comments. You are too kind. The material I'm going over is "esoteric" by conventional scientific views.

The latest Dollard video with observations from Tesla's longitudinal dielectric configuration are done with apparatus that recreate Telsa experiments as per his patent.

As a note: Peter Lindemann is the same man that appears in the video where John Bedini shows how to wind a coil in another thread here :) I had the honor of speaking with him for about 3 hours on one occasion a few years back. The systematic approach to understanding and observing is quite characteristic of him.

Very little time is spent on the secret of how longitudinal dielectricity is created but the elements are there. I wonder if Nicola Tesla had a more elegant way to do it? The requirement appears to be the tesla coils (inside the box of medical apparatus) which contributes inductance, a "high" capacity capacitor of a compatible amount of capacitance with the tesla coil, and the spark gap components.

No observations are made about how much efficiency they have when sending energy over the monophase (that single electric line that simulates contact through ground (terra, the earth)), and no mention is made about how much range their particular setup has...

What is interesting about the observations though, is that the entire experiment happens with an "open circuit". This is quite unorthodox in that normally hard connections are required for circuits to function. The open aspect of the circuit obviously illusory; it must be closed as the circuit functions. However the open air connection through space, without electric arcs is open season to speculate on this counter-space possibility (they never mentioned those terms). It is this characteristic of "air based transmission" that attributes the mono-polarity aspect of the energy.

Near the end, just before a more thorough examination of the apparatus is made, Dollard mentions that the construction isn't tuned as an authentic Telsa device would be, and so there are many improvements that may be found to fix the shortcomings that may be found. It's become clear to me that machines constructed by Nicola Telsa where designed in a very specific measurements that resulted in them being tuned.


This tuning issue creates an impedance match that results in less hysteresis losses. Modern day induction motors use stacks of laminated plates to reduce hysteresis losses that happen with the formation of eddy currents in the magnetic core. Losses still occurs and the parts heat up... It seems that Tesla had a way of overcoming this hurdle that modern electrical engineers do not use.

11th November 2016, 03:32
This guy Mr.Moray has some interesting ideas

The T. Henry Moray Foundation is dedicated to developing any alternative form of energy.
Our specific work is to standardize and develop a commercial model of T. Henry Moray's "R.E." (Radiant Energy) device.

Here is a link to his son's website where he is carrying on his dads work.


11th February 2017, 07:08
Further understandings and contexts:


And or read the book:


12th February 2017, 17:05
Further understandings and contexts:


And or read the book:


Thanks so much for the link to the audio book and the other link. I never found it on Youtube despite putting "Steiner" in search....and the voice is lovely.

3rd October 2017, 04:24
This article I found on gizadeathstar.com (https://gizadeathstar.com/2017/10/gravitobiology-human-soul/) is worthy of being shared here:

I'll quote a brief passage I found meaningful:

The relationship of the soul to the body is aptly analogous to that. The deepest part of the soul (or heart-mind in Buddhism) is not here, not there, not anywhere. A famous Buddhist female saint, Machig Lapdron, whose birth was foretold by Buddha himself, left to her students, at ninety-nine years old, what she called her “Last Instructions.” They go like this:

“…mind itself,
Has no support, has no object:
Let it rest in its natural expanse without any fabrication.
When the bonds of discursive thoughts are released, You will be free, there is no doubt.
As when gazing into space [correctly],
All other visual objects disappear,
So it is for the mind itself.

…As in the sky all clouds
Disappear into the sky itself:
Wherever they go, they go nowhere
Wherever they are, they are nowhere.
This is the same for thoughts in the mind:
When mind looks at mind,
The waves of conceptual thought disappear. “

When confronted with gross material interference, which is what Dr. Bearden posits, the fact that mind has “no place” means it is immune to interference in its basic function. It remains clear, without perturbation, regardless of what is going on in the material existence of the individual.

Simply by meaningfully observing our minds as they operate, the effects of scalar templating may be ameliorated. The Soul, or the Buddha nature, as the ultimate observer, can only be distracted from observation. The mind looking at mind naturally clarifies the body from the effects of embedded gratings.

In the realm of the material mind, beyond the soul observing, many religions have emphasized the power of acoustic forms of energy, The Word, to establish and maintain an individual’s ability to evolve a desired state. Spoken words, as in prayers, or even in the silent speaker in our minds, have tremendous power to alleviate the suffering caused by scalar interference. Spoken prayers and other acoustic methods activate the innate “keyboard” that allows the individual to “overwrite the present programs” in order to change the functions of both mind and body. One interesting practice in this area is called “Chöd”. The practice can deeply affect the relationship of the mind to the body and the overall health of both.

With respect to the material body, there are methods to “throw off” events that transmit templates to us. One interesting one is called Neural Optimization Technique, although it's only one method among many. Rhythmic Message, founded by Rudolph Steiner and Ita Wegman, is another. Yogas and meditation methods are also in this category if properly done. These tools, with the proper intention, actually do work to alleviate the stress of material interference.

Even though scalar information can be transmitted and infolded into a system changing its function, Yoga, meditation, neural optimization, and these other techniques, use the energy and forms, both gross and subtle, to modify the scalar potential of the body and work against the templating.

I’m hoping that those of you with additional knowledge can share them in the comments. It’s time to move past worry and towards working with the tools we already have as individuals at a new intensity. It's a cliche to say that there is nothing new under the sun. I suspect that some of the ancient texts were written by people who often dealt with precisely the same kinds of challenges as we are experiencing in this time. Sacred teachings are not science, but they are loaded with scientific experience.

I pose the following questions for contemplation and welcome any ideas:

What does "scalar templating" mean?

Any more information about the techniques the author (Kelly EM) recommends?

I humbly request comments.

3rd October 2017, 05:23
I humbly posit that scalar templating may be nothing more than social engineering but in saying that peer pressure is an immense energy that is often unnoticed and when noticed hard to resist because of all the other dynamics and energies it enfolds.

My thoughts in the spur of the moment. :tea:

3rd October 2017, 23:49
Imo we have templating, evolving templates coming from our central sun to out solar system, noosphere being used directly for this.

Scalar sounds more not so natural or person made maybe