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The One
14th October 2016, 16:58
Without sounding too anatomically demeaning, we don’t think very much about the three pounds of gray matter that is encased in our skulls. We use it to think, but do we stop to think about why we think and why we accept certain things as truth? The truth as simple as it maybe, is that every day, our brains use a vastly simplified, symbolic model of reality and we store all of it in this relatively small space.

Every day, we are forced to observe critically a world that has been said to be infinitely scaled and interpreted by science. This is a myth, because there are limitations that have been presented to us by science and there are even more limitations provided by religious dogma.

Most people take for granted that science and even superstition give us a limited vision of what is contained in an unlimited and infinite universe.

Truth formulations come from deep inside the core belief systems of everyone. We should at least attempt to form truth from objective observations. Sadly, it appears that critical thought and objectivity are being sacrificed for emotional decisions that are in some cases misguided and are quite simply, self-defeating.

It appears the newly allowed arrogance of scientists claiming that science answers everything is a modern phenomenon. The idea that skepticism is another word for non-belief or active debunking defeats the true meaning of what science sets out to accomplish.

It is unfortunate that science raises questions faster than it answers them and it does not lay claim to fundamental metaphysical concepts like truth, reality, or causation. Recently, we have discussed quantum entanglements, parallel universes, answers to paradox theories, timelines, theoretical dimensional travel and their applications towards theories about ghost appearances and extra-terrestrial encounters.

Advanced technology and its use most certainly is indistinguishable from magic and the paranormal and what it means to causal engineering has been and always will be a topic that for the most part.

All things paranormal should be left up to analysis and anymore, the cause and effect cannot be easily defined. We do know that minds are powerful things and whether or not you see a paranormal world in front of you, it is becoming quite clear we must all take a bracketing approach to things like “truth” “reality” and “normalcy.”

Disputes over the paranormal have literally gone from being challenged by science to being absorbed in the political agenda. Demanding disclosure of UFO’s for example has been seen as both a political and scientific debate. Now it seems it is more political or parapolitical and so the juxtaposition of the topics and the importance of both politically and scientifically gives me more reason to combine the political with the paranormal.

Belief in the paranormal, especially when it ventures towards discussion about extra-terrestrial intelligence has been in the past political suicide. We have learned with the recent candid comments made by Donald Trump that the importance of talking points and language control when running for political office are paramount.

When it comes to extra-terrestrials, many people in the military and those in political circles are now being more matter of fact about what is happening and it is surprising the mainstream media has avoided the discussion and once again, has neglected to point out that those in political circles are really itching to go public on issues of exobiology.

While speaking to a small crowed during a 2003 campaign event in New Castle, New Hampshire Democratic candidate and 4-Star General Wesley Clark opened up the dialogue about the UFO issue when he was asked by Jay Buckley, a space shuttle astronaut, what he envisioned for America’s space program.

Clark replied “We need to look at the realms of applied and higher mathematics. I still believe in E = mc squared. But I can’t believe that in all of human history, we’ll never ever be able to go beyond the speed of light to reach where we want to go. I happen to believe that mankind can do it. I’ve argued with physicists about it. I’ve argued with best friends about it. I just have to believe it. It’s my only faith-based initiative.”

Needless to say he was attacked by the media as a dreamer and he also was raked into the UFO believer crowd. Same thing happened with Dennis Kucinich.


Kucinich spoke enthusiastically about a UFO Sighting during his run for the White House, “It was an unidentified flying object, OK? It’s, like, it’s unidentified,” Kucinich said during one of the few highlights at the Democratic presidential debate in Philadelphia. “I saw something.”

Kucinich, whose UFO sighting came to light in a passage from Shirley MacLaine’s book, went on to joke that he planned to move his campaign office to Roswell, New Mexico.

His candid talk about UFO’s proved to be a disastrous move. Now when you ask people about Dennis Kucinich the reply is, Dennis who?

Recently, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, and even Hillary Clinton have not ruled out the possibility that extra-terrestrial and UFO phenomena need a second look. They have both jokingly and sincerely answered questions of talk show hosts and voters that have had the intestinal fortitude to ask that once taboo question of “Are we alone and what do you know about Roswell, Area 51, Aliens and UFO’s?

John Podesta, Hillary Clinton’s campaign Chairman was a guest on CNN’s “The Lead,” with Jake Tapper to talk aliens and how Hillary Clinton wants to disclose the alien truth and open the files on Area 51. Podesta has made his interest in the possibility of alien life and conspiratorial leanings toward Area 51 well known, during his time serving in the Obama administration


The plot thickens and it must be said that the covert communications between world governments, the Vatican, military, astronauts, politicians and John Podesta has now been leaked to the public by none other the notorious WikiLeaks organization.

Last Sunday during the second presidential debate, Donald Trump focused his attacks against Hillary on what the WikiLeaks files had to say about Clinton’s Wall Street speeches.

But the juicy emails are the ones that Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman, John Podesta was sending out , that had to do with extra-terrestrial reality, secret space programs, alien energy sources and Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell. In an email from January of that year, Mitchell asked for an urgent meeting with Podesta about “disclosure and zero point energy,” and promised that a colleague named Terri Mansfield would “bring us up to date on the Vatican’s awareness of extra-terrestrial intelligence.

Edgar Mitchell sent this to Podesta:

“Remember, our nonviolent ETI from the contiguous universe are helping us bring zero point energy to Earth,” Podesta was told. “They will not tolerate any forms of military violence on Earth or in space.”

Apparrently the email, in which Edgar Mitchell and John Podesta appear to be on first name terms, reveals that both of them were intending to have a conversation via Skype, about the potential for war breaking out in space.

Edgar Mitchell, who worked on the Treaty on the Prevention of the Placement of Weapons in Outer Space, wrote: “We’re arguably closer than ever to war in space. Most satellites orbiting Earth belong to the US, China and Russia. And recent tests of anti-satellite weapons don’t exactly ease the scare factor.


“It sounds like science fiction, but the potential for real-life star wars is real enough.”

He included links in the email to several online articles on the possibility of war in space pooled from various sources.

Mitchell said Deputy Defense Secretary, Robert O. Work spoke to Congress about space war last summer and President Barack Obama requested $5 billion for space defense in the 2016.


Hot on the heels of this e-mail leak, 18 UFO data files are expected to be released in The United Kingdom. Some investigators claim the files could provide key evidence of extra-terrestrial life visiting the UK and of specific information about famous controversial sightings such as the Rendlesham Forest incident – a series of reported sightings by military officers of unexplained lights and the alleged landing of one or more craft in Suffolk in late December 1980.

Although the files are being released to the National Archives, it is not yet clear when they will be available for public inspection.

Meanwhile the leaked emails about Mitchell and Podesta have been wildly speculated about however it has to be pointed out that Mitchell never met with Clinton or with Podesta, for that matter. Mitchell passed away last February at the age of 86, one day before the 45th anniversary of his Moon landing.

Two other emails in WikiLeaks’ Podesta file were sent by Tom DeLonge, of the rock band Blink-182. Those emails refer to a UFO-related documentary project he had hoped to kick off this year.


In an email from last October, DeLonge told Podesta that he’s “the one who interviewed you for that special documentary,” relating to “our sensitive topic.” In the other email, sent this January, DeLonge referred to Air Force Major General William McCasland in connection with the 1947 Roswell UFO incident.

Julian Assange, has said many times that there have been many government leaks concerning UFO’s and that the discussion is not at all taboo for those in power.

We can’t necessarily say that all of the cables are truthful and we can acknowledge most are sensational fodder to obsess over, however, the very presence of references to UFOs and a secret space program preparing for war confirm what has been reported on this show and many others like it. You have to concede that it surely adds just a little bit of credence to those arguing that we are closer than we think to the wider universe and its inhabitants.

The question is, are these documents and leaks game changers in the attitudes of skeptics that have earlier derided those who believe there are extra-terrestrials out there and that they may or may not be contributing to the welfare of this planet?

Do these documents implicate a government a cover-up? Many will say that yes, there is an obvious cover up and these documents show there is concern about what is happening in space.

Everyone is awaiting the final word from the government as to whether or not aliens are real and why there is so much secrecy on the matter. It needs to be said that if you judge the actions of your government on such matters, the truth is not out there, it is in plain sight. We explore space, we devote computer bandwidth to try and locate signals from other worlds.

You may not believe in aliens, but it is evident that space agencies around the world do and the United States military, NASA and other black ops organizations have sensitive information that they have kept from the American people regarding strange anomalous activities in space. It is getting to the point where NASA is no longer capable of keeping everything “top secret.” Some things cannot easily be explained by science.

Meanwhile, the vigilant are waiting for that big moment when the smoking gun is found and the mainstream media decides to stop using politics as a crutch and report something which opens our eyes to a future that will be both thrilling and mysterious.

Source (http://www.groundzeromedia.org/2016/10/11/1011-majestic-leaks/)

16th October 2016, 02:09
What an informative and thought provoking post - thank you Malc. My personal view on what is happening with regard to Intergalactic Visitors & Intergalactic Craft is based on these items of information and evidence:

1. On a clear night I can stand outside and be filled with the beauty and wonder of what I see when I gaze at the night sky. I see a Universe of which I am a small part. All my life I have gazed at the night sky when it is clear and I cannot imagine that Humans/Animals/Ecology on planet Earth are the only forms of Life - sentient or otherwise.

2. Having a curious mind I have always asked questions about all that has been placed in front of me. I have read widely by personal choice as well as via tertiary education. I have noted historic artworks and historical artefacts that suggest we have been host to Intergalactic Visitors and Intergalactic Craft for as long as planet Earth has been a part of the Universe.

3. During my reading I have discovered many authentic fact based articles that show information and evidence of Intergalactic Visitors and Intergalactic Craft.

4. Now I factor in all that I have learned about how information and evidence is delivered/beamed out/published to Humans on planet Earth. I do know for a fact even without links to show my research - that - only a handful of CEOs, who head huge multinational organisations - control what is published and beamed out via very controlled educational outlets, control all mainstream media and all major television/movie/music production houses.

5. Next I factor in all the chemicals that Humans/Animals/Ecology are subject to such as; Sodium Fluoride, Pharmaceuticals, pesticides, insecticides, pharmaceuticals injected into living food sources such as Livestock et cetera. I synthesize all these components and realise that Humans/Animals/Ecology are not operating at optimum mental and physical health. The 'sleeping' process is wide reaching but it is not a perfect art and waves of Humans are entering the Awakened State.

6. Now that I have major components of information and evidence - parts of a huge complex and multi-dimensional jigsaw - I realise that everything has been controlled for a long time. I realise that our shared History is not complete.

7. Now I read wonderful articles such as that shared here in the opening post and I bring my thoughts together - to come to a major realisation. I realise that the Intergalactic Visitors and Intergalactic Craft Exopolitical Relations topic - has been very tightly controlled - all through our shared global history. I view the opening post as an informative and thought provoking article which leads me to think that the 'drip feed' of Intergalactic Visitors and Intergalactic Craft is now part of the much bigger picture. I think that the 'drip feed' is utilising many known names and many not so well known names. At least some of those who speak publicly about Intergalactic Visitors and Intergalactic Craft could be psy op agents or crisis actors.

Due to waves of awakenings the cabal/illuminati/whatever are, I think, stepping up their moves and not because they want to but because those who are awakened, are changing the game and its boundaries and play tactics. Even the shills/trolls/disinformation agents - especially those who derive their finances from shilling/trolling/disinforming - are awakening to the fact that they are not immune to the poisons and other detrimental aspects of our shared Ecology.

Factor in the Exopolitical Relations topic of Geo-Engineering aka Chemtrails - some people state it is an act of chemical poisoning for both direct Human/Animal/Ecology contact as well as permanent DNA synthesis. Some state that the Geo-Engineering aka Chemtrails - knits in to the scheme of creating a huge movie screen in the sky - all for the proposed last card scenario shared by Carol Rosin. The global movie screen ties in with the multitude of satellites in the upper atmosphere of Earth.

The last card will be played out but due to the mass waves of awakening Humans - it may not have the impact that the cabal/illuminati/whatever had planned. That is why some people in the public eye are mocked and derided - so that the control mechanisms are still in place. Me - I will be sitting on my front step with a glass of wine to watch the show.

Much Respect & Much Peace - as we seek answers to all our questions - Amanda :fire::unity::fire::unity::fire:

NB: Don't forget to factor in all those who have been tools for the cabal/illuminati/whatever and have shared the truth with the public. An example is Kubrick who stated that the moon landing was filmed in a studio. On a personal note here - I recall being in Primary School when the moon landing happened. We were all marched to a classroom, where the teachers had set up a television. I recall the exciting atmosphere but I could never engage in what we were watching. I recall very clearly being somewhat bored. Maybe I was already tuning in to the truth and not engaging in what I was being shown. :popc::holysheep::scp:: Sherlock::Knight::swing::grin:

16th October 2016, 07:12
NB: Don't forget to factor in all those who have been tools for the cabal/illuminati/whatever and have shared the truth with the public. An example is Kubrick who stated that the moon landing was filmed in a studio.

Just for the record, Amanda, that story has already been debunked. The man pretending to be Stanley Kubrick in that video was an actor, not the real Stanley Kubrick, but certain people have clung on to that story and hyped it.

What really did happen was that the astronauts of Apollo 11 were trained by way of three sound stages...:

One showed the whole moon as an object, so that they could practise their flight controls.
One showed the surface of the moon, but still from a distance, and with the curvature clearly visible, so that they could practise their approach.
One mimicked the surface of the moon, so that they could practise the actual work they were supposed to conduct on the moon.

These training exercises were filmed and archived, and supposedly — but this is only a rumor and there is no factual evidence to support it — it was decided that, should the mission to the moon fail, then the training footage was going to be used en lieu of the real footage, because the USA could not afford to lose face in the space race against the Soviets.

Presumably, the rumor that the training footage was supposedly going to be used instead of the real footage in the event of a catastrophe then took on a life of its own, and people started claiming that the footage shown on television was fake. Later on, people even started claiming that we never went to the moon, citing all kinds of ludicrous pseudo-scientific claims and photographic artifacts as evidence.

Being skeptical about the official narrative is one thing, but dogmatically disbelieving everything in the mainstream "just because" is just as foolish as believing everything in the mainstream.

We've got loads of threads here on the forum — especially older threads, and mostly posted by a handful of people — which are filled with such misinformation, because people misconstrue what they perceive, or because people are addicted to drama, or because people simply reject the official narrative just because it is the official narrative. Threads from people with no scientific understanding whatsoever, who cite tabloids and questionable YouTube videos as their information sources.

The end result is that this so-called "alternative community" keeps on chasing its own tail. There's no doubt on my mind that there are shills at work, but to be honest, they don't have to do all that much, because this so-called "alternative community" is extremely good at deluding itself. And that is why, after all of these years, people are still groping around in the dark, looking for the truth. Humanity is its own biggest deceiver.

As an example, look at "9/11". Even among those who say that "9/11" was an inside job, there is vehement disagreement, and they even hire their own shills to disrupt each other's discussions of their respective theories. Some say that the Twin Towers were brought down by thermite. Others say that there were no planes. Yet others say that it was a nuclear device buried underneath each of the towers. And then there are those who claim that it was a UFO, or that it was some exotic particle beam weapon.

They can't even agree among themselves, and they all come up with (factual or imaginary) evidence to support their theories. And what do we know so far? That the Twin Towers came down on 11.09.2001, and that the 9/11 Commission report is totally unintelligible and full of holes. That's it. That's all we know. Because we're too busy running around in circles and chasing our own tails to start looking at what's real and what's not.

16th October 2016, 22:08
Thanks Aragorn. I cited the 'Kubrick' story as an example. There are many examples and some appear to be based on fact and some appear not to be based on fact. There is still a lot of supposition regarding the moon landing. There is a young scientist in Australia who rented a large space and set up his own experiments - to prove the moon landing could not have happened.

The most plausible explanation, to me, is that there were many moon missions but only one made it through the Van Allen Belt and actually made it to the surface of our 'satellite' planet. Some say the moon is a created satellite and not a 'planet' and that there are bases, with human personnel. Who knows?

The one aspect of the opening post is that the 'drip feed' is clearly evident. For years tightly controlled printed media/beamed media/other sources limited any information and/or evidence about Intergalactic Visitors and Intergalactic Craft to be included in any newsfeed - now however - it appears the subject is slowly being released into the minds of the public.

Whether we have been lied to and controlled and all our information and evidence manipulated to suit an agenda - the truth WILL fizz up to the surface - of that I am positive.

Much Respect & Much Peace - as we seek answers to our questions, to quell our doubts & differences - Amanda