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  1. Alienation and Dehumanization
  2. culture gloss
  3. Building Paradise in the Age of Decay
  4. Acts of Rebellion
  5. The Ability of critical thinking and debate
  6. Why Fight? - Alan Watts
  7. Make a difference every day.
  8. The Mosuo Matriarchal Society of China
  9. Laws That Protect Victims - Not Paedophiles & Predators
  10. lonely hearts club
  11. Abortion - how is it handled in your country
  12. War ... what is it good for???
  13. All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace
  14. A Tale Of Two Cities
  15. Spending and saving tips for when you are bringing up a kid
  16. It's OK not to fit into Society
  17. Alternative Media You Say? What's So Alternative About It?
  18. What IS a Citizen's Arrest ?
  19. Reality check
  20. Taking Oneself Out of Society
  21. The Appearances Experiment
  22. do you give to charities?
  23. What is the basic purpose of religion
  24. Moneyless Man
  25. Law enforcement and the deaf.
  26. Poor Doors
  27. A Good Cop Story
  28. Botched Executions inhuman
  29. Generation Next
  30. Slavery Today
  31. Religion Doesn't Make People More Moral, Study Finds
  32. what is wrong with our culture
  33. social isolation
  34. The Real Terrorists Are The Nuclear Powers That Be
  35. Gadhimai 2014....... The Story in Video
  36. Christmas wish list for Mankind?
  37. The Tenth Man
  38. Isn't it about time we changed our national anthems ?
  39. Era of Shattered Illusions .
  40. Are we too basic?
  41. Money is Slavery by Proxy
  42. The New Normal -- fear, conflict, and chaos is sexy? Muse -- Madness
  43. All things... "The Ambassador"
  44. Does The Illuminati Support Gun Control?
  45. Lived for 15 years without money
  46. The Abolition of The Monetary System
  47. positive vibrations
  48. Live the world you wish to see
  49. Tips for Young Entrepreneurs
  50. Solidarity will lead us to our own Sovereignty!
  51. Modern Slavery - Human Trafficking
  52. limiting Civilisation
  53. Stable Communities.
  54. All wars are bankers wars
  55. State of America
  56. The Lie We Live
  57. Shock wake up
  58. Putin Truth ?
  59. the fall of western civilisation
  60. Are we creating the world we want or being led astray?
  61. Wholistic Thinking in a Real World Self-Governance
  62. Freedom: forgotten?
  63. Capitalism, Corporatism & American Exceptionalism
  64. 10 Quotes From a Sioux Indian Chief That Will Make You Question Everything About Our Society.
  65. Together On Earth - Seeing The Bigger Picture
  66. Juror Nullification
  67. Adult Society
  68. Empower Ourselves with Alternative Currencies - Both Local and Global
  69. Is Money at the Root of Today's Big Problems?
  70. Restore your faith in humanity
  71. Self-Reliant Living is Critical
  72. What happens when a Muslim slaps a Chinese girl for refusing to dance?
  73. Life is easy; why do we make it hard?
  74. A speech for vegetarianism
  75. Civilized Choice is Going Extinct
  76. Money VS True Currency
  77. Unity Is Our God
  78. Love is the answer. Any questions?
  79. "What Has Happened To Our Community?"
  80. A Wee Cry
  81. Class Dissmissed
  82. Grace Under Pressure
  83. Politically Correct?
  84. Thinking that I think
  85. Friends
  86. "Homeless in Aspen"
  87. "If humble people make the best leaders, why do we fall for charismatic narcissists?"
  88. What Will It Take to Change the World?
  89. Karma, animals and you
  90. The Finland Phenomenon
  91. Poll Position
  92. Heartland v. Coast? Bosh!
  93. Xploration Centre: A New Paradigm School
  94. Inner Climate Change
  95. Active Self Protection
  96. The Law of Both
  97. Unwelcome truth from Erin Pizzey, near the root of most folk's hurt
  98. Me Too!
  99. The Left-Right Paradigm in Politics
  100. Women: the lesser cut of meat
  101. The Dreaded Social Justice Warriors
  102. Satish Kumar "Education of Head Heart and Hands"
  103. Joe Six Pack
  104. Zionism Is Racism
  105. Activism
  106. A Look Into Non-violent Communication & How It Will Transform The World
  107. The Talmud
  108. Is the Mainstream Showing Signs of a Shift?
  109. Power and Leadership and Control
  110. Who Owns The Moon? - A Lawyer Explains
  111. Guns 4 Peace, Really
  112. Don't Cry for Soros’ Gender Studies in Hungary
  113. Two Ends Indeed
  114. All Down The Line
  115. John Taylor Gatto and Education
  116. Interracial / Intercultural relationships
  117. Hungary, Poland Spend Money On Motherhood, Not Migrants. Why Not U.S.?
  118. Trump *IS* The Problem!
  119. Nisteling
  120. decisions of the Medieval Church still impact on the West
  121. Dr. Michael Wood
  122. The 10,000 Year Clock
  123. Racism
  124. Why isn't religion spiritual?
  125. Common Sense Corner
  126. Weirdest Thing I Have Watched All Week
  127. Cancel Culture
  128. The Sorcerer's Apprentice
  129. The Majority Report
  130. Creative fun can help change behavior
  131. American Insanity
  132. The Other Side of America
  133. 10 Commandments of our true religion
  135. Dissolution
  136. Goldfish on the Goldilocks planet....
  137. Catch All Thread for All Those Icky Ideas
  138. 1968 clip
  139. What The New World Order Is, What it Isn't, And Can It Be Demonstrated?
  140. They All Must Go
  141. Going out on one's own terms
  142. The Thomas Sowell Thread for forums that don't have Thomas Sowell Threads.
  143. Wokeism
  144. Culture Wars fought in the media.
  145. What is fascism?
  146. The Nuremberg Code
  147. Poignant Memes
  148. Principles of Propaganda