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  1. Dogs' behavior could help to design social robots
  2. Australian Internet Security
  3. Google Explains Quantum Computing in One Simple Video
  4. Mcafee founder to launch new �nsa killer� privacy device
  5. Warning for google / youtube users
  6. Stuxnet computer virus now threatens nuclear reactors worldwide
  7. Touch screen - old. 'Touch-through' screen - new.
  8. NSA seeks to develop quantum computer to crack nearly every kind of encryption
  9. Petition to stop control over Internet
  10. Computer program reveals invisible motion in videos
  11. Human Brain Microchip Is 9,000 Times Faster Than a PC
  12. Anyone in Oz having problems with email after signing petitions?
  13. Did You Know Your Computer is Set to Allow Remote Access By Default?
  14. Facebook uses us as Lab Rats
  15. What your mobile phone could be revealing about you?
  16. Internet Trolls Are Narcissists, Psychopaths, and Sadists
  17. SERIOUS BUG affecting LINUX & MAC Users
  18. 'Holy Grail' of Cyber Security
  19. Government Shadow Internet
  20. Any TOR Users here?
  21. Help Needed with Crap on my computer
  22. OLS for everyone.
  23. Malware - Top 100 Sites
  24. British Army spies on Facebook as do anti-terror police (to frighten children!)
  25. 5 Things to do to retain your privacy online
  26. Calling IT Experts
  27. Privacy Guide
  28. WTF!!! Torrent Trackers Ban Windows 10 Over Privacy Concerns
  29. Data Mining: How It Works
  30. Google Made a Secret Prototype That Works Like the Star Trek Communicator
  31. Apple's Safari Browser Crashing Around The World
  32. Apple Users Locked Out Of Files And Ransomed
  33. Microsoft deletes on-line "teen girl" A.I. after it becomes a Neo-Nazi sex robot with daddy issues :p
  34. How the CIA Made Google
  35. Attention all members: critical vulnerability in Adobe Flash Player!
  36. This company has built a profile on every living US American adult
  37. Project Sauron: state-sponsored malware which has been hiding for 5 years
  38. Microsoft works with the NSA in spying on you
  39. "Shadow Brokers" claim to have hacked the NSA and are selling the NSA's malware
  40. Happy 25th Anniversary, Linux :)
  41. Source Code for IoT Botnet ‘Mirai’ Released
  42. Yahoo secretly scanned customer emails for U.S. intelligence
  43. Facebook wins 'Big Brother' award in Belgium
  44. CIA ‘Siren Servers’ can predict social uprisings 3-5 days in advance
  45. When Her Best Friend Died, She Rebuilt Him Using Artificial Intelligence
  46. Quantum research achieves 10-fold boost in superposition stability
  47. British Supercomputer Can Predict Winter Weather A Year In Advance
  48. AT&T Is Spying on US Americans for Profit, New Documents Reveal
  49. Google's AI created its own form of encryption
  50. NSA Hackers "The Shadow Brokers" Dump More Files
  51. New, More Powerful IoT Botnet Infects 3'500 Devices In 5 Days
  52. Japanese researchers warn of fingerprint theft from making a 'peace' sign
  53. Canadian man gets back at the thief of his laptop by accessing her Facebook account
  54. Deep learning algorithm diagnoses skin cancer as well as seasoned dermatologists
  55. Apple Set to Join Amazon, Google, Facebook in AI Research Group
  56. Ransomware completely shuts down Ohio town government
  57. Vault 7: WikiLeaks reveals CIA's secret hacking tools and spy operations
  58. FBI Used Best Buy's Geek Squad To Increase Secret Public Surveillance
  59. New Wikileaks Dump Shows How The CIA Hacked Macs And iPhones Almost A Decade Ago
  60. Alternatives to Google et al, for personal use?
  61. Elon Musk Invests In Transhumanism
  62. Wikileaks reveals Grasshopper, the CIA's tool for infecting Microsoft Windows computers
  63. The Shadow Brokers Release More NSA Hacking Tools
  64. Attention GMail Users: Massive Phishing Attack Going Round
  65. Massive Ransomware Infestation Going Round, Based Upon Leaked NSA Exploit
  66. Microsoft introduces A.I.-based "Big Brother"-style workplace surveillance
  67. Is the block chain already obsolete?
  68. Anonymous - Waves of Intelligence
  69. D-Tube (hopefully) killing off Youtube: best videos to store?
  70. Policing in the future involves citizen detectives and a "Pokémon Go"-like app
  71. Important: WPA2 security flaw puts almost every WiFi device at risk of hijack, eavesdropping
  72. How to Get Started with the GNU/Linux Operating System
  73. The First Church of Artificial Intelligence
  74. Over 400 of the World's Most Popular Websites Record Your Every Keystroke
  75. Germany Preparing Law for Backdoors in Any Type of Modern Device
  76. Net Neutrality
  77. US Senate passes bill renewing NSA warrantless internet surveillance program
  78. Artificial Intelligence May Have Cracked 600-Year-Old Voynich Manuscript
  79. U.K. Court Finds Government’s Surveillance Powers Unlawful
  80. Google and Facebook are watching our every move online. It's time to make them stop!
  81. Hacker Wipes a Spyware Company’s Servers... for the Second Time
  82. Google Is Helping the Pentagon Build AI for Drones
  83. Chinese Police Begin Tracking Citizens With Face-Recognizing Smart Glasses
  84. UN: "Facebook has turned into a beast in Myanmar"
  85. YouTube will add information from Wikipedia to videos about conspiracies
  86. Facebook has suspended Donald Trump’s data operations team for misusing people’s personal information
  87. The Hilarious (and Terrifying) Ways Algorithms Have Outsmarted Their Creators
  88. Facebook scraped call, text message data for years from Android phones
  89. Trump's I.C.E. Uses Facebook Data to Find and Track Immigrants, Internal Emails Show
  90. Military documents reveal how the US Army plans to deploy AI in future wars
  91. Advocacy Groups Say YouTube Is Illegally Collecting Data From Children
  92. The Internet Turns 25 Years Old Today (30.04.2018)
  93. China is now monitoring employees’ brainwaves and emotions
  94. Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant can be controlled by inaudible commands
  95. Google sued for 'clandestine tracking' of 4.4m UK iPhone users' browsing data
  96. Facebook accused of conducting mass surveillance through its apps
  97. Facebook gave firms broad access to data on users, friends: report
  98. French school students to be banned from using mobile phones
  99. Facebook Patent Imagines Triggering Your Phone’s Mic When a Hidden Signal Plays on TV
  100. Facebook, Google, and Microsoft Use Design to Trick You Into Handing Over Your Data, New Report Warns
  101. US Department of Health and Human Services plans to delete 20 years of critical medical guidelines
  102. Social media manipulation rising globally, new report warns
  103. GCHQ was spying on people illegally for more than a decade
  104. If you have a Facebook account, then please read
  105. Facebook ‘intentionally and knowingly’ violated U.K. privacy and competition rules, British lawmakers say
  106. Random IT-related Stuff
  107. Google has secret webpages that feed your personal data to advertisers, report says
  108. Facebook algorithm found to 'actively promote' Holocaust denial
  109. Future AI reaching back to our present.
  110. YouTube is going to monetize your videos, whether you like it or not
  111. Get your free DuckDuckGo email address with tracking protection today!
  112. How Capitalism Destroyed The Internet