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  1. Timothy Good: Secret Space Program Conference Amsterdam 2011
  2. The mark Passio thread
  3. Andrew Collins Lecture LIGHTQUEST at the Barge Inn
  4. UFOs and Nukes
  5. UFOTV Presents : BEYOND PLANET EARTH - David Icke
  6. Disclosure Conference, National Press Club, 27.09.2010 (extended version, English)
  7. David Icke - The Reptilian Agenda (with Shaman Credo Mutwa) full
  8. Jordan Maxwell - Close Encounters and other stories with English subtitles
  9. OBLIVION: The David Icke Epic
  10. The Universal Genome and Nonlocal Interaction of the Living Universe
  11. Don't Watch this Film part One & Two
  12. European Exopolitics Meeting 2011
  13. Do schools kill creativity?
  14. Gratitude: Louie Schwartzberg at TEDxSF
  15. i will not fight for queen and country
  16. Address to our International Leadership
  17. Lloyd Pye - Everything You Know Is Wrong
  18. Extraterrestrial Life: Discovery and Disclosure by Anthony Beckett
  19. our home Gaia
  20. Long Island Forum - Big Pharma, Bill Still, Alt Medicine, Federal Reserve, etc
  21. Free energy in ancient civilisations - How Sound is Keeping Humanity Enslaved
  22. 15 year-old In Line to Win Nobel Prize
  23. Electric Universe Conference 2014
  24. William Buhlman on OBEs at Monroe Institute Professional Seminar 2014
  25. Anthony Peake @ Awakened State, Edinburgh 11/05/2013
  26. RESONANCE ~ Beings Of Frequency Documentary Film
  27. Ingo Swann - Human Super Sensitivities and the Future
  28. Dan Gilbert: The psychology of your future self
  29. Naomi Wolf - The end of America revisited
  30. Richard Dolan : Reclaiming our Destiny from a Lifetime of Truth Suppression
  31. Psychosis or Spiritual Awakening: Phil Borges at TEDx
  32. How it all works.
  33. Boundaries of the Knowable
  34. Century of Enslavement: The History of The Federal Reserve
  35. Judgement Performance of all Time
  36. It sticks in their craw that Shakespeare was a man like you or I
  37. Nick
  38. John Keel, Adventurer
  39. Robert-Morningstar: Secret Space Program - Breakaway Civilization Conference speaker
  40. What hallucination reveals about our minds
  41. Sam Berns; philosophy for a happy life
  42. Denny Johnson the iris
  43. Tribute of Humankind's Cinematic Exploration of Space
  44. 1hr 44min 36 sec of Bob Lazar, good Q&A
  45. The Aspects of the Universe, Narrated by Gareth Icke
  46. Ron Finley on the Joe Rogan podcast.
  47. A brain in a supercomputer, Henry Markram
  48. Ken O'Keefe - Is a World Crisis Imminent?
  49. SECRETS OF THE MATRIX HD David Icke LIVE - 6-HOUR Feature
  50. RICHARD DOLAN Newly Released Talk
  51. Goa Lobaugh : 3D printing & the rise of the multi-dimensional maker
  52. Miracle in the void - Dr. Brian O'Leary
  53. The storytelling of science
  54. Bernie Sanders
  55. Nick Bostrom - The Simulation Argument
  56. UFOtv presents: David Icke - "FREEDOM OR FASCISM: Time To Choose" (7-hour presentation)
  57. TRAVIS WALTON Presentation May 2015
  58. A Way Out of Pain - Matt Kahn (TrueDivineNature.com)
  59. Retro revision. The Strange new world of chaos. 1989
  60. I Don't Know
  61. Michael Cremo: "Forbidden Archaeology" | Talks at Google
  62. GARY HESELTINE Latest Presentation
  63. William Buhlman's Afterlife Training Talk at the Afterlife Conference 2015
  64. Proto Saturn - and our origins, perhaps?
  65. Dr. Steven Greer How the Secret Government Works: The Most Explosive Expose
  66. Richard Dolan - December 2015
  67. Steve Basset - Full Disclosure - Toronto - ModernKnowledge
  68. UFOtv presents: THE 2015 MUFON SYMPOSIUM - Paul Hellyer Keynote Presentation
  69. UFOtv presents: THE 2015 MUFON SYMPOSIUM - Nancy du Tertre: Xenolinguistics (Alien Communication)
  70. UFOtv presents: THE 2015 MUFON SYMPOSIUM - Jaime Maussan: Video Evidence
  71. UFOtv presents: THE 2015 MUFON SYMPOSIUM - Marc D'Antonio: Locating Exoplanets & Alien Civilizations
  72. UFOtv presents: THE 2015 MUFON SYMPOSIUM - Linda Zimmermann: Hudson Valley UFOs: 100 years of sightings
  73. UFOtv presents: THE 2015 MUFON SYMPOSIUM - Stanton T. Friedman: Slaying The Dragon
  74. UFOtv presents: THE 2015 MUFON SYMPOSIUM - Robert Schroeder: Modern Physics & UFO Sightings
  75. UFOtv presents: THE 2015 MUFON SYMPOSIUM - Gregory Meholic: Advanced Propulsion For Interstellar Travel
  76. UFOtv presents: THE 2015 MUFON SYMPOSIUM - Aaron Judkins: Ancient Alien Update: Return of the Nephilim
  77. UFOtv presents: THE 2015 MUFON SYMPOSIUM - Preston Dennett: Underwater UFOs & Undersea USO Bases
  78. UFOtv presents: THE 2015 MUFON SYMPOSIUM - Linda Moulton Howe: Gobleki Tepe: Ancient Advanced Technology
  79. UFOtv presents: THE 2015 MUFON SYMPOSIUM - George Knapp: Area 51: The Untold Story & 25-Year History
  80. UFOtv presents: THE 2015 MUFON SYMPOSIUM - Dr. Steven Greer: The Atacama Humanoid
  81. UFOtv presents: THE 2015 MUFON SYMPOSIUM - "Fire In The Sky": The Travis Walton Story
  82. UFOtv presents: THE 2011 MUFON SYMPOSIUM - Richard Dolan: Secret Space: The Ultimate Black Budget
  83. UFOtv presents: THE 2013 MUFON SYMPOSIUM - Eric Davis: Faster-Than-Light Advanced Space Travel
  84. UFOtv presents: THE 2013 MUFON SYMPOSIUM - Ted Peters: Science, SETI & Ufology
  85. UFOtv presents: THE 2013 MUFON SYMPOSIUM - Don Donderi: UFOs, ETs & Alien Abductions
  86. UFOtv presents: THE 2011 MUFON SYMPOSIUM - Paul LaViolette: Secrets of Antigravity Propulsion
  87. UFOtv presents: MUFON SYMPOSIUM - Michael Schratt: Bombshell UFO Cases & Secret Black Programs
  88. UFOtv presents: MUFON SYMPOSIUM - Timothy Good: UFOs & Military Intelligence
  89. UFOtv presents: MUFON SYMPOSIUM - David Sereda: UFOs, NASA, ET Contact & Advanced ET Physics
  90. UFOtv presents: MUFON SYMPOSIUM - Grant Cameron: UFOs & Government Secrecy: The Hard Evidence
  91. UFOtv presents: MUFON SYMPOSIUM - Kenneth Storch: UFO Police Reports & ET Encounters
  92. What's going on at WETHERILL PARK, SYDNEY ?
  93. Bill Donahue: A Charismatic And Humorous Speaker Who Doesn't Pull His Punches
  95. Cliff High
  96. Surrender to Love - Matt Kahn
  97. The BICESTER Abduction Case
  98. Surviving You
  99. British Ex-Police Officer says ALIENS ARE AMONG US
  101. David Icke - Who Built The Moon?
  102. Abby Martin: The Problem With Our Current System
  103. How to Occupy the Noosphere
  104. Karma Explained, OMG FN Xlent
  105. Trump Plan analysed and California Chemtrails sob
  106. Unleashing Natural Humanity
  107. Deep State
  108. UFOtv presents: Bob Lazar Explains UFO Propulsion
  109. Cassini - the Lucifer Project
  110. David Icke 2017 ☯ THIS WILL SHOCK YOU!!! [MUST WATCH]
  111. Ultimate Esoteric and Sorcery Lecture by Thomas Sheridan
  112. Andrew Basiago at the Mars Anomaly Research Society Conference 2017
  113. TEDx Talk by Joe Martino of Collective Evolution
  114. Transpicuous News, The Equifax Con: Where's the Money?
  115. Transpicuous Views Oct 8: Las Vegas, China's Gold and Common Unity
  116. Something Huge Just Happend and the Mainstream Media is Ignoring It
  117. To The Stars Academy of Arts & Science - Live Broadcast
  118. Mystic Boo: A Hallowed Eve and More
  119. THE UFO VIDEO - Review of the Best ET Evidence
  120. Doctors Speak Out On The Benefits Of CBD (Cannabidiol)
  121. Dissolving The Veil
  122. Are We In a Simulated Reality? Tom Campbell & Bruce Lipton
  123. The Lie the Vatican Told
  124. The New Human Rights Movement | Peter Joseph, Nov. 8th 2017 Talk
  125. The Post Political Age
  126. Space weather threat: you must see this video
  127. A message from Kim Dotcom
  128. David Icke ☯ THE ARRIVAL !!!'2018
  129. Transpicuous News: "Fucking Microsoft - new Terms & Conditions!!"
  130. John Smith explains how Common Law works
  131. Country clean-up project "Lets Do It 2008" / Teeme Ära 2008
  132. Buddha became enlightened during lunar Eclipse. Become enlightened during 2018-19 lunar eclipses
  133. AV8 - Breaking Free ... from the Cult of Transformational NuSpeak - Brian Gerrish
  134. AV8 - Esoteric Del : Esoteric Banking and the Corporate Curia Connection
  135. Brian Gerrish - The Killing Regime
  136. AV3 - Leonid Sharashkin - The Return of Anastasia
  137. Martin Pall explains "Unexplained Illnesses"
  138. What Is Reality? The Human Brain - Fascinating Brain Documentary (Consciousness & Universe)
  139. David Gross: The Coming Revolutions in Theoretical Physics
  140. Dark Journalist X Series XVI: Red Pill Revolution & Steiner's New Atlantis Revelation
  141. CAZ CLARKE Presentation on the Pentyrch UFO incident
  142. UFOtv presents: UFOs and Nukes - Government and Military Whistleblowers Go Public
  143. Aaron Russo's MAD AS HELL
  144. Yuri Bezmenov: Full 1983 Lecture
  145. Nutrigenomics
  146. Is There a Global War Coming? | George Friedman at Brain Bar
  147. The Dark Net isn't what you think. It's actually key to our privacy | Alex Winter | TEDxMidAtlantic
  148. Alan Watts - Veil That Conceals Reality
  149. 2019 - The Year of Checkmate
  150. Awakening is about letting go - Alan Watts
  151. The Joker - Alan Watts
  152. The Royal Institution: Beyond the Higgs: What's Next for the LHC? (Harry Cliff)
  153. TED: How childhood trauma affects health across a lifetime | Nadine Burke Harris
  154. Sean Carroll: The Paradoxes of Time Travel
  155. Perimeter Institute: The Weirdest Stars in the Universe (Emily Levesque)
  156. Perimeter Institute: The Dark Side of the Universe (Katherine Freese)
  157. The Russia Hoax Comes Apart at the Seams, Jim Fetzer, Ph D
  158. The Royal Institution Christmas Lectures 2018: Evolutionary Biology & Genetics (Alice Roberts & Aoife McLysaght)
  159. The Royal Institution: What Happens When Maths Go Wrong? (Matt Parker)
  160. Addictions > CURE < Dangerous or Self Miracles ?
  161. The dark net: inside the digital underworld
  162. Climate change farce - Piers Corbyn exposes fraud in the temperature figures!
  163. Luis Elizondo "UFOs ARE Real"- Scientific Conference on Anomalous Aerospace Phenomena March 15, 2019
  164. Class #5: From the Moon to Mars: LaRouche, Reagan, and the SDI
  165. Hip Problems and the Ignored Causes
  166. Dark journalist x-series 55: Edgar cayce in the hotzone: Atlantis rising bimini temple revealed!
  167. 10,000 Part One. Or, How the Metric System Can Get You Killed. part 2: The Planck Reckoner
  168. The Royal Institution: How To Cope With Living On Mars
  169. We Can Save The World! Let's Start Here!
  170. The Royal Institution: The Radioactivity of Space (Frances Staples)
  171. The Future of Colonizing Space- Neil deGrasse Tyson- WGS 2018
  172. TedX Kiwi Style - Barber healing
  173. Perimeter Institute: What Is It Like To Have Synesthesia? (Jamie Ward)
  174. The Royal Institution: Magnetic Monopoles (Felix Flicker)
  175. Stories from Genetic Detectives
  176. James Baldwin & Dick Gregory - "Baldwin's Nigger" (1968) | Directed by Horace Ové
  177. The Royal Institution: Searching for Life on Another Planet (Sarah Stewart Johnson)
  178. Space Scandals UFOs NASA TTSA SpaceX CIA Arecibo Asteroids!
  179. Dark journalist x-protect: Ufo file assassins documentary
  180. Dark Journalist X-Series
  181. Watch Elon Musk's ENTIRE live Neuralink demonstration
  182. 20 Sep 20: Time Travel Thoughts
  184. Strange New Virus Discovery Is a Clue To Evolution of Life
  185. Elon Musk Makes A Crazy New Announcement
  186. Dark Journalist X-99: The Nixon X-Secret Revealed - Abbotsford The Hidden UFO Message!
  187. Technologies of the Future | Sadhguru and Michio kaku (2018) LIVE from Russia
  188. America Prophecy: Mystery School Patriot - Special Report!
  189. The Fall of the Spirits of Darkness By Rudolf Steiner
  190. Answering Questions about Earths Exit
  191. February to November 11-02-20
  192. Dark Journalist - Catherine Austin Fitts Exclusive Interview: Humanity In The Balance!
  193. Graham Hancock... Supernatural: Meetings with the Ancient Teachers of Mankind
  194. Graham Hancock... A World Changing Event - ( War God: Nights of The Witch)
  195. Dark Journalist X-Election: Deep State Showdown - Trump Uses JFK National Security Memo 57!
  196. Dark Journalist: Trump Pulls The JFK Card NSAM 57
  197. Graham Hancock...Magicians of the Gods: The Forgotten Wisdom of Earth's Lost Civilisation
  198. America Before: The Key to Earth’s Lost Civilisation, by Graham Hancock
  199. The Truth About Disclosure: The Two Breakaway Civilizations | Gigi Young
  200. Dark Journalist: Russell Targ Remote Viewing The Past and Future With Psychic Vision!
  201. Reincarnation | Gigi Young
  202. Dark Journalist - Catherine Austin Fitts Stopping The Technocrat Takeover!
  203. Isis Rising 06: From Venus They Came
  204. Dark Journalist X State of The Union: Trump CIA JFK NSAM 57 & UFO FIle!
  205. How we take back the internet | Edward Snowden
  206. Dark Journalist United States vs The Deep State
  207. The Cosmic Secret | David Wilcock
  208. Essential Teachings of Helena Blavatsky and Rudolf Steiner
  209. The Secret Doctrine - Audio Book
  210. Dark Journalist Special Report: NORTHCOM COG Vs. The Constitution
  211. Dark Journalist: Shadow Of The UFO File - Trump COG And The CIA!
  212. Blog for Dec 6th 2020
  213. Dark Journalist X Year One: COG Secret Control Communications Network!
  214. Dark Journalist Special Report: Censorship Person X-Steganography Reveal!
  215. Year Woo
  216. Dr. Joseph Farrell - Aftermath: Emergency Powers And Earth Changes!
  217. Dark Journalist - Dr. Joseph Farrell: Secret Systems and Hidden Forces!
  218. Avi Loeb: Extraterrestrial Life - From Bio-Signatures to Techno-Signatures – Rosseland lecture 2019
  219. Mindscape 131 | Avi Loeb on Taking Aliens Seriously
  220. Dark Journalist - Gigi Young: UFO Consciousness Ahriman & Mystery Schools Revealed!
  221. Dark Journalist Censorship vs. Freedom In America 2021!
  222. Transpicuous News, Feb 18 2021
  223. Dark Journalist: The State of Emergency Powers!
  224. Theosophy master hilarion secret rad lab & the ufo file! Dark journalist x-series part x (1)
  225. Sue Black Catches Paedophiles by Looking at the Marks on Their Hands
  226. Transpicuous News Feb 26 2021
  227. Dark Journalist: Zink In The HotZone - Bimini Atlantis And UFOs
  228. The Royal Institution: The Source of Consciousness (Mark Solms)
  229. Dark Journalist X-Series 100: Ghislaine In the HotZone - Atlantis Rising Secret!
  230. The Royal Institution: How Can Machines Learn Human Values? (Brian Christian)
  231. Dark journalist - catherine austin fitts: World in crisis!
  232. Cesar Millan, the Dog Whisperer
  233. The Royal Institution: Vaccines: Warriors and Worriers
  234. Michio Kaku: The Universe in a Nutshell (Full Presentation) | Big Think
  235. Dark Journalist: X State Of The Union UFO File & Global Control!
  236. The Royal Institution: Why Mental Health Goes Wrong and How to Make Sense of It (Dean Burnett)
  237. Dark Journalist X-Series 100 (2) Mystery Schools Revealed! Steiner Sarobia & Stelle!
  238. Chris Hedges Discusses Politics after Trump
  239. Dark Journalist: UFOs Revealed: CIA Total Recall
  240. Physics of 'Ascension':Fractal Implosion in the Aura-Longitudinal Coherence IS the Rainbow Body!
  241. Dark Journalist Special Report: CIA UFO Invasion Op!
  242. The Royal Institution: The Other End of a Black Hole (James Beacham)
  243. Alan Watts