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  1. Graham Hancock
  2. Chris Thomas Inter-Galactic War September 30 2013
  3. I asked Chris Thomas for his take on Andrew Bartzis
  4. Scholar Claims Jesus Was a Roman Hoax
  5. I and some friends asked Chris Thomas 10 questions Tues. Oct. 15, 2013
  6. Comet ISON Alternative Theories & Prophesies
  7. Directions to Hollow Earth
  8. Giants in South Africa - by Michael Tellinger
  9. Dec. 14, 2013 Chris Thomas Latest Energy Frequency Update
  10. What If.....
  11. A most interesting Chris Thomas Q&A article
  12. Ancient Sacred Symbol Key to Anti-Gravity?
  13. Balls of Light, sometimes called Orbs - What are they? An essay by Chris Thomas
  14. Did intelligent ancient civilisations really die out?
  15. The western language and it's secret spells, and impact on vibrational response .
  16. The Stages of Soul Reintegration
  17. Jesus Christ Not Crucified?
  18. A Brief Update from Chris Thomas
  19. Understanding Carl Munck The Code
  20. Determing the Nature of Mythological Beings
  21. 2000 Foot Tower Under The Sea
  22. Truth About English: Phonics, Phonetics, Etymology
  23. Earth's Purpose by Chris Thomas
  24. An ongoing Chris Thomas thread for those who resonate with his alternative view of reality and history
  25. The Ancestry of Man
  26. 1500 Year Old Bible Claims Jesus Christ Was Not Crucified
  27. John Lash for something constructive
  28. India's 'the Nine Unknown Men'
  29. Do you think Neanderthals knew they were being replaced?
  30. Enkis Calendar
  31. Massive Sunken City on the bottom of Lake Ontario?
  32. Positive Reptilians
  33. Introducing Hésus, the Ancient Celtic Version of Jesus That You Probably Never Heard Of
  34. King Arthur II sailed to America, was killed in Kentucky, buried in Wales
  35. 6 Degrees of Separation: Order from Chaos
  36. Historical Investigation Thread - Chronology
  37. Blacks and/or/vs Albinos
  38. Horses and the Heavens
  39. Why do you have webbing between your fingers?
  40. Ancient Technology – The Most Advanced Technology we know – Rediscovered in modern times
  41. Chris Thomas essay about DNA, how we construct our bodies and the hidden agenda
  42. The Secret of Secrets: The Bucegi Mountain Secrets, the film “Prometheus” vs Bucegi and more!
  43. The Giza pyramid - Traces of advanced civilization - Who actually built the Great Pyramid?
  44. Graham Hancock: 2015 Changing the Paradigm - Lighting the Historic Shadows
  45. Rosslyn Chapel
  46. Does the Bock Saga lead on to The Lord Of The Rings?
  47. Root language and esoteric numerology
  48. An extreme claim: Jesus never existed.
  49. The White Alien God of the Mesoamericans
  50. New Chronology Research Thread
  51. The True History of America - A 5-part article by Frank O'Collins of Ucadia Blog
  52. Is the moon (our moon) artificial ?
  53. Introducing Raphael
  54. Personal thoughts around the Ideas of the Alternate Histories...have you any?
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  56. Root Races
  57. We - The Skythians
  58. Bruno Groning
  59. In search of King Arthur...
  60. The Lost Continent of Kumari Kandam
  61. Greenland Theory / History Lesson
  62. The Fall/Fool of Rome
  63. Our manifestation is thought taking form
  64. I get how AMES come up with this stuff now
  65. Three ancient texts that suggest Extraterrestrial beings visited Earth in the distant past
  66. Khazarian Cartels
  67. Behind the Bush and Black Sun Rising
  68. Proof that history is wrong.
  69. The Palermo Stone – Evidence of Ancient Astronauts?
  70. The Buache Map: A Controversial ancient chart depicting Ice-Free Antarctica
  71. A History of Revisionist Historians
  72. 175.000 year old research
  73. The Ninth Wave of Carl Calleman, Barbara Handclow, Ian Lundgold
  74. Problems with Biblical Chronology per Fomenko
  75. A good historical vid getting out there/here
  76. Karma Clean Up?
  77. Story Making
  78. Tintagel, fabled birthplace of King Arthur
  79. We are the Dream Doctors - We Are !!!!!
  80. Hopi Legend of the 9th Sign
  81. One Research in the Ancient History of Scotland.
  82. Nazi Map of the Hollow Earth/Agartha/Shamballa
  83. Khemit/Egypt from Stephen Mehler and Khemitology perspective
  84. TriUnity Series: Randy Maugans with Dr. Shmuel Asher
  85. Fresh doubts cast on Tunguska impact theory
  86. Thoughts on this research
  87. Order of the Portal
  88. The Search for a Legendary Land: Does Plato’s Atlantis Rest on a Shifting Sea Floor?
  89. Antarctica’s Secret History
  90. 1320 ?
  91. Translated text of the Book of Giants proves the Nephilim were real?
  92. 11.6 ft. Tall Two-Headed Giant From Patagonia
  93. Hopi Ancestors Witnessed Flying Shields In The Skies
  94. Andvaranaut: Magical Ring That Made Gold
  95. Out Of Australia
  96. Evidence For Advanced Civilization In Egypt’s Mysterious Prehistory?
  97. The Loa Giants: Researcher Defends the Existence of a Civilization of Giants
  98. Lilith: Ancient Demon or Dark Deity?
  99. Uchchaihshravas: Divine Seven-Headed Flying Horse
  100. Legend of Kauravas – Ancient Cloning And Test Tube Babies?
  101. Takenouchi Documents: Story Of Gods, Lost Continents And Ancient Sages
  102. Hopi's Encounter With The Skeleton Man
  103. Tower of Babel Discovered? Ancient Tablet Describes Structure
  104. Death And Afterlife In Sumerian Beliefs
  105. The Mystery Handbag of the Gods
  106. Kahuna priests of Hawaii and Lemuria connection
  107. The Noospheric Ambush
  108. "Soul Harvesting - How To Escape The Matrix"
  109. An ongoing thread of those show'n abilities for the NEW times, Our young generation & changing world.
  110. Ancient drink of the Gods makes a comeback
  111. There’s a HUGE misunderstanding about Freemasonry
  112. Grand Canyon Pyramids?
  113. Great Food For Thought Researcher
  114. Viking Spear That Never Missed Its Mark
  115. Advanced civilisation existed on Earth 13,000 years ago
  116. Vatican Has Covered up Humanity's 'Pre Flood' History
  117. Ancient Maya May Have Foreseen Meteor Showers
  118. Topsy-turvy thinking
  119. Proof that humans have been genetically modified
  120. 2012 – 2021: Beyond Human
  121. Synchronicity: the Vision of Jose Arguelles
  122. Christianity and Mind Control
  123. Tracy R. Twyman on history and the occult
  124. Must Read: The Fascinating Pyramids of Giza
  125. How Would We Know If Intelligent Life Existed on Earth Before Humans?
  126. Myth And Magic
  127. Klaus Dona
  128. 2 Massive Carvings Found Near Egypt Pyramid
  129. NASA asked to investigate 10,000-year-old rock paintings of ‘UFOs and ETs’
  130. Clearing Of MU, The MUMENT
  131. Did Dinosaurs/Reptiles Evolve?
  132. OMA and Bosnia Pyramid Healing Journey
  133. The legend of El Dorado
  134. Do These Tablets Reveal Secrets About Alien Life?
  136. More True History Sites Popping Up
  137. Did Mexican Giants predate Mayan and Aztec Culture?
  138. Dear O Dear N Wow
  139. Mauro Biglino
  140. Truth Trap, round n flat n fractal
  141. Egypt knew no Pharaohs nor Israelites (Book trailer)
  142. Gornaya Shoria Megaliths: remains of Giants?
  143. Graham Hancock... It Sounds Crazy, But It's True - The Strangest Of All Ancient Mysteries
  144. The Sanctuary Of Thoth May Be The Original ‘Sanctuary of Thought’
  145. Vikings Invade Egypt
  146. HINDU KUSH Agartha, the Hidden Civilization of Inner Earth | Truth or Lore
  147. True History as Alternative History?
  148. The Founders on Earth History
  149. WHAT where the Annunaki and the Igigi?
  150. ROSSLYN CHAPEL and the Holy Grail Location
  151. Inventing the Middle Ages
  152. Cathari
  153. Gosford Glyphs
  154. Clif high's narradigm investigations
  155. What Did Jesus Look Like?
  156. Ancient Apocalypse
  157. Vengeance on a Savage Globe