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  1. Mostly True Story of Laurel Canyon
  2. Dr Brinkley, Goat Gland Quack & Radio Pioneer
  3. Misconceptions About Christopher Columbus
  4. Did a large flood doom the city of Cahokia?
  5. Your Birth Certificate Was Made Into a Bond...it's Worth Billions.
  6. Hidden Fortress Discovered Beneath Alcatraz
  7. The increasing power of destruction: Military technology in world war i
  8. Bull God And Etymology
  9. What lies beneath - New York
  10. Top secret D-Day plans found hidden under hotel's floorboards
  11. 70 yr old WWII film
  12. Incredible 3D Colour Images From 1850s Japan
  13. Visual Presentation of Nuclear Explosions on Earth from 1945 to 2015
  14. The French Revolution: The Reign Of Terror
  15. Vikings in USA ?
  16. For 40 Years, This Russian Family Was Cut Off From All Human Contact, Unaware of World War II
  17. A Reminder of How One Person Can and Did Make a Difference
  18. Golden Ratio in Art Composition and Design
  19. Exploring the Secret Nazi Tunnels Under a German Vacation Town
  20. The History of New Zealand... and more...
  21. Comparing Colonial Cultures
  22. How a 1967 Solar Storm nearly caused World War III
  23. Sioux Nation, A Look Back
  24. Unsealing of Christ's Reputed Tomb Turns Up New Revelations
  25. Southern California's deadliest quake may have been caused by oil drilling, study says
  26. James Cameron links find of bronze-age anchors to lost city of Atlantis
  27. Searching for the Crucifixion Site of Jesus - By Bob Cornuke
  28. The Count of St Germain
  29. Pyramids in an Icy Landscape: Was There an Ancient Civilization in Antarctica?
  30. Sigiriya
  31. The Fruits of Endless War
  32. King Menes: Mystery Ruler May Go Back 20,000 Years
  33. Explorer Makes It To The Arctic In 325 BC?
  34. DNA Testing Links Modern Greeks to Ancient Minoan and Mycenaean Ancestors
  35. German Teeth Rewriting History
  36. Ancient Scratched Stones: Maps or Magic Artifacts?
  37. Genetic Evidence Reveals: Chachapoyas “Cloud People” Resistant To Inca Rule
  38. Hatshepsut: Powerful Female Pharaoh
  39. 4,000-Year-Old Mummies Are Half-Brothers
  40. The Mystery of the missing Nazi General Hans Kammler
  41. Stonehenge Builders Used Pythagoras' Theorem 2'000 Years Before He Was Born
  42. Who owns the world?
  43. Meddling
  44. This new history of the Christian genocide during the Ottoman Empire sounds a dark warning for the future
  45. Bizarre Secret Files Released on Lost Ancient Human Civilizations
  46. How the Jurchen Tribes Conquered China
  47. Would You Dare to Open the Mysterious Sealed Door of Padmanabhaswamy Temple?
  48. Cnut the Great: the Myth, the Man, and the Multi-National Viking Monarch
  49. Historic Moon Landing Footage Has Been Enhanced by AI, And The Results Are Incredible
  50. The Vinland Map
  51. Russia Declassifies Video From 1961 of Largest Hydrogen Bomb Ever Detonated
  52. The Mayan Book So Controversial They Had To Write It In Secret
  53. John Smith talks about Common Law
  54. Rivington pike
  55. Treasure - Treasure Everywhere..
  56. "7" - History of a Mystical Number
  57. National re-education day (usa)
  58. Pact of the Catacombs
  59. Miyamoto Musashi - The Invincible Samurai
  60. Seven'Arts Adventures