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  1. Was this abductee told about Comet Ison Impact & Fukushima Disaster in 1988?
  2. The Reed Family Abductions
  3. Owl's , UFOs and Alien Abductions
  4. Corina Saebels abduction story
  5. Experiences
  6. Introducing OmCasey (OBE expert, ET experiencer)
  7. UFO ABDUCTION Case gets OFFICIAL Recognition !
  8. Wingmakers............was AR Borden!
  9. Are you frikkin Sirius????
  10. Contact Experiences, Intergalactic Confederation
  11. We Are The Children Of Sorrow
  12. Carlos Diaz - Contactee & Lightships
  13. 500-Year-Old Chinese Manuscript Describes Alien Abduction
  14. This girl has seen and touched an Ufo.
  15. British contactee talks about MKUltra, Nordics, Tall White Blonds, Vril & Thule Societies, Admiral Byrd, Antarctica, et al
  16. Interview of Contactee Sherry Wilde
  17. Interview of "Cosmic Ray" on The Goldfish Report
  18. Bedtime Stories