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  1. Love thread
  2. The HU Technique / Being able to remember your dreams
  3. Components of the Shift to Higher Consciousness
  4. Loving kindness
  5. Ye Old Chakra Thread
  6. Bad Machines
  7. Friendly buddhism?
  8. The Basic Stuff of Life
  9. The Wheat and the Tares
  10. Divine Mother - Sacred Earth
  11. When Worlds Divide...
  12. Possibility, Permission and Consequences: Fudged Issues
  13. Mantra's, Bhajans and spiritually oriented music
  14. Forum 2000
  15. Self Betrayal — The Trappings of Mental Constructs
  16. The Wiccan Year
  17. A day at the park
  18. More On Hermes/Thoth
  19. I See You Now
  20. Australian Aboriginal Wisdom
  21. Scientist Photographs The Soul Leaving The Body
  22. Dreams, Themes and Parallel Words - Zen Gardner
  23. Learning to be alone - Waking Times
  24. Elizabeth Loftus: The Fiction of Memory (False Memories)
  25. Gnostic Bytes
  26. Singularity
  27. The Myth of Love and Light
  28. Adventures Beyond The Body
  29. Soul friends
  30. The road not taken...
  31. Strange things are happening to astronauts returning from space
  32. Scalia and Satan: Why Do People Believe in the Devil?
  33. Whats Your Vibe?
  34. Reptiles Gathering
  35. Oriah mountain dreamer
  36. False Ego vs Cosmic Ego
  37. Did anything clear the atmosphere?
  38. Celtic Spirituality & Culture
  39. Rob Skiba's Take On The Early Bible And Biblical Giants
  40. Guess who, Know who
  41. The 'Dreamtime' of the Australian Aborigines
  42. Vibrational field of people close to us
  43. Why do we say Rest in peace
  44. Is consciousness the soul?
  45. blurring the lines of paranormal research
  46. Nag Hamadi Codices
  47. Incredible Balance
  48. How the Brain Creates Out-of-Body Experiences
  49. Does Death Exist? New Theory Says 'No'
  50. This Man�s Wife Died 2 Years Ago. What He Just Discovered Last Week Is Indescribable.
  51. What is it, to walk with God
  52. wake up
  53. a loop
  54. Are We Preprogrammed Before We're Born?
  55. A account of someone reaching the deathless state
  56. Egyptian Legend on How to Enter Heaven
  57. a heartless beast
  58. Words - are they clues?
  59. Jeff Foster
  60. Wolf Moon/Full Moon - January 15
  61. The 7 Higher Selves
  62. Friends
  63. Tantra Full Body Energetic Orgasm Interview with Andrew Barnes Estonia TV 2013
  64. WAKING UP - What Does it Mean and How Do We Get There From Here
  65. Question of today
  66. Damanhur astral sanctury?
  67. Raise your Vibrations with Positive Thinking
  68. The Law of Attraction - Do You Believe in it and How much Effect does it Have
  69. The end of the Ego; The Awakening by Eckhart Tolle
  70. Know Thyself - Trite Answer or Required Work?
  71. the awakening mind
  72. God is a white horse
  73. Do you believe in mind over matter? Have you tested it? Your results
  74. Limitations
  75. Heart attack victim: 'there is an afterlife'
  76. The Collective Evolution
  77. For the Seeker
  78. The Alternative Community - who are we really and are we all kidding ourselves?
  79. The Distorted Looking Glass
  80. "the day science begins to study non-physical phenomena it will make more progress.."
  81. do we create our own reality?
  82. Help Needed please!! Emergency..
  83. What is 'The Event'?
  84. Passion
  85. Going Home - What does that mean to you?
  86. A Course in Miracles - (ACIM)
  87. beacons of light
  88. Thought for the day
  89. The roles we play - and why.
  90. Gratitude
  91. Consciousness after death
  92. The Allure of Sedona's Vortex Sites
  93. 'Dream Catcher' Can dreams solve other people's problems?
  94. A statement of urgency from the spiritual people of earth .
  95. Can skepticism blind you to the truth?
  96. You want truth??? ... have some ..
  97. Openhand: 5 Gateways
  98. The Eternal Now: 'The Alpha-Omega'
  99. A Million Points of Light
  100. How To Prevent Limitation and Proceed To Your Power
  101. We Are Living In The Most Important Time In History: Dolores Cannon
  102. Everything You See, Including You, Is Energy.
  103. Where Do Our Thoughts Physically Exist?
  104. The incredible story of how leopard Diabolo became Spirit
  105. Mummy, I hate you...
  106. To Whom Do You Pray?
  107. nighttime hallucinations.
  108. Yanking the Morphic Rug
  109. the big questions.
  110. On enlightenment, a diagram
  111. Words affect water , be mindful always
  112. How important is it to see?
  113. Be Kind!
  114. Conviction, Commitment and the Call to Arise
  115. Explorers of the Consciousness
  116. the third eye
  117. Hoops, Hooks and Letting it Go!
  118. Quantum Physics tell us separation is just an illusion
  119. Is it important to protect our energy?
  120. The 4th Sexuality - Asexuality
  121. You are joy, dont worry be happy!
  122. Near-death experiences are overwhelmingly peaceful
  123. weird experience.
  124. Compassion: it starts with you !!
  125. Tiny teachers of empathy
  126. do we choose to be here for others to learn?
  127. THE EVOLUTION OF THE EGO - Eckhart Tolle
  128. Earth Pilgrim - A Year on Dartmoor. Satish Kumar 2008
  129. How do you define yourself?
  130. Do we really have Free Will
  131. Transcending the Parasitic Fear Agenda
  132. Seizing Control of our Destinies
  133. The Train
  134. How to Experience Good Health? - Sadhguru at Duke University
  135. Just dreams
  136. pineal gland
  137. ZEN GARDENER - We are evolving so stay fluid - do not engage in negatvity
  138. Popiotek Shares his shaman travels in a parallel reality
  139. Thoughts of love, friendship, our soul's journey, from a Celtic Point of View
  140. Communicating with Nature
  141. Cognitive Dissonance!
  142. how to be alone
  143. Gandhi Tips To Change Your World
  144. Heartwarming Friendship 5-Year-Old Autistic Girl With Her Cat
  145. 10 Ways to Protect Yourself From NLP Mind Control
  146. Neanderthals at séances and monkey ghosts
  147. Awakening The Human Angels: The Holy Grails
  148. Mind Science Kept Hidden Documentary.WE ARE VIBRATIONAL
  149. Remote Viewing
  150. The Awakening of a Planetary Consciousness
  151. Chacra's revisited
  152. We Are All One - An Inspiring Short Film To Watch
  153. do you recoqnise your work?
  154. Christian-esque Experiences
  155. The greatest deception of all .
  156. Curiousity may kill this cat
  157. I should know better
  158. Are You 'Starseed' ? Ancient (Alien?) Soul with Temporary Amnesia? Remember Atlantis?
  159. relevance of perspective in defining locations " Holospace "
  160. The Awakening Springs Unstoppable
  161. On the sidelines.....
  162. The Egg
  163. Palm leaves world predictions till 2050+
  164. Dream Analysis Please?
  165. A introductory trip through the parthenon of planetary gods, titans, and more.
  166. The nature of Truth or what is Reality
  167. Sophia - A Synopsis of the John Lash Video
  168. Rainbow Warrior
  169. The Philip Experiment
  170. Experiencing higher vibrations
  171. The Most Delusional Practice on Earth
  172. Truth Is Often Spoken Of
  173. Conscious Conception and a lot more
  174. Do we need explanations for everything or...?
  175. Work Harder Than You Can
  176. My Boat my reality
  177. Satish Kumar . soil , soul ., society , a new trinity
  178. Sri M. Householder, Philanthropist, Yogi.
  179. If You Knew The Secret Of Immortality.....Would you tell anyone?
  180. Parents Say They Are Convinced Their 7-Year-Old Will Kill Someone
  181. Afterlife thread
  182. Blood Moons Years
  183. Show Me How Great You Are
  184. Dying to be who you are
  185. Matt Kahn, Simply Amazing
  186. Cosmic History Chronicles
  187. The Old Souls' Madman Notes
  188. Alt News/Spirituality Sites
  189. Between Lives Place?
  190. Final Call
  191. Ebola and the 100th monkey effect
  192. if you ask it is given lol
  193. What is consciousness
  194. Lyricus discourse 3-nature of knowledge
  195. Thesis: Evil appears intelligent in the immediate but proves to be supremely stupid over time
  196. Do we ever question our own limitations?
  197. What is - Free will?
  198. This girl... what a powerful video and message!
  199. The concept of "Being Human"
  200. The Message
  201. Our Friends, the Wolves
  202. An open letter to the planet
  203. disciplines of personality
  204. What? No thread about - All Things "Gnosis"?
  205. Have you seen the Terminator Salvation Timeline on the Etheric plane?
  206. Leela
  207. What is love? Ask a child
  208. Is Jupiter a Key Player in Our Situation?
  209. Cosmic Reset
  210. Children of The Law of One
  211. Are you ready for the changes coming soon?
  212. Inspiring advice from a mentally insane person
  213. High Vibration Children
  214. Becoming the Lord of the Ring
  215. "David ... what makes you sad?"
  216. Skywalker Archetype being sensed
  217. Who's in life and who's not
  218. Advise on Overcoming Guilt and Self Forgiveness
  219. Are you ready to go beyond Time?
  220. What Is The Difference Between A Recovered Memory & A Screen Memory?
  221. Do You Want to Feed it? Or Starve it? With your Attention
  222. What would you say...
  223. Facing the Truth..how the shift happens
  224. Heap of lies, or speeding development
  225. event, the collective consciousness, and pure principle
  226. Effects affect ?
  227. Together We Will Live Forever
  228. Weird Dream
  229. The Heart, Heart Field & Your Point of Power
  230. law of one explained
  231. Going beyond the polarity of 'Service to Self' vs. 'Service to Others'
  232. The False Light construct explained
  233. An Alternative Treatise of the so called "Law of Attraction"
  234. Some remarks about truth
  235. Clarifying 'RA' and the 'Winged Sun' symbol
  236. Manley P. Hall vs. Corey's Secret Space Program
  237. Unconscious Criminal Behaviour, Victims
  238. Bilocation experiences
  239. "The Event" (requested gathering)
  240. Knowledge
  241. Creative Precognition - what is your experience?
  242. On Instinct
  243. What a beautiful way to describe reincarnation.
  244. Weekly Meditation: Let's Reach 144,000 participants!
  245. Don't underestimate the magic
  246. what are you?
  247. This life, next life
  248. Revolution, Evolution, Multitasking And You, Or "Programming 101"
  249. Cosmic Yoga on Perspective
  250. Knowing Thyself