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  1. Branson claims Tourists in Space 2014
  2. If unemployed work full-time for benefits, why not give them job with contributions?
  3. A Peek into the Future....
  4. There will be life on Mars!
  5. The Venus Project
  6. Brain Implants Will Be Connecting People To The Internet By The Year 2020
  7. How our reality is shaped in the most amusing way
  8. Terraforming planets
  9. We Will Live on the Moon in 50 Years, Says Stephen Hawking
  10. Big Brother Medicine
  11. Is Ubuntu Contribunism the future?
  12. Future Drugs Will Allow Prisoners To Serve A 1,000-Year Sentence In 8 Hours
  13. How a Giant Sunflower Will Help Us See Alien Worlds
  14. Tiny Diamond Wires Could One Day Surge Through Computers
  15. Spotless Mind? Erasing Memories Not Just Science Fiction
  16. Glow in the dark trees to replace street lights , it could be the future ?
  17. William Shatner Goes #OffTheGrid
  18. Brain Implants, Six-Fingered Hands by 2039
  19. One In Three People Will Die With Dementia
  20. Michio Kaku on Reading Minds, Recording Dreams, and Brain Imaging
  21. The dreams of Paul Amadeus Dienach
  22. Sky cars to be built in Tel Aviv by 2015
  23. People who are 'doing' and not waiting for their government to 'do it'
  24. Incest and Paedophilia not taboo in the future
  25. A new economic logic is emerging
  26. Rise of the Super Soldiers
  27. Is There Any Hope For A Moonbase?
  28. Attention Teenagers - Jobs in the Future
  29. NASA's Mars rocket to launch on maiden voyage in 2018
  30. Sovereign Gods
  31. We Make the Road by Walking
  32. Injecting the Virus, Ubuntu. For the people.
  33. Elon Musk on Killer Robots
  34. Native American Chief's 2011 dream to interpret
  35. the push from Dr. Robert Zubrin and mars
  36. I can't describe it better
  37. People who make this world better place
  38. Awesome Tech , stuff to take notice of.
  39. Is this the new 'Hopium'?
  40. a new story for humanity!
  41. Will the White Hats save the World?
  42. An event???
  43. Would you date an Alien ?
  44. fire from the sky
  45. Cataracts of Fire
  46. Prepare for Change
  47. prep for EMP
  48. Clinton campaign ?
  49. Question: What do you guys think how many lightworkers and people acting with love on our world?
  50. A Vertical City in the Sahara?
  51. BRICS, IMF, World Bank, Secret Government Meetings... Do they really serve humanity?
  52. Declaration of Independence... Drafting in Progress.
  53. We will add your uniqueness to our own
  54. major event on the horizon?
  55. those looking to be saved
  56. 70 Year Old Prophecy : The Earth Will Soon Be Swept By Extraordinary Rapid Waves of Cosmic Electricity
  57. Galactic Shock Wave Event
  58. Build the World you wish to See
  59. Are you willing?
  60. Time manipulation technology wars and developments
  61. Karma Burning, Slavery
  62. Dissolving the Putin timeline
  63. Positive Signs The RENAISSANCE Has Begun!
  64. Sesame Credit - Mandatory by 2020 (in China)
  65. What would do more damage?
  66. A.I. transhumanism vs humanitarianism
  67. The fortuneteller Alois Irlmaier is not known in the USA.
  68. Thought Experiment: What Would Happen To Our Planet If Humans Were To Suddenly Disappear?
  69. Vint Cerf Warns About the Perishability of Human Knowledge
  70. Comets comets all the way down
  71. What does the spike in the Schumann resonance mean? - Dr Joe Dispenza
  72. Is Washington Preparing a Nuclear First Strike against Russia? Zero Awareness and No Discussion
  73. Still don't think a HOLOGRAPHIC ALIEN INVASION is Possible? WATCH THIS!
  74. Our Unprotected Grid
  75. Wes Penre's "Synthetic Super Intelligence and the Transformation of Humankind"
  76. Max Igan Regarding the Coming 5th Generation Communications Tech
  77. An Aqua-Terra Planetary Transportation System
  78. 13 TH King of Palenque Returns
  79. Survival of the Richest: The Wealthy Are Plotting to Leave Us Behind
  80. Regarding the future: Nap's public health announcement
  81. Vatican Expert: The End Times Have Begun
  82. The Futures of Earth Prime and Earth II
  83. Vision Map: 2020-2029
  84. Kali Yuga, Ragnarok, Hopi predictions
  85. Technosphere
  86. Idiocrazy or Idiocracy ?
  87. Futurist Amy Webb