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  1. I do not trust inner voices or most channellings
  2. Savior paradigm
  3. Insider Information
  4. How should anyone rate the validity of anyone's unprovable, other-worldy experiences?
  5. Why Charging Money for Disclosure-Related Information is Wrong
  6. A serious question
  7. Using discernment: interesting parallels between David Wilcock, Bill Wood & Corey Goode
  8. Is ZAP Benjamin Fulford's Pentagon Contact?
  9. Investigating the Investigators
  10. Is 9/11 researcher Rebekah Roth all she is cracked up to be?
  11. One (or more) of my truths
  12. CW Chanter - Analyzes Witnesses & Whistleblowers and "others"
  13. This is weird to me about RR and 9/11 Truthers...
  14. The exorcisms of Mr. Simon Parkes.
  15. Confused About Who To Believe In The Alternative Media?
  16. Have you ever done a little cult test on Ashayana Deane aka Diane Tigue?
  17. C.W. Chanter addresses and discusses Bill Ryan
  18. Bill Ryan: fake, paid shill, or a legit or spiritual seeker stuck?
  19. Zen Gardner & The Children of God, an Expose
  20. Farsight Institute -- I now have Proof of Disinfo
  21. David Wilcock interviews another PA creation: Pete Peterson
  22. The Avalon Files
  23. BR's disclosure on CG
  24. What does the "Alt Community" collectively agree upon?
  25. David Wilcock's Research into Science & Technology
  26. Hoax Investigation wrt. Secret Space Programs Exposed
  27. What Motivates Bill Ryan of Project Avalon Community Forum?
  28. Watchers watching watchers
  29. Who Is Alex Tsakiris?
  30. Fear N Love, Beautiful Journey
  31. The Glory Days of Coast to Coast Are Gone
  32. "Alt Community" Heroes
  33. YouTuber C.W. Chanter
  34. YouTube to blame for rise in flat Earth believers, says study
  35. What’s New About Conspiracy Theories?
  36. The carl miller hoax: More fraud from the pseudo-legal gurus
  37. "Christian" Stranglehold on Power
  38. Jordan Peterson
  39. Did Kerry Cassidy get shut down?