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Thread: Uncovering Aliens BLACK OPS CONSPIRACY-Wilbur Allen Extreme UFOs

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    Uncovering Aliens BLACK OPS CONSPIRACY-Wilbur Allen Extreme UFOs

    Published on 20 Dec 2013


    Here is another for those who enjoy these documentaries.Another one to the collection

    These expert UFO investigators go to Sedona, Arizona to gather any evidence of UFOs. There is a UFO journalist who has reported on thousands of cases, an experienced aeronautics engineer, an ex-CIA private investigator, and another man that claims he has had contact with ETs.

    Sedona is said to the the hot spot for UFO activity over all other places in the world.

    They meet with a man who has a picture of a UFO he took one night while out in the desert. After having the picture analyzed by a professional, the conclusion is, it's real.

    They also meet with a former Senator (I forget the state) who talks about his knowledge of the cover-up inside the government concerning UFOs. And he tells WHY they are covering it up.

    Then there is a man toward the end of the video that provides documented PROOF by the government talking about their involvement with the UFOs, and their using the ones that crashed to do reverse engineering on them.
    He shows how the government knew about fiber optics in the early 1940's gained by studying one of the crashed UFOs.

    It's very compelling evidence
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